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The bestselling pan-African magazine

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n UK £3.0 n Canada 0 n USA $4.9 n Indone $6.00 n 5 n Euro Zon CFA Zon sia e Mauritiu R35,00 e CFA 4.50 n Alg 0 eria Sierra s MR 150 n Jamaica 2.500 n Cyprus DA 300 n n Leo $300 Morocc Switzer ne LE n Jordan 3.85 n Den Angola 500 150 o Dh land 30 n SFr 8.7000 n Sing Nigeria JD 3.500 mark DKr Kwanza apo n n (AOA) 35 n N 500 Ken Tanzan re $6,9 n n 0n Austral ia TSh Norway ya KShs 300Egypt E£ 20 n s 5,40 South Afri Ethiopi ia A$ 7.50 ca R24 NOK 59 n n Kuwait 0 n Tun n NA_C a R 50 Bah Om KD .95 (inc isia TD OVER . tax an OR2.00 1.500 n Leb n Gambia rain BD 2.0 3500 _0311A n n 0 ano Da 100 Turkey ) n Other Qat .indd Southe ar QR 20 n LL 750 n 5.00 0.00 n Ghana n YTL n rn Afri 1 Rwa Malays GH¢ 5.00 UAE Dh 20 can Countri nda RWF n 3000 ia RM 14.9 es R Uganda n 21.9 USh 8,70 0 (exc Saudi Ara 0 bia Rls 0 n Zam l. tax) n 20 Swe bia K 16000 den SKr 33 n n n




The magazine

The bestselling pan-African monthly magazine

By some distance the biggest-selling pan-African magazine in English, New African brings an African perspective to international reporting on the continent. Inspiring and always enlightening, New African aims to cover real issues often ignored elsewhere and to correct the many misconceptions associated with the continent. Each month, New African delivers the best features and commentaries on Africa and its people.

The bestselling pan-African magazine


The readers of New African are diverse and range from students and tomorrow's leaders who want to gain a better understanding of the most important issues affecting the African continent, to business leaders, policy makers, Africa watchers and analysts. They represent a wide cross section of society working in governments, the private sector, academia and the arts.

Audited Circulation* 44,117 Print Run 55,000 Distribution

For nearly 50 years we have built a unique distribution network including newsstand sales, an international subscription base, controlled circulation to business leaders and policy makers, as well as distribution onboard a large number of international airlines and lounges, hotels and major international and industry specific events.

Our Readers:

75% holdauniversitydegree 33% holdapostgraduatedegree 26%areseniormanagers 27% areprofessionals(lawyers,accountants,bankers,etc) 28% aregovernmentaldecisionandpolicymakers (diplomats,civilservants,ministers,etc) 18% owntheirownbusiness 67% havepurchasingresponsibilities 88% aremales 58% areinthe30-55agebracket 76% holdoneormorecreditcards have2carsperhousehold 21% travelinfirst/businessclass travel7timesperyearonaverage spendonaverage18hotelnightsayear $98,846istheaveragepersonalincome

Southern Africa West Africa East and Central Africa North Africa TotalAfrica Restoftheworld

31.52% 33.78% 18.97% 1.1% 85.37% 14.63%

* According to ABC certificate of period between 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2011

Airline Distribution**

The magazine enjoys distribution in various executive lounges and onboard the following airlines: British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, South African Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ghana International, SN Brussels, Fly 540, Air Seychelles, Air Zimbabwe, Arik Air. The magazine is also distributed in most major 5 star hotels across Africa.

500,000 Readers

Media and Partnerships

We enjoy an unparalleled distribution network and goodwill, and engage in strategic partnerships with among others the World Economic Forum, Commonwealth Business Council, Corporate Council on Africa, World Bank, the UN, World Petroleum Congress etc. Media partners include Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, BBC World, VOX Africa, RFI, Africa No.1 and more.



45th Year · March 2011 · N°504

Nigeria: Clean elections this time? South Africa: Liberating Mandela's memory Kenya: Is Odinga losing his friends? Tony Blair: Africa's future is in African hands

The bestselling pan-African magazine

Exclusive interview



The people's where next?


