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the First Work Party on month. Saturday of each lunteer! Do your part, vo

Aeolian Yacht Club

Established 1906 980 Fernside Drive Alameda, CA 94501 510-523-2586 (fax) 510-523-0848 The Balloon JIB is published monthly by the Aeolian Yacht Club. For a list of Aeolian Officers and contact information, please go to our website at

L -Tom Ch arro n, Ki m A rri ve e , G ar y Mc A f ee C ­ Ji m La Mar, Kim Ar ri v ee R ­ M ari Mi yak i, Ha n nas Ro th, Pa ul Tur n er, Tom Cha rro n

Officers, Board of Directors, and Standing Committee Members 2010-2011

Commodore ···········································Jeanette Clark ·················· [email protected] ·············· 510-456-5911 Vice Commodore ····································Scott Saylor ····················· [email protected] ································· 510-772-0892 Rear Commodore ····································Al McCaffery ···················· [email protected] ···························· 312-226-9596 Recording Secretary ································Peter Dragula ··················· [email protected] ···················· 925-683-8529 Treasurer ···············································John Roderick ·················· [email protected]······················ 510-521-6754 Port Captain ············································James LaMar ··················· [email protected]···························· 510-769-9205 Financial Secretary ··································Les Sutton ······················· [email protected] ···························· 415-146-0780 Director ·················································Gary Barker ····················· [email protected] ································ 510-522-6646 Director ·················································Steve Brandt ···················· [email protected] ···························· 510-865-7072 Director ·················································George [email protected] ······························ 510-521-0582 Regatta Committee···································Gary Barker ····················· [email protected] ································ 510-522-6646 ·····························································Dave Little ······················· [email protected] ··························· 510-522-8654 ·····························································Bob Frey Sr. ···················· [email protected] ······················ 510-521-5432 Cruise ins ···············································Scott Saylor ····················· [email protected] ································· 521-772-0892 Cruise outs ·············································Sue Roderick ··················· [email protected] ······················· 510-521-6754 Fishing Derby ··········································Gene Covello ··················· none················································· 415-282-4151 Membership Chair ····································Les Sutton ······················· [email protected] ···························· 415-746-0780 Events Committee Chair ····························Scott Saylor ····················· [email protected] ································· 510-772-0892 ·····························································Al McCaffery ···················· [email protected] ···························· 312-226-9596 PICYA Delegates ····································· Peter Dragula ·················· [email protected] ···················· 925-683-8529 ·····························································Shirley Ross ···················· [email protected] ··························· 510-337-0458 ·····························································Greg Gibeson··················· [email protected] ·································· 530*581-0686 Safety Chair ············································Kim Arrivee ······················ [email protected]··························· 510-521-5653 Boutique ·················································Jeanne McCaffery ············· [email protected] ··················· 847-341-0000 JIB Editor················································Leroy Pylle······················· [email protected] ···························· 510-206-3457 Webmaster ·············································Stefan Hofmeyer ··············· [email protected]·························· 510-521-1600 Audit Committee ······································ Nancy Hill ······················· nancyhill5[email protected] ····················· 510-865-6664 Budget and Finance Committee ··················John Roderick ·················· [email protected] ················· 510-521-6754 Aeolian Office Manager ·····························Sherri Armijo ···················· (office) ··················· 510-523-2586 Aeolian Office Hours: Mon-Wed-Fri 12:00-3:00 PM Back Porch Telephone: 510-748-0483 (personal calls and assistance for those cruising in) Channel 68 monitored for cruise in groups at Aeolian

The Aeolian Bar is Open Every Friday @ 5:30 pm

Take a look at these great events scheduled for October! Please mark your calendars and join us. We look forward to seeing you at your club and participating in our social events.

Website for the club: (directions, channel instructions, and links) Email for the Aeolian Office: [email protected]

Food, Fun & Great Bargains!!


and Flea Market at Aeolian Yacht Club!

