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B A. Windborn/Champions

of the Wave DVD

Two films on one DVD. Windborn follows Lucy Wills through first solo as a glider pilot to a historic glider flight over New Zealand's Mount Cooke. In Champions of the Wave we see why `The Wave' attracts glider pilots from all over the globe to the World Glider Championships in Omarama, New Zealand. 110 minutes.


£29.95 F

B. Black

Sands, White Wings DVD

Three gliders set out on a 200k cross-country soaring flight along the coast of New Zealand's North islands ­ white glider wings over black sands. Includes spectacular footage of low-level soaring along the cliffs and informative commentary. An exciting introduction to cross country soaring.


£21.95 F

C. A A

Fine Week of Soaring DVD

An insider's view from a high-performance glider flown by 15-times US champion Karl Striedieck. Includes remarkable airborne footage of ridge soaring the Applachian ridges and climbing under snow showers. 69 minutes.



£29.95 F

Touching Cloudbase CD-ROM

This CD-ROM version of the book of the same name shows techniques and theory, as well as having lots of nice flying sequences and covers every subject that a beginner or intermediate paraglider pilot would want to know.



A highly reputable and experienced instructor, takes you through this overview of the IMC course. All PPLs wishing to enhance their flying skills, or those embarking on an IMC course, will find this DVD of immense benefit. Subjects covered include: Partial panel flying, unusual attitude recovery, VOR & ADF Tracking, ILS approach, Holding, a genuine vacuum pump failure and much, much more.


£29.95 F

Pilot Training DVD ­ The Basic Manoeuvres

Ron Campbell, former Chairman of AOPA, covers the basic manoeuvres of the PPL course including effects of controls, straight and level, climbing, descend, turning and slow flight.


£29.95 F

Into Aerobatics DVD

An exciting film that demonstrates basic club aerobatics in a Cessna 150 Aerobat. As well as the pilots eye view of the manoeuvres there is plenty of classroom work and diagrams to point out the common errors. The ideal film to use in conjunction with your aerobatic instructor


£29.95 F

Pilot Training DVD ­ The Circuit

Ron Campbell, former Chairman of AOPA, covers the `circuit' section of the PPL course including power checks, take-off, circuit, approach, landing and the effect of a crosswind.


£14.95 F

£29.95 F

Wings In Focus: The Piper PA-28 Series DVD

Met for the PPL DVD

The complete syllabus for PPL meteorology presented by Dave Prior, this fascinating and informative film is an invaluable aid to anyone seeking an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of aviation meteorology. An essential addition to any pilot's reference library.


£29.95 F


A comprehensive film covering all aspects of this vital topic. Student pilots will find it an invaluable aid to passing that all important Air Law exam. Experienced pilots will find the film a highly informative refresher. Subjects covered include: Aerodrome Traffic Zones, Air Traffic Services, Rules of the Air, Airfield Markings, Aircraft Lighting, Light Signals, Marshalling Signals, Distress Calls, Danger Zones, Altimeter Settings etc


An in-depth look at Piper's perennially popular PA28 from the original 160HP versions to current variants. Includes a buyer's guide and interviews with noteworthy PA28 fliers including Polly Vacher a detailed section on the recent introduction of Avidyne glasscockpit avionics and the PA-28 family timeline.


£24.95 F

£29.95 F

¥ 0161 499 0023




CD-ROM Ground Training Pack for £199

Buy all six CD-ROMs together and save ££££s !!



£199.00 F

Air Law and Operational Procedures

The introduction of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) Private Pilot Licence has brought with it a change in the way Air Law is examined. The new theoretical examination now includes the subject Operational Procedures and, more fundamentally, you are now just as likely to be asked questions on ICAO procedures as on procedures applicable to UK airspace alone. This CBT course is designed to help you absorb, understand and retain all those aspects of Air Law that you need to master as a practising private pilot, and to prepare you for your theoretical exams for the JAA PPL or the UK NPPL.



A thorough understanding of weather theory and the ability to interpret weather briefing documents are absolutely essential to all pilots to ensure that they can make informed and accurate decisions about how prevailing or forecast weather conditions will affect flying operations. Above all, a full understanding of how the weather influences aircraft operations is crucial to flight safety. This interactive, multimedia CBT course will enable private pilots to learn all they need to know in order to fly safely and expeditiously, and pass their JAA PPL or UK NPPL theoretical examinations. £39.95 F TRAPPLCD4

£39.95 F

Human Performance and Limitations

A thorough understanding of this subject is essential if you are to develop the high standards of airmanship required of all those who fly, whether as a private or professional pilot. This course will teach you the essentials of what you need to know about the interaction between the human being, his aircraft and the flying environment. The course also covers the basic psychological considerations of piloting, by stressing the demands that flying places on perception, communication, judgement and decision making, and by pointing out some important limitations of those faculties.


