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AIR FORCE MANUAL 23-110 VOLUME 2 PART 2 CHAPTER 13 SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE Supplement 6 January 2007 Certified Current 2 September 2009 Material Management RETURNS (TURN-INS) TO THE RETAIL SUPPLY SYSTEM

COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATION IS MANDATORY ACCESSIBILITY: Publications and forms are available on the e-Publishing website at for downloading and ordering

RELEASABILITY: There are no releasability restrictions on this publication. OPR: 375 LRS/LGRS Supersedes AFMAN23-110V2PT2CH13_ SCOTTAFBSUP1, 7 April 2004 Certified by: 375 LRS/LGRS (Ms. Alice Hoff) Pages: 2

AFMAN 23-110, Volume 2, Part 2, Chapter 13, is supplemented as follows: Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in accordance with AFMAN 37123 (will convert to AFMAN 33-363), Management of Records, and disposed of in accordance with the Air Force Records Disposition Schedule located at SUMMARY OF CHANGES This supplement is revised to update policy and procedural changes. This revision reflects the changes due to extensive rewrite of Chapter 13. This revision also addresses the procedures for the consumable materiel recovery program. A bar (|) indicates changes since the last edition. Repair cycle and equipment items will be collected by Pick-Up and Delivery when requested by the customer. Prepared equipment turn-ins are processed "post-post." Copy two of the TIN document will be forwarded to Document Control. 13.3. Readiness Spares and Supply Point Item Returns. The Receiving Function processes DIFM Turn-Ins. The turn-in location for serviceable Mobility Readiness Spares Package (MRSP) items is the War Readiness Function. Pick-Up and Delivery will collect DIFM items. War Readiness is designated as an alternate turn-in point.

2 Table 13B1.1.


NOTE: Activity Codes C, J, R, S, and X will be processed by Receiving. 13B1.5. Turn-In Documentation for Property Retained. All items turned in in-place will be coordinated through Receiving or Stock Control Functions. Stock Control and Inspection Leads will ensure the AF IMT 2005, Issue/Turn-In Request, contains all information and the Document Control's copy is filed. 13B1.6. Accountable Equipment (EAID) Item Returns. The Equipment Management Office (EMO) will determine if items are Equipment Authorization Inventory Data (EAID) accountable. If an item is accountable and listed on the R14 or R15, EMO annotates the sub/prime national stock number (NSN), applicable detail number, base EMO number, and returns the item to Receiving for processing turn-in. 13B3.2.2.1. Pick-Up and Delivery will collect recoverable item returns and the AFTO Form 350, Reparable Item Processing Tag. 13B5.2.1. Collection and Pick-Up Points. All base-supported activities are designated as collection and pick-up points. Every custodian of supplies is encouraged to contact Base Supply for collection of items. 13B5.2.2. Pick-Up Times. Items called in to Pick-Up and Delivery will be collected at a time and location designated by both the receiver and requesting organization. Pick-Up and Delivery can be reached at 2565166. 13B5.2.3. Documentation. An AF IMT 2005 is requested if the national stock number and indicative data are known for the item. Items turned in must be identified as serviceable, unserviceable, condemned, scrap, or unknown. 13B7.3.3. Receiving will initiate turn-in requests and the document flow for processing consumable item returns to the supply system. 13B9. Receiving will process the turn-in. Prepared equipment turn-ins are processed "Post-Post". Copy two of the TIN document will be forwarded to Document Control. 13B10.2. The Receiving Function will process Activity Code "P" Turn-Ins. Base Supply will follow the guidelines outlined in 13B.9. Local procedures are not required.

BRADLEY D. SPACY, Colonel, USAF Commander, 375th Mission Support Group



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