Saturday October 1, 2011

8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

October 4 Tuesday Charity Dinner October 8 Work Party 9:00 am October 8 Rental Private Party October 9-10 Cruise in ­ Pittsburgh YC October 11 Tuesday Charity Dinner October 13 Annual Meeting & Election of Officers (5:30 bar open, 6:30 potluck, 7:00 meeting) October 15 "Cajun Night" - Birthday Dinner October 18 Tuesday Charity Dinner October 19 Board of Directors Meeting October 21-23 Cruise Out to Loch Lomond Yacht Club October 22 Rental Private Party October 25 Tuesday Charity Dinner October 29 Halloween Party

Other Scheduled Events Comin' Up:




Vendors:If you have something to sell, call Sherri at 510-5232586 to reserve your space NOW! - Just $15.00! (No charge to Aeolians!) Deadline to reserve space to sell: September 28.

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Balloon JIB October, 2011

Annual Membership Meeting - October 13, 2011

The following slate is presented to Aeolian Yacht Club membership for election. Should you not be able to attend the Annual Meeting on October 13, be sure to request an Absentee Ballot Before Monday October 3. (Absentee Ballot Request Form is included in this JIB)

Election of Officers and Directors for 2011-12

Commodore (vote for one): Vice Commodore (vote for one): Rear Commodore (vote for one): Port Captain (vote for one): Treasurer (vote for one): Dear Members: Below is the form to request an absentee ballot for the General Membership meeting where the election of officers for the 2011-12 Board of Directors will take place. If you are unable to attend the meeting on October 13, 2011 and would like to cast your vote by absentee ballot, please complete the form below and return it to Sherri immediately. Sherri must receive the request by Monday, October 3, 2011 to allow enough time to send out the ballot and have it returned prior to the meeting. To ensure your privacy, you will not be required to sign the ballot, but are required to sign the absentee ballot request form. Sherri will assign a number to each absentee ballot request. The envelope provided to return the ballot will be assigned the same number. The number assignment procedure will allow the office to track the return of the absentee ballots without compromising your privacy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Aeolian Yacht Club Absentee Ballot Request Form Members' Name ____________________________________ Address to Mail Absentee Ballot to: ______________________________________ ______________________________________ I am requesting an absentee ballot for the October 13, 2011 Aeolian Yacht Club General Membership Meeting in which voting on the election of officers will take place. Brian Aylen Dennis Helton Rosalind Guillory Scott Saylor Jim Lamar Julie Cooper Board Member (vote for one): Regatta Committee : (vote for three) George Carmignani Les Sutton Gary Barker David Little Adair Jorgensen Financial Secretary (vote for one): Evelyn Poates Secretary (vote for one): Susan Jeffries Fitzgerald

We wish a very warm and very Happy Birthday to Aeolians who are celebrating their birthdays in September: Howard Ashcraft Kathie Boothby Nancy Elzig Tom Everett Gaylord Gelle Ken Harrison Mary Jo Kelly Helen Marcevich Michael Richards Sue Roderick William Ruth Dennis Sleighter Richard Zarlow

if you are having a birthday and have not let the office know, do please call Sherri and let her know I understand that the Aeolian Yacht Club Office must receive this request 10 days prior to the meeting date. The completed absentee ballot must be your birthday. returned no later than 4pm on the date of the meeting. Ballots not comWe hope members celebrating pleted correctly or not returned in the envelope enclosed with the ballot will birthdays during the year will sign not be counted. up and attend our monthly birthday dinners! It is a dinner especially for _________________________ __________________ you and you get a gift! So let us Members' signature Absentee Ballot number (To be assigned by AYC office) hear from you and come enjoy a Requests can be hand delivered, emailed, faxed or mailed but must be re- wonderful dinner and great fellowship. ceived by October 3, 2011.

Balloon JIB October, 2011

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Yacht Clubs Cruising in to Aeolian...

We are pleased to be able to host the following yacht clubs cruising in to Aeolian Yacht Club. October 9-10 ­ Pittsburg YC Come Join Us For Great Events And Support Our Cruise Ins!

Point San Pablo Yacht Club Cruise Out

Aeolian cruisers to Point San Pablo August 26-28 had some really special treats! Most arrived on Friday around noon and enjoyed a lazy afternoon before having appetizers and cocktails with PSPYC members in their clubhouse. Saturday the Sonoma "A's" club came roaring into the yacht club with 20 antique Model A cars on display ­ for conversations and rides. They were magnificent! Commodore Clark and Lester and Rear Commodore McCaffery and Jeanne drove in for the Model "A" day and a great chicken barbeque! For those of you who missed it, we look forward to having you join us at Loch Lomond Yacht Club October 21-23 . Sign up sheets and more information are posted on the back porch.

