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Air Force Sergeants Association Chapter 985 Executive Council Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2008

1. The regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Chapter 985 Executive Council convened at 1141 hours. President Thompson declared a quorum. Members Present: Bryan Thompson Jon Bennett Kristi Binard Mike Devenitch Rebecca Galambos Ann Pearcy Don Sullivan Lisa Sears Mike Crawford Terry Turner Members Absent: Guests Present: Rob Binard (deployed), Heidi Chesser, Mary Kramer None

2. Reports: a. Legislative: Mike Devenitch ­ Mike will send out a detailed report through the Chapter web server. Mike Devenitch will soon deploy, so legislation will be briefed by Mike Crawford at the General Membership meeting. b. Activities: Mary Kramer/ Heidi Chesser- Mary and Heidi were not present. No activities to report at this time. c. Communications: Lisa Sears/ Mike Devenitch- Lisa reported that a meeting reminder and election announcement was submitted to the Tinker Take-Off. She also announced that the Team Tinker report for January is finalized. She also reported she submitted an article to the Tinker Take Off and Sergeants Magazine with photo featuring Chapter 985's help with the base clean up following the massive ice storm. d. Awards: Bryan Thompson- President Thompson reported that he represented Chapter 985 at the Team Tinker Quarterly Awards on Monday, Feb 4th. The JEC is presenting their "Supervisory Excellence Award" on Feb 21 (Chapter 985 is the sponsor and Don Sullivan has ordered the plaque). Also, the FTAY and NCOY nominations for Chapter 98 annual awards will be submitted to Mary Kramer. e. Treasurer's Report: Rebecca Galambos ­ Rebecca gave a detailed report of the January budget. f. Secretary's Report: Kristi Binard- Kristi advised all minutes from January Executive Council meeting and General Membership meeting are up to date and posted on our website. g. Recruiting: Terry Turner- Briefed we had a total of 36 new members as of January 2008. Chapter 985 shows a total membership base of 1,827 members. The goal for 2008 is 400 new members and 100 retentions. Recruiting opportunities are: 14 Feb: NCOPES; 15, 22, 29 Feb: Newcomer's Orientation.

h. Retentions: Robert Binard ­ Unable to attend. Mike Crawford is heading up Unit Rep Program. See 3b under Old Business. i. Reports: Rebecca Galambos- Rebecca will be working on quarterly reports beginning 8 Feb. j. Airman Activities Coordinator: Ann Pearcy announced that the AAC has volunteer opportunities on Feb 6,9,13, 16 for Habitat For Humanity; 20 Feb Saint Ann's Retirement Center. The AAC needs a lot of volunteers for all events. Please contact [email protected] for more information. k. Website: Bryan Thompson- President Thompson reported that the website is current. . 3. Old Business: a. Chapter 985 Grants: Lisa Sears reported that as of Feb 7, 2008, 1130hrs, she had received 7 applications for the Chapter 985 grants. The board will convene next week. (Item Open). a. Unit Representatives: Unit representatives are still needed to recruit and retain members within their respective units. Mike Crawford is looking into getting the First Sergeants involved in recruiting unit reps within the squadrons. (Item Open). b. 2008 Award Committee: President Thompson briefed that he chairs the chapter awards committee; members Jon Bennett and Don Sullivan complete the committee. 1. The committee will be selecting our Member of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Individual Legislative of the Year, and Special Achievement Awards recognition for our AFSA Chapter 985 Annual Banquet. Packages will be written on the Member of the Year and Individual Legislative of the Year and submitted to Division 9 for further competition. Other chapter packages of our collective efforts will be written and submitted also. If you have any recommendations for one of the "individual awards" please forward to one of the committee members with a brief supporting statement. 2. The First Sergeants will administer our First Term Airman and NCO of the Year boards again this year. First Sgt Council President Mary Kramer will be establishing 2 boards to do this and recommend selections to go forward for competition at the Division level in April 2008. (Items Closed). c. 2008 Executive Council Elections: President Thompson announced that the general membership will be electing new officers in February. Jon Bennett is the Nominating Committee Chair. If anyone is interested in serving in any position please inform Jon of your intentions. The membership will elect a President, Vice-President and 3 Trustees. The President will appoint 2 Trustees, a Secretary, Treasurer, Airmen's Activities Coordinator, Senior Advisor, and Historian. (Item Open).