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UK £3.00 n USA $4.95 n Euro Zone 4.50 n Algeria DA 300 n Angola 500 Kwanza (AOA) n Australia A$ 7.50 n Bahrain BD 2.00 Canada $6.00 n CFA Zone CFA 2.500 n Cyprus 3.85 n Denmark DKr 35 n Egypt E£ 20 n Ethiopia R 50 n Gambia Da 100 n Ghana GH¢ 5.00 Indonesia R35,000 n Jamaica $300 n Jordan JD 3.500 n Kenya KShs 300 n Kuwait KD 1.500 n Lebanon LL 7500.00 n Malaysia RM 14.90 Mauritius MR 150 n Morocco Dh 30 n Nigeria N 500 n Norway NOK 59 n Oman OR2.00 n Qatar QR 20 n Rwanda RWF 3000 n Saudi Arabia Rls 20 Sierra Leone LE 15000 n Singapore $6,90 n South Africa R24.95 (inc. tax) n Other Southern African Countries R 21.90 (excl. tax) n Sweden SKr 33 Switzerland SFr 8.70 n Tanzania TShs 5,400 n Tunisia TD 3500 n Turkey 5.00YTL n UAE Dh 20 n Uganda USh 8,700 n Zambia K 16000

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17/02/2011 11:43

** This special distribution is part of the full print run

The bestselling pan-African magazine

Editorial Calendar 2012*

Issue January February March April May June July August/ September October November December Zambia Ethiopia Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti South Sudan Zimbabwe Uganda at 50 Recruitment Travel & Tourism, Security and Defence Ghana Commodities Health, Automotive Education African Union 10th anniversary Countryreport(s) Equatorial Guinea and Gabon CSR Industryreport(s) Focus/Specialfeatures African football supplement African football supplement African football supplement Materialdeadline 09/12/2011 13/01/2012 10/02/2012 09/03/2012 13/04/2012 11/05/2012 08/06/2012 20/07/2012 07/09/2012 12/10/2012 09/11/2012 East Africa Summit

* Subject to change

Eventpartnership Africa Cup of Nations 2012; World Economic Forum Davos Africa Cup of Nations 2012; Mining Indaba COMESA 5th Investment Forum; Ghana Summit

World Economic Forum on Africa; Auto Expo in Africa 2012; Africa Health Exhibition African Business Awards 2012; Education Week

Hotel Investment Conference Africa; Africa Aerospace & Defence 2012

Events 2012**

We partner with a number of international institutions and bodies, with whom we collaborate and work closely across a number of projects. Every month our magazines are distributed at a number of international and renowned events in Africa and in the major international capitals of the world. At these events you will also find our magazines at the major international hotels surrounding the conference centre or event location.

Month January February Event · Africa Cup of Nations, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon · World Economic Forum Davos, Switzerland · Africa Cup of Nations, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon · Mining Indaba, South Africa · Nigeria Brain Gain & Job Fair, Nigeria · Harvard African Business Conference, USA · COMESA 5th Investment Forum · Ghana Summit · CCA: Doing Business in Africa, Canary Islands · Health Care in Africa, South Africa · Nigeria Construction and Infrastructure, Nigeria · African Football Executive Summit, South Africa · World Economic Forum on Africa 2012, Ethiopia · Auto Expo in Africa 2012, Kenya · Africa Health Exhibition, South Africa · Careers in Africa, UK · Africa Day London Business School, UK · African Banker Awards 2012, Tanzania · African Business Awards 2012 · Education week, South Africa · IPad Angola 2012 · Hotel Investment Conference Africa, Morocco · Africa Aerospace & Defence 2012, South Africa · 2012 US-Africa Business Summit, USA · Careers in Africa, UK · The Nigeria Summit 2012 · East Africa Summit, Rwanda

* * This special distribution is part of the print run. Subject to change




June September October December

The bestselling pan-African magazine


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UK£ 15,400 13,500 9,300 8,250 7,200 5,300 4,300 3,150 2,500 1,000

Euro 18,500 16,200 11,200 9,900 8,650 6,400 5,150 3,800 3,000 1,200

US$ 25,400 22,400 15,400 13,600 11,800 8,800 7,100 5,200 4,200 1,650

NGN 4,000,000 3,500,000 2,400,000 2,150,000 1,900,000 1,400,000 1,100,000 800,000 650,000 260,000

ZAR R 200,000 175,000 120,000 110,000 95,000 70,000 56,000 40,000 32,500 13,000

Special Reports

Our tailor-made special reports are the most effective way to reach investors, stakeholders and international business leaders with a keen interest in Africa. They are produced and designed by our professional team of editors and designers to guarantee the highest quality and the greatest impact. The special reports can be published in one or across all of our magazines ­ African Business, African Banker, New African and

The Middle East ­ to give you maximum exposure to the political and business elite in Africa and the Arab world. Our considerable experience will help you to communicate your message in a cost-effective manner and you are welcome to contact us for your own bespoke requirements. We also provide translation in our french publications and reprints for your own complimentary distribution.

Pages 1magazine 2magazines 3magazines

4 £29,395 £57,790 £82,870

8 £57,790 £110,200 £164,800

12 £82,870 £164,800 £246,500

16 £110,200 £219,300 £326,700


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