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Aircraft Support Stocking Distributor

Aero Precision is Honeywell Defence & Space stocking distributor. We provide spare, repair, overhaul, and upgrade support for Military Aircraft.

Power Management and Generation Systems Landing Gear System Engine Systems Environmental Control Systems Systems Accessories Avionics and Electronics Aircraft Lighting Support Equipment

Environmental Control

Power Management & Generation

Heat Exchanger

Cabin Air Pressure Regulator

Emergency Power Unit


Avionics and Electronics

Engine Systems & Accessories


Integrated System Processor

TFE 731 Engine

Air Turbine Starter

Aircraft Lighting

Aircraft Valves

Internal/External Lighting

Search Light

Starter Control Valve

Regulating Valve

30 Lindbergh Avenue | Livermore, CA 94551 | Phone: 925.455.9900 | | [email protected]


Platform F-4 F-4 F-4 F-4 F-5 F-5 F-5 F-5 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-15K F-15K F-15K F-15K F-15K F-15K F-15K F-18 F-18 F-18 F-18 F-18 F-18 F-18 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 C-130 CN-235 CN-235 CN-235 CH-47 CH-47 UH-60 UH-60 UH-60 UH-60 UH-60 UH-60 UH-60 UH-60 System Cabin Pressure Air Conditioning Electric Power Electric Power Cabin Pressure Engine Cooling Air Conditioning Engine Start (ATS) Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Cabin Pressure Cabin Pressure Emergency Power Engine Fuel Control Engine Fuel Control Pressure Sensing Avionics Avionics Avionics Airframe Valves Engine Heat Transfer Electronic Fuel Controls EP Generation Mechanical Fuel Controls Mechanical Fuel Controls Mechanical Fuel Controls Air Conditioning Wheels & Brakes Hydraulic Cabin Pressure Air Conditioning Air Conditioning APU APU APU Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Cabin Pressure Cabin Pressure Engine Fuel Control Engine Start System PMA/Electric Start Aircraft Lighting Aircraft Lighting Engine Control Valves Cabin Pressure AES-Lighting Valve, Pneumatic Turboshaft Engine Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Aircraft Lighting Aircraft Lighting Electric Power Electric Power Electric Power Engine Start (ATS) Product Valve Cabin Pressure Cabin Ejector Shutoff Valve Generator Control Unit AC Generator Regulator Valve Oil Cooler Valve, Fuel Shutoff & Relief Air Turbine Starter WATER SEPARATOR Cooling Turbine Valve, Regulating Valve, Control Regulator Seat Sequencer Assy Power Unit Secondary B/S Actuator Primary B/S Actuator Air Data Sensors F-16 UCADC F-16 MFD F-16 CMFD VALVE,RAM AIR DIVERT AMADS GEARBOX OIL COOLER Generator Control AC/DC Generator Fuel Control AMAD Oil Pump JFS Starter Motor Valve, Assy A/B/C/D Brake Assembly (Carbon) Hydraulic Starter Motor Valve, Cabin Pressure Valve, Air Flow F18 Cooling Turbine 36-200 APU Auxiliary Power Unit 85-185LA APU Valve, Wing Anti-Ice Cooling Turbine Pressure Regulator Shutoff Valve Main Fuel Control Air Turbine Starter 100-422D Starter Motor Dome Light Tail Light VALVE, ANTI-ICING Outflow Valve Landing Taxi Light Remote Servo T55-L-712E Engine Valve , Modulating,ECS Cowl Anti-Ice (Modulating)Valve Retractable Landing Gear Light Landing Light Generator Control Unit AC Generator (APU) Starter Valve Air Turbine Starter 18-3A 3224812-1 103696-1 50-0024-11 1650-00-716-8614 2840-01-353-7635 1660-01-161-8379 2995-01-159-4660 6220-01-105-6582 6220-01-205-2950 6110-01-224-6954 6115-01-252-0367 N/A 2995-01-464-4318 124648-1-1 2-001-020-32 321025 3214072-3 45-0190-7 50-0118-5 21B17-55C 28B262-35C 3513850-3-1 3505300-9-1 1660-01-036-5903 4820-01-200-0852 4810-00-529-3584 2915-01-076-8979 2995-01-378-6147 2920-00-579-5723 6220-00-578-6043 4320-01-332-7070 NA 1630-01-151-5805 1630-01-242-9763 1650-01-432-8442 1660-00-798-0235 1660-01-122-7808 1660-01-232-9009 2835-01-455-2557 2835-01-004-5938 2835-01-438-5698 6115-00-327-7768 2930-01-163-8153 1660-01-209-1557 1660-01-363-2742 4820-01-046-7585 1660-01-052-5355 1660-01-052-6752 1377-01-053-9320 2835-01-263-9440 3040-01-459-0291 3040-01-459-0290 6685-01-149-6398 6610-01-372-8170 6625-01-442-3080 1260-01-439-5023 NSN 1660-00-798-0235 4810-00-089-3544 6110-00-097-8394 6115-00-903-1256 1660-01-052-6752 P/N 103130-535-3 104568-4-1 21B30-5A 28B187-26A 102108-18-1 156880-1-1 3224742-2-1 383356-1-1 194698-3-1 2204330-4-1 898838-1-1 979196-2-1 102108-18-1 2101246-19-1 581750-11-1 442020 442021 2101382-3-1 8518930-901 8000284-930 8520900-920 978698-5-1 159490-3-3 2101276-1-2 29B33-13D 3611490-2 366870-12 4100000-5 893V0200 2606072-8 4100143-5 103130-535-3 979424-3-1 581890-4-2 3800076-8 381116-1 3800599-1 3290290-1-1 571925-3-1 107340-3-1 104156-1-7 441108-1 3505674-1-1 48363-1-3 B6050-307 A5715-5-307 6068T56P01

Honeywell Aircraft

Alt. P/N

16VY014-3; 16VY014-2 16VY116-2 16VY111-1 16VY102001-2 16VY105-1 N/A 16VH003001-11 4085021 4085022 16VC001001-5


70309-23900-103 70306-10012-105

70550-02031-112 70550-02032-104 N/A N/A


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