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Full Facepiece/ Dual Cartridge/Airline Respirator

The AO 7 STAR® respirator is designed for optimum comfort and meets a wide variety of protection needs. Lightweight and easy to fit, the AO 7 STAR® mask is available in two sizes with a choice of silicone or rubber.


AO 7 STAR Full Facepiece/Dual Cartridge/ Airline Respirators

Features and Benefits Include: · Meets NIOSH 42CFR84 Requirements when Worn with Recommended AOSafety Cartridges and Filters · Easily Converted to NIOSH Approved Type C Continuous Flow Airline Respirator · Built-in Speech Diaphragm To Aid in Communication · Inner Nosecup Reduces Fogging and Minimizes Rebreathing · Choice of Silicone or Rubber Facepiece · Offset Cartridge Adapters Can Be Rotated · 5-Point Suspension for a Better Fit · Fully Maintainable - Wide Selection of Replacement Parts · Easy-to-Attach Probe and Fit-Test Adapter Available for Quantitatively Fit-Testing Respirator Wearers in Their Own Masks · Accommodates AOSafety Full Facepiece Prescription Spectacle Kit · Panoramic Lens with Wide Field of Vision · Posi-testTM Feature Allows Quick User Seal Check, Even with a Gloved Hand · Available in Small/Medium and Medium/Large Sizes

AO 7 STAR® Full Facepiece Respirators Product Code Catalog No. Description 50275-00000 R7701 S/M AO 7 STAR Full Facepiece, Rubber 50276-00000 S7701 S/M AO 7 STAR Full Facepiece, Silicone 50277-00000 R7702 M/L AO 7 STAR Full Facepiece, Rubber 50278-00000 S7702 M/L AO 7 STAR Full Facepiece, Silicone


AO 7 STAR® Required Components - Required to Use as an Airline Respirator Product Code Cat.# Description 52006-00000 52006 Airline Kit with Adjustable Flow 56034-00000 56034 50' Length, 3/8" Diameter Airline Hose 56035-00000 56035 50' Length, 1/2" Diameter Airline Hose 51545-00000 51545 Hansen Straight-Through, Quick Connect Plug w. 3/8" Male Pipe Thread 51547-00000 51547 Hansen Manual Locking, Straight-Through, Quick Connect Coupling w. 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Sleeve Lock AOSafety® Full Facepiece Cartridge Respirator Accessories for Converting to Quantitative Fit Test Mode 52023-00000 52023 Front Fitting Plug with Probe for Use with PortaCount® 51171-00000 51171 Fit Test Adapter Kit for Use with PortaCount®

For technical information:

USA & Canada Phone: 1-800-444-4774 Fax: 1-508-764-5640 Other Countries 1-508-764-5721, 5273 1-508-764-5640

To order or locate your nearest stocking distributor:

USA Phone: 1-800-225-9038 Fax: 1-800-488-8007 Canada 1-800-387-9681 1-800-488-8007 Other Countries Phone: 1-317-692-6643 Fax: 1-317-692-6570


ISO 9001

Aearo Company · 8001 Woodland Drive · Indianapolis, IN 46278

Made in the USA

AOSafety® and AO 7 STAR® are trademarks licensed to Aearo Company. ©2000 Aearo Company. 34020 R3/00 PortaCount® is a registered trademark of TSI.


Aearo Company Southbridge Operations



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