Aircraft General and Principles of Flight

Aircraft General: The course teaches you the theoretical and practical knowledge required to fly efficiently and safely whilst exercising proper care of the aeroplane itself. Aircraft General is a complex subject yet, being presented through the medium of interactive computer based training, you will find it easy to understand. Principles of Flight: A sound knowledge of the theory of flight is vital if you are to fully appreciate the flight characteristics of your aircraft and become a safe and proficient pilot. This interactive, graphically-rich CBT course is an effective and enjoyable method for studying the scientific principles upon which flight itself depends. £49.95 F TRAPPLCD5

£34.95 F

Navigation and Radio Aids

The private pilot is invariably not only a pilot but a navigator too and developing this skill is essential to safe single-pilot operation. The foundation on which this skill resides is meticulous flight planning and the aim of this interactive, multimedia CBT course to teach you every element of the theory underlying flight planning and the art of single-pilot navigation (and to prepare you for the PPL ground examinations) more quickly, effectively and enjoyably than ever before.


Flight Performance and Planning

Pilots must know, for instance, how well or badly your aircraft performs in the various phases of flight. How much runway will you use for the take-off and landing, how well will the aircraft climb, how far can it fly, how long can it remain airborne? Whatever the phase of flight, it is vitally important that the location of the aircraft's centre of gravity always remains within the limits specified by the design of the aircraft. `Airframe Limitations' deals with the crucial relationship between loading and the speed at which the aircraft can be safely manoeuvred.


£49.95 F

£34.95 F

Practical Flying Training

This interactive CD-ROM covers the practical flying exercises for the JAA PPL course. A valuable supplement to a set of textbooks, the CD-ROM consists of 14 pre-flight briefings using graphics, animation, audio, text and video clips.


Flight Computer

An interactive CD that teaches the principal functions of the `mechanical' Flight Computer. Illustrated lessons, numerous animations and worked examples guide you through the principles of operation of the instrument, with full-colour graphics, voice-over narration and key points. Ideal for student pilots, learning to use the flight computer for the first time, or experienced pilots who wish to get the best from the `whiz-wheel'.

£89.95 F

JAA PPL Exam Preparation

This PPL exam preparation CD-ROM allows the user to become familiar with the level of difficulty and style of the PPL exmination papers in preparation for taking the exams themselves. Over 1550 £49.95 F are questions included, covering all the examination subjects. You can choose to test on a particular subject, or attempt a practice PPL exam. £34.95 G OXPPLEXAMPREP


£19.95 F


All prices include UK VAT where applicable


The IMC Rating and Instrument Flying

The IMC rating is probably the most demanding, rewarding and also the most valuable extra a UK PPL can bolt-on to their licence. With excellent graphics throughout, the material on this CBT is clear, concise, effective and well-judged. The layout of the material is also very logical and well thought-out, and if you work through the lessons, there's no doubt you should be thoroughly prepared for the IMC written test. Covering subjects such as documentation, preparation, and technical material describing the instruments, pitotstatic systems this CD-ROM also deals with the different types of radio aids, their basic theory of operation, and known limitations and shortcomings.


VFR RTF Communications

A CD-ROM RTF tutor designed as a standalone training aid so that when you have worked your way through all the lessons you will be thoroughly familiar with the general ICAO RTF procedures associated with a VFR flight. Typical flight scenarios are covered with graphic aircraft and location illustrations, a moving map display and text box confirmation of the audio RTF conversation. A wide variety of RTF transmissions are illustrated in the lessons and in addition there is the opportunity to make radio calls if your computer has a record/playback facility.


£89.95 G

The Night Rating

This multi-media CR-ROM covers basic instrument flying and the physiological aspects of night flying before moving on to aircraft and airfield lighting. The course then moves on to night flying techniques (including start, taxy and night circuits), night navigation and night emergencies.


£54.95 G

IFR RTF Communications

This CD-ROM covers the IFR elements of the JAR Communications syllabus, and contains many examples of RTF used when flying IFR. A wide variety of situations and RTF transmissions are illustrated in the lessons and the record/playback facility allows the user to make and record their own RTF calls and then compare them to the calls given in each lesson. To use this facility you must have a suitable £19.95 G sound system and microphone on your computer. However the lessons can be completed with or without the recording capability.


£49.95 G

JAA ATPL Exam Preparation

OAT bring you their JAA ATPL question bank ­ over 2600 JAA ATPL-style questions which are as close as possible to the official JAA ATPL questions. You can choose to test yourself by individual subject, syllabus sub-section or attempt a complete JAA ATPL-style question paper.


£39.95 G

£34.95 G



The VFR RTF Communications and IFR RTF Communications D-ROMs together.




RTF VFR + UK Supplement Pack

The VFR RTF Communications CD-ROM plus the UK supplement CD-ROM.