John Roderick, Cindy and Terry Sanders enjoying one of the Sonoma "A's" Antique Cars at PSPYC

Aeolians Cruising Out...

October 21-23, Loch Lomand YC Information and Sign Ups on Back Porch!

John Roderick, Commodore Jeanette Clark, Lester Clark, Rear Commodore Al McCaffrey & Jeanne McCaffrey

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Balloon JIB October, 2011


The following individuals have applied for Aeolian Yacht Club membership. The Board of Directors at its September 21, 2011 meeting accepted these individuals and their applications will be posted for the required 30 days:

Wayne Pierson ­ Wayne is owner of Golden Gate Organics of Oakland and currently resides in Alameda. He is sponsored by Leroy Pyle and Scott Saylor and owns a sailboat called Pearl which he would be interested in berthing at the club should his application be accepted. He is also interested in club activities and cruise outs. He has special talents in web development.

Wolf Gurley and Debra Whitehead ­ They live in Sausalito and own two sailboats ­ Fast Company (IS 30) and Mr. Art Epstein ­ Art is sponsored by Jim Lamar and Jeanette Blubs (Caranita 20). They are sponsored by Jim Lamar Clark and lives in Sausalito. He owns a sloop sailboat and and Jeanette Clark and are interested in club berthing, fishing, cruises and other events. He is a mechanic and a may be interested in mooring at the Aeolian Harbor. He has a USCG master's license and has been Commodore of diver and has been a member of the Sausalito Cruising Sausalito Cruising Club for four terms and Port Captain for Club for over 4 years. 15 years there. He is interested in club cruises and social John Michael Powers ­ John works in the bio-tech reevents. search field in Alameda and lives in Oakland. He is sponsored by Jeanette Clark and Jim Lamar. John is interested Keven Kiffer ­ Keven Kiffer and Jessica Martinez live in Sausalito and own a 24' Columbia sailboat and a 45' Sam- in club cruises, social events and bartending. He enjoys son powerboat. Keven is in construction and would assist marine research and photography and his special talents in those areas and Jessica is a professional bartender and are with computers, writing and video production. would like to help out bartending. They are interested in berthing their boats at Aeolian and would like to participate in cruise outs, parties and other activities. They are sponsored by Les Clark and Jim Lamar. Jillian Hilton ­ A resident of Alameda, Jillian is sponsored by Leroy Pyle and Scott Saylor. She is a bartender and owns a sailboat. She is interested in berthing her boat in the harbor and would like to participate in club cruises and all activities. As a professional bartender, she is interested in bartending for the club. Mary Swift Swan and Steve Swan ­ They are sponsored by Jeanette Clark and Tom Eelkema and live in Pleasant Hill. Mary and Steve teach sailing and chartering in Oakland and own a sailboat Renaissance. She is a photographer, writer and fancy cook. Steve sings and plays acoustic guitar, bagpipes and has performed as Frank Sinatra with a Rat Pack group and has a CD to prove it! They are both interested in all activities at Aeolian, belong to the American Sailing Association and Benicia and Monterey Yacht Clubs.

The board of Directors at its September 21, 2011 meeting accepted the following as our newest members: Chris & Jennifer Andre Mark & Donetta Arshawsky Brad & Kendal Barnett CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome Aboard!

I wish to thank the Board of Directors for approving my appointment as Rear Commodore of Aeolian Yacht Club to fill the remaining term of Frank Nigro. I have been extremely busy working on the repair of the dishwasher which now is functioning properly. The white boards have been replaced on the rear porch for announcements and a new garbage disposal has been ordered and is now being installed. The soda machine interior has been cleaned as well as many other things in the club. Other repairs are in the works and hopefully will be completed before the expiration of my term in office. I intend on working to the best of my ability for the benefit of all members of the Club for their enjoyment while on our premises. Albert McCaffery, Jr., Rear Commodore [email protected]

