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Aetna U.S. Healthcare® Inc. is introducing EZLink to producers. EZLink is an Internet-based benefits and human resource administration solution for Aetna U.S. Healthcare customers with 25 ­ 3,000 employees. (See EZLink article in this edition.) You should be receiving a call soon from your Aetna U.S. Healthcare broker representative and Aetna U.S. Healthcare EZLink specialist to discuss this exciting new innovation.

Capitol Region

How to Reach Us in the Capitol Region

Listed below are the telephone numbers for the Aetna U.S. Healthcare broker representatives and sales managers in your service area. How to Reach Us in Northern Virginia How to Reach Us in Washington, DC and Southern Maryland

To reach Aetna U.S. Healthcare in Northern Virginia and Fredricksburg, please contact: Susan Yenyo Broker Sales Manager 703-902-8420 [email protected] Jack Groseclose Broker Representative 703-848-8503 [email protected] Mary Swayne Broker Assistant 703-287-7993 [email protected] Matthew Creighton Broker Representative 703-903-7025 [email protected] Raymond Young Broker Assistant 703-287-7992 [email protected]

To reach Aetna U.S. Healthcare in Washington, DC, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George's counties, please contact: Kevin Davisson Broker Sales Manager 301-489-5325 [email protected] Katrica Johnson Broker Assistant 301-220-3352 [email protected] Michael King Broker Representative 301-489-5160 [email protected] Tammy O'Hare Broker Representative 301-220-3387 [email protected] Pia Warren Broker Representative 301-489-5647 [email protected]

Over, please ...


John Hill Key Account Broker Representative 301-918-6054 [email protected] How to Reach Us in Maryland and Baltimore

To reach Aetna U.S. Healthcare in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Harford, Kent, St. Mary's, Talbot, Queen Anne's, Washington and Wicomico counties, please contact: Dawn Chirgott Broker Sales Manager 410-691-1156 [email protected] Toby Dobbs Broker Representative 410-691-1048 [email protected] Rey Thomas Broker Representative 410-691-1162 [email protected] Calvin Holmes Broker Representative 410-691-1159 [email protected] Jeff Ianniello Broker Representative 410-691-1071 [email protected] Sherry Bell Broker Assistant 410-691-1072 [email protected] Mary Rossi Broker Assistant 410-691-1060 [email protected]

How to Reach Us in North Carolina

Erin Cunningham Broker Representative 704-379-6738 [email protected] Dave Fontana Broker Representative 704-379-6705 [email protected] Ted McVickers Broker Representative 704-379-6792 [email protected] Kim Spears Broker Rep. Assistant 704-379-6753 [email protected] Nancy Rankin Broker Rep. Assistant 704-379-6873 r[email protected] How to Reach Us in Central Virginia

To reach Aetna U.S. Healthcare in Central Virginia, please contact: Jim Gordon Broker Sales Manager 804-330-8675 [email protected] Rebecca Nelms Broker Representative 804-330-8685 [email protected] Susan Landsidle Broker Representative 804-330-8674 [email protected] Robert McClung Broker Representative 757-493-9051 [email protected]

To reach Aetna U.S. Healthcare in North Carolina, please contact: Rosie Doganieri Broker Sales Manager 704-379-6711 [email protected] Krystle Barrett Broker Representative 704-379-6704 [email protected]

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