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Synopsis Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) The U.S. Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan District intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to award a Multiple Award Task Order Contract. (MATOC). There will be a maximum of 5 awards under this MATOC; base year and two option years. The contractors will be required to furnish their own labor, materials and equipment to design-construct roads or complete sections of road as indicated in the specified coordinates of each task order. Each Task Order will clearly define the required capabilities and/or performance characteristics of the materials, services and equipment to be provided under the proposed Task Order. Road projects may include but are not limited to: survey, design/build smooth compacted crushed aggregate surfaces and a shoulder on both sides. Road grade shall be built above existing grade; provide for good drainage and erosion protection along the entire alignment as needed. Bridges, culverts, gabion crossings, concrete wadi crossings or other related structures shall be constructed as required over rivers and wadis that contain water and deep drainages that fill with water during rainy season. Erosion control structures shall be constructed in flood areas to prevent road blockage and wash-out. The design/constructions of the roads shall be performed throughout the Afghanistan region and through mountainous areas. Road construction may require significant blasting and grading. Some projects may include asphalt concrete paving. The award for this procurement will be made in accordance with the applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations. The applicable NAICS code is 235990. The capacity of the contract is $250,000,000.00 per year. The proposed contract will be awarded using best value procedures. Solicitation Number W917PM-06-R-0070 will be available on or about 20 April 2007. Point of contact for this procurement is James Sinclair, Contract Specialist, US Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan District, CEAED-CT, Kabul, Afghanistan APO-AE 09356 Phone: 540-542- or via email at [email protected] The AED Contracting Officer for this solicitation is Stella M. LeJeune. The media selected for the issuance of solicitation and amendments shall solely be at the discretion of the Government. Accordingly, the media utilized for this project is the Internet, and CDs. Utilization of the internet is the preferred method. No paper copies will be made available. Interested parties may download and print the solicitation at no charge from,, and . Offers will not be accepted electronically. Requirements: DFARS 252.204-7004 Required Central Contract (CCR) registration applies to this procurement. Prospective contractors must be registered in the Department of Defense CCR database prior to award. Lack of registration in the CCR database will make a U.S. offeror ineligible for award. Information on CCR registration and annual confirmation requirements may be obtained by calling 1-888-227-2423 or via the internet at


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