Balloon JIB October, 2011

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Brian Aylan

Dennis Sleighter

Claudia Charette & Rob Schmidt


& Deb

ra Wir


Ahoy Aeolians! September has been another busy month at the Aeolian Yacht Club. We had a General Membership meeting on Sept 8th. We also had a work party on Sept 10th. We did not have a very big turn-out but the volunteers that did show up got some more boards on the deck turned over. We also did some painting. I was not present, as I was attending my class reunion in Kentucky. I want to thank Jim Lamar for taking the lead and the following Aeolians: Paul Turner and his nephew Kalas, Mari Miyaki, Tom Charon, Kim Arrivee. I would also like to thank Susan Timney of High Street Station for

thank our Bar Manager, John Hanan and all of our volunteer I'd like to thank Claudia Charette bartenders for all the time you doand Rob Schmidt for taking the nate to the club. Without you our lead on the Birthday Party. It was events would not be nearly as a French theme and it was a huge successful. hit. The decorations were really festive thanks to Joanne McCay I would like to apologize to some and Jeannie McCaffery. We also of our new members for the confuhad a Cruise-In from the San Jose sion at the Birthday Dinner. We Sailing Club on the same weekshould not have charged you for end. They had an outstanding the dinner and time at the club. I want to thank you will be credMari Miyaki and Brian Aylen for ited on your next getting up early on Sunday the statement. th 18 and preparing breakfast for I hope to see a the cruise-in folks. I'd also like to lot more of you at thank Diane Grant for recruiting the club. volunteers to help with the dinner. supplying lunch for our crew. I'd also like to take a minute and

Scott Saylor Scott Saylor

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Balloon JIB October, 2011

As we go to press, Jeanette is floating in the Great Salt Lake while visiting her kids. She asked your Editor to put a plug in for Friday's great camaraderie get-togethers, so here goes:

Oh, the joy of boating ­ it seems that Murphy's Law was made for boaters. You maintain your boat, keep the engine well tuned and still something happens at the worst time. I recently bought a new engine for my boat be-

lieving that I would be trouble-free ­ wrong. It seems the manufacturer of the engine placed the starter too low

on the engine, close to the water in the bilge and when your boat is on the plane all the water collects by the drive shaft and sprays your engine. An entirely rusted starter just doesn't work. Like you are mooching for Salmon off of Rocky Point and you want to restart your engine and nothing happens. What a wonderful feeling knowing you have vessel assist insurance. You pick up your phone, give them a call in an hour or two they pick you up and tow you to your berth or a shipyard of your choice. I've used them many times over the years I've owned boats for problems like hitting driftwood to an over-heating engine. Why they never canceled me out I'll never know. Maybe they realize that they really weren't my fault. Enough said. By the way if any of you need any electrical work done ­ starters, alternators, etc. the place to take them is Star

-Gen Co. located in West Oakland at Willow and 14th Street. They do excellent work at a reasonable price. Salmon fishing has been a hit and miss affair this year. Kenny Hill and his wife Peggy took the good ship Bounty up to the Fort bragg area for some decent Salmon fishing but when they came down to the coast of Marin County the fishing turned poor. The fishing for Rock Cod and Ling Cod is excellent at the present time. Limits are being reported. Boats are working the Double Point area and Duxbury. The party boat Huck Finn out of Emeryville is a good boat to fish on. Always brings fish home. The cost is about $100 per person. Just a few years ago it was $45. Just as long as the cost of fuel is high, everything else will remain high. Remember when gas was 75¢ a gallon?

Gene Covello

Balloon JIB October, 2011

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We are pleased to offer dining, bar, and docking for visiting members of reciprocal yacht clubs, as space is available. We welcome visiting yachtsmen and encourage small and even larger groups as cruise ins to enjoy the Aeolian flavor! If arriving by boat, it is important to make advance arrangements with the club. With prior notice, we are happy to host visiting yachtsmen on a space available basis. Visiting yachts must fly their home club burgee and check in with the office. If you are not a member of any yacht club, please contact the office about scheduling a site visit, or possibly membership in Aeolian Yacht Club, if that is your cup of tea.

Food, Fun & Great Bargains!!


and Flea Market at Aeolian Yacht Club!

Saturday October 1, 2011

8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


Vendors:If you have something to sell, call Sherri at 510-523-2586 to reserve your space NOW! Just $15.00! (No charge to Aeolians!) Deadline to reserve space to sell: September 28.

We're on the Web!

A e o l i a n Ya c h t C l u b

980 Fernside Blvd. Alameda, CA 94501 Office: 510-523-2586 Back Deck: 510-748-0483


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