d. 2008 Annual Banquet Chair: SMSgt Bethann Fleming has agreed to be the chair for the Chapter Annual Awards Banquet to be held on March 14, 2008. The committee met at 1100 hrs on 7 Feb 2008. Kristi Binard made a motion to increase the funding for the banquet from $800 to $1,000 to cover additional expenses incurred due to the NCO of the Year award added last summer. The motion passed. (Item Open). e. New OC/ALC Command Chief welcome: Mike Devenitch reported that the welcome went well and was appreciated by Chief Harmon. President Thompson thanked Mike Devenitch and Mike Crawford for their hard work (Item Closed). f. Spring Handicap Dance: Mike Devenitch announced that Stephanie Selmon will be helping him with the annual handicap dance in April. Mary Kramer offered to help procure stuffed animals. (Item Open). 4. New Business: Command Chief Support: Kristi Binard made a motion to donate $500 each (total $1000) to the 72 ABW Command Chief fund and the 552 ACW Command Chief fund, and $100 each (total $200) toward the Command Chief conference. Motion seconded by Terry Turner. Motion unanimous/ Motion carried. The Council was considering adding this item to the 2008 budget, however it will not be added since the money has been allocated prior to beginning the annual discussion on the budget. (Item Closed). 5. President Thompson solicited comments from around the room. There being none, and no further new business, Rebecca Galambos motioned to adjourn, Mike Crawford seconded ­ motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 1220 hours.

////signed//// Kristi L. Binard, Secretary

Approved as written ///signed/// Bryan K. Thompson, President

AFSA ­ TEAM TINKER Thunderbird Chapter 985, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

Chapter President MSgt Bryan Thompson, and his Executive Council, presents the following summary of accomplishments/activities during the month of January 2008.

3. 7. Conducted AFSA Chapter Executive Council meeting Jon Bennett and Terry Turner showed a film, briefed and recruited at base FTAC, 26 attendees resulted in 12 new members, 1 renewal and 1 COA. Heidi Chesser & Ann Pearcy obtained 6 volunteers to support the Regional Food Bank. Volunteers prepare boxes of food for local families in need. Terry Turner manned information/recruiting booth at base Newcomers Orientation; 30 attendees with 1 change of address. Heidi Chesser & Ann Pearcy obtained 3 volunteers to support the Ronald McDonald House. Volunteers took on a beatification project by raking up leaves and cleaning up branches and other debris from the yard. Heidi Chesser & Ann Pearcy obtained 6 volunteers to support the Regional Food Bank. Volunteers prepare boxes of food for local families in need. Terry Turner manned information/recruiting booth at base Newcomers Orientation; 18 attendees. President Thompson and Senior Advisor Jon Bennett visited and briefed the new 72ABW/OC-ALC Command Chief CMSgt Eric Harmon of AFSA activities on Tinker AFB. He also presented him with an AFSA Flag desk set and a chapter coin. Heidi Chesser & Ann Pearcy obtained 9 volunteers to support Safe Kids Oklahoma campaign. Volunteers distributed health information in families at Heyday Center. Vice President Mike Devenitch and Trustee Michael Crawford organized, funded and executed basewide "CCM Welcome Party" for new Tinker Command Chief CMSgt Eric Harmon, 72ABW/OCALC. Approximately 65 people attended to include base senior leadership, Navy Command Master Chief, Oklahoma State Air National Guard Command Chief, Will Rodgers Command Chief and many other local dignitaries at a cost of $ 292.00. Lisa Sears briefed Tinker Top 3 about new Command Chief Coins, chapter scholarship and annual awards for First Term Airmen and NCO of the Year. Terry Turner manned information/recruiting booth at base Newcomers Orientation; 27 attendees Lisa Sears submitted article to the Tinker Takeoff advertising information about the General Membership meeting scheduled for February 2008. Jon Bennett and Terry Turner showed a film, briefed and recruited at base FTAC, 31 attendees resulted in 14 new Members, 2 renewals and 3 change of address/chapter.

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30. President Thompson distributed 2 AFSA Newsletters; 1 Chapter 985 monthly Legislative Report for January; 1 Chapter general membership meeting reminder with minutes; and 1 Chapter Notice for fundraiser volunteers via our e-mail list server system to 1583 addressees. 20. Heidi Chesser & Ann Pearcy obtained 2 volunteers to attend the Saint Ann's Retirement Center monthly retiree dinner and dance; volunteers participated in dancing and mingling with the 183 residents, of those 70% were retired military. 31. Web Master Bryan Thompson reports we had 118 unique visitors to our web site in January 2008.


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