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Rond-Point : Méthode de