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With the cost inputs of transport rising, or set to rise, operators are now keener than ever to keep a lid on their ever growing cost structure. The difficulties of the past 12 to 18 months have served to refocus many operators' eyes on the true running cost of their vehicles, and coming fairly close to the top of the outgoings list is tyres. These necessary ingredients many not be one of the more exciting items but certainly a very necessary expenditure. Working to help operators is Aeolus New Zealand Ltd, a company offering a tyre service that can assist operators achieve significant savings in the cost per kilometre for tyres of anywhere between 35 and 60%, according to director Dan Fasher. With operators being financially squeezed in all areas there would be no better time than now to consider alternatives. Since the introduction of Aeolus Tyres in New Zealand in 2005, by Aeolus New Zealand Ltd, the company has had a single goal, to supply truck and trailer tyres at the lowest possible cents per-kilometre cost. Tyres can be one of operators' more expensive running costs, and, as operators work hard to minimise cost and maximise value, well proven quality products that deliver value are becoming more and more sought after. Aeolus New Zealand Ltd has been operating in the local market for the last five years. Initially the company imported and distributed their tyres through other avenues, but that changed in 2006? seeing them take in-house control of their sales and distribution operation. Company Directors, Brett and Dan Fasher, have since been working tirelessly on building up a genuine alternative to the duopoly that has dominated the New Zealand tyre market. Together, they have forged a solid reputation with a large number of transport companies nationwide for delivering outstanding value through lower initial purchase prices, on road performance and longevity, providing significantly lower tyres costs for these operators. Aeolus Tyres might be a new name to the New Zealand market, however worldwide they have rapidly developed to become an important player in the global tyre market. A combination of know-how and research and development combined with a desire, to introduce as quickly as practicable, the most up-to-date trends in tyre technology for heavy trucks and trailers has witnessed significant growth for the company. With the latest treads and designs Aeolus Tyres has now established a position as an important player on the world stage. Aeolus Tyres now have a huge range of tyres available and are easily able to cope with the differing needs of the diverse world market. Here in New Zealand the local agents, Aeolus New Zealand Ltd, have selected the most suitable tyres for our demanding local conditions, in the process offering quality durable products, which meet all the current demands for size, height, breadth and tread pattern.


The Aeolus Tyre Factory was first established in 1965 in Henan (China) as the manufacturer of Aeolus tyres (for trucks and trailers) and Henan tyres (for heavy duty applications such as earth-moving machinery). Aeolus was one of the original

Brett fasher

Dan fasher

tyre suppliers for the Dongfeng Automobile Co and for many of China's leading engineering machinery corporations. Since 2003, Aeolus has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and has an annual turnover of billions of Yuan. The company's success over the years has seen it attain the 23rd position overall in the world tyre industry by 2007. Aeolus is registered in more than 80 countries worldwide and in 2009 their tyres were exported to more than 140 countries and regions. The laboratory at Aeolus's modern Research Centre supervises the quality and inspection of rubber products and also allows for the independent testing of various types of tyres. The Aeolus factory has expanded into one of the largest in its field, with 1,300,000m³ of production space. Annually the company produces more than 2.7 million tyres with some of the most up-to-date production technologies. The engineers from Aeolus work continuously on product innovations based on signals from the international markets, especially from the likes of Europe and America and they are continually increasing the quality to achieve the latest required standards. Development of the optimum tyre and optimisation of the range are two of the company's highest priorities in this ever evolving market. Aeolus Tyres Co. Ltd has met the following important qualifications: · 1997 China Tyre Product Quality Authorization; · 2000 ISO 9001 Quality System Authorization; · 2000 CNAB Authorization; · 2000 DOT Certificate (US); · 2000 E-MARK Authorization (ECE); · 2001 ISO 9002 Product Quality Certification; · 2002 GS-9000 of TüV (Germany); · 2002 VDA6.1 Quality Management System Authorization of TüV (Germany); · 2002 CCC certification ­ China Tyre Product Compulsory Certification; · 2003 ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Certification; · 2004 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; · 2007 ISO/IEC 17025 ­ 2005 Laboratory Accreditation Certification; · 2008 European Union Noise Certification; · 2009 Certificate for the exemption from export inspection.


Aeolus's presence in the New Zealand market has created significant comment amongst the industry, as they have been seen as the outsiders. Dan is keen to point out that although

T R U C K J o u r n a l 19

they are not as big as the multi nationals, they have the ability to provide a proven NZ performance in the tyre industry with a network of service agents. The nature of the tyres' business can create some very strong feelings, and in a way this has assisted Aeolus Tyres NZ Ltd to drive forward their business ­ even in the face of fierce competition from their major competitors. During the last few years they have been quietly working behind the scenes to absolutely prove the value and performance of the Aeolus brand of tyres. They have had operators running their tyres in head to head competitions with some of the best known tyre brands. The remarkable result of this has been that Aeolus tyres have not only met these operator expectations, it has in most cases, far exceeded them. Many operators have purchased tyres expecting to run them for a lesser numbers of kilometres than their present brands, which dollar for dollar would maintain their current cost per km. What these operators are finding is that not only do they achieve the required kilometres, but can often be running tens of thousands of kilometres further, surpassing what their `named' brand tyres were achieving. Dan believes they have a great story to share with operators, and many of their customers are equally keen to voice their opinions on the Aeolus tyres sales, service and backup. Take for example, Tom Ryan, COE of Tom Ryan Cartage Ltd, "With a fleet approaching 300 trucks in a variety of applications, tyre performance and price is very important. I have trialled many brands and have found Aeolus Tyres have exceeded my expectations in terms of longevity and case strength. Aeolus prices make recapping an uneconomic and risky option, I am now saving 40% on my tyre bills. A combination of price and quality make Aeolus Tyres my only choice for my fleet." Or Stan Semenoff, Managing Director Stan Semenoff Transport Ltd, "We have been using Aeolus tyres for just on three years. During that time we have used steerers, drivers and trailer

tyres on our livestock and bulk fleet trucks, which includes on and off highway running and quarry work. We would have not normally gone past the premium brands, but we are more than happy with the performance in relation to the value for money and I couldn't see us going back to premium brands. And Sam Fillmore, Director of John Fillmore Contracting, "We changed over to Aeolus Tyres for all of our 35 trucks in June `08. Since then we have made significant savings (35%) on our tyre costs and puncture repairs. We do not run re-treads as they are uneconomical compared to new Aeolus Tyres. We run both steer, drive and trailer tyres. We are more than happy with the performance of Aeolus Tyres and their value for money. With savings from 35 to 60% operators cannot afford not to consider changing, or at least investigating the alternatives. Aeolus New Zealand Ltd with the strength of this worldwide organisation behind them, can assist local operators in gaining the lowest cents per kilometre from their tyres by delivering tyres that have the following attributes: Superior quality; · Low rolling resistance; · Excellent traction ability; · Excellent resistance against damage; · Safety; · Continuous product innovation; · Fast delivery; · Large and growing service network. With a 0800 contact number, website and email, Aeolus are very easy to deal with and with a tyre for any application, they believe they can offer a serious alternative to any of the recognised brands. Perhaps it is time you consider trying them out. To contact Aeolus New Zealand Ltd: phone 0800 AEOLUS (236 587), visit their website or email them at [email protected] T J


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