RTF Complete Pack

The VFR RTF Communications CD-ROM, UK supplement CD-ROM and IFR RTF Communications CD-ROMs together.


£79.95 G

£69.95 G

£89.95 G

Essential Maths part 1

Many prospective ATPL students find their study much harder than necessary, simply because they no longer have a firm grasp of the basic maths they'll be using during the course. With that in mind, Oxford Aviation Training has put together this interactive CDs to give the user the thorough grounding they'll need in maths before they embark on their course. Also suitable for National Curriculum study, to GCSE level. Part 1: Number, Algebra & Geometry.


£19.95 G

Essential Physics part 1

Many prospective ATPL students find their study much harder than expected, because they no longer have a firm grasp of basic physics. Part 1 covers electricity and magnetism including flow of charge; current, voltage, power, resistance and Ohm's Law; electromagnetism, electric motors, electromagnetic induction and transformers. Also suitable for National Curriculum study to GCSE level.


£19.95 G

Essential Physics part 2

If you missed out on Physics at school, or simply wish to improve your knowledge of Physics, in preparation for pilot training, Essential Physics is the course for you. Essential Physics part 2 includes lessons on forces, energy, motion, pressure, friction and it also includes lessons on the basics of Astronomy.


£19.95 G

¥ 0161 499 0023



Aviation Meteorology

This self-teach, media-rich, interactive CD-ROM gives instruction is up to JAA ATPL level, but as the course is designed for beginners it is suitable for CPL, PPL and all other intermediate stages too. The main aim of this course is to teach pilots to use aviation meteorology theory to interpret met forecasts and reports in order to plan safe and expeditious flying sorties. The secondary aim of the CBT is to teach pilots how to extract and interpret information from the Met Office web site.


Aircraft Piston Engines

A new interactive, multi-media CD-ROM which covers the whole of the JAA ATPL theoretical knowledge syllabus for Piston Engines, and even includes a lesson on aircraft diesel engines. There are over 250 JAA ATPL-style questions and answers in the selfassessment section of the CD-ROM. This product is also aimed at General Aviation pilots who fly pistonengine powered aircraft and who wish to learn more about how their power-plant functions.


Gas Turbine Engines

This CBT course in Gas Turbines teaches the subject of gas turbine engines up to and beyond the standard required by the EASA/JAA ATPL syllabus. It also covers all EASA/JAA objectives for the ATPL helicopter gas turbine syllabus, except for those pertaining specifically to helicopter engine intakes. Includes 250 self-assessment questions and answers.

£59.95 G

£59.95 G


£59.95 G

ITVV "In the Cockpit" DVDs

Comprehensive in-flight footage from the flight deck and detailed explanations of aircraft systems, walk-round checks and much more. Sufficiently detailed and expert to be a valuable resource for any prospective commercial pilot preparing for a simulator assessment on type. Multi-camera filming provides internal and external shots for landing phase of flight on many programmes.


Detailed walk-around and two flights, including special take-off procedures used at JFK. 300 minutes.


Boeing 747-200 "Classic"

The classic 3-crew "Jumbo jet" with Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick to Miami. 112 minutes running time.


Boeing MD-11

Martinair from Amsterdam to Palma. 183 minutes.


£23.95 F

£29.95 F

£23.95 F

A320-200 Boeing 737-300 BAe 146-200

Debonair from Luton to Rome, includes the crew giving some fascinating background on becoming an airline pilot. 109 minutes. £23.95 F DVD146 Go with "Go", from Stansted to Lisbon and return. 90 minutes.


An IEA (Inter European Airways) flight from Birmingham to Zakinthos. 85 minutes.


£23.95 F

£23.95 F

Boeing 757-200

An Airtours flight from Manchester to Dalaman, includes detailed explanations of aircraft systems. 75 minutes.


A320-200 Simulator

See emergency procedures and many other things you'll (hopefully) never encounter on a live flight (including a barrelroll!). 73 minutes.


747-400 Virgin Atlantic

Heathrow to San Francisco on board a Virgin Atlantic Airways 747-400. 166 minutes.


£23.95 F

£23.95 F

£23.95 F

Boeing 767-300ER

A Leisure International Airways flight from Gatwick to Orlando using ETOPS procedures. 80 minutes.


Airbus A330-200

Airtours on a charter flight from Manchester to Orlando. 139 minutes.


747-400 Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific flight from Heathrow to the infamous (and now closed) Hong-Kong Kai Tak airport including a section shot on Cathay's 747-400 simulator. 63 minutes. £23.95 F DVD747-400

£23.95 F

£23.95 F

Boeing 777-200

Cathay Pacific from Auckland to Singapore with additional footage on the simulator covering emergency procedures. 101 minutes.


Fokker 100

British Midland from East Midlands to Nice. 167 minutes.


£23.95 F

£23.95 F


All prices include UK VAT where applicable



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