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Aesculap Spine S4® ElementTM Spinal System

S4 ElementTM Spinal System

A new benchmark from a leader in innovation and quality.

S4 Element maximizes construct stability while maintaining an ultra low screw head profile.



Ultra Low Profile


Maximize screw head range of motion Anatomically friendly ­ facet sparing Simplify rod insertion due to low run on the rod


Patented Interlocking Thread Design


Minimize splaying of screw body

Pressure Vessel Effect

S4 Element innovatively transfer energy throughout the entire polyaxial screw construct transforming it into a solid monoaxial construct.

Pressure Vessel Achieved

· As the set screw is engaged, the undercut threads direct the force inward to prevent splaying of the screw body. · The set screw engages the rod forcing it into the Commercially Pure Titanium (CPT) insert.

· As torque increases, the base of the set screw conforms to the rod while the softer insert contours around it maximizing rod grip. · The screw head's ridges compress into the softer insert creating material embedment. · The screw head is seated in the smaller diameter screw body creating a pressure vessel effect resulting in high interconnection strength.

· CPT insert compresses against the bone screw creating a counterforce drawing the screw body upwards.


S4® ElementTM provides innovative, quality built instrumentation that ease placement of implants.

Speed Multiplier Handle

Expedite tapping and screw placement (1:3.5 ratio)

Self Registering Instruments

Rod rocker and persuader self registers to the undercut portion of the screw head's external geometry making it easy to apply instrumentation

Forked Rocker, Curved FW289R Rod Persuader FW285R

Intuitive Instrumentation

Clinically relevant, self explanatory instrumentation that minimizes learning curve

Polyaxial Screwdriver FW277R Dual Ended Set Screw Starter FW279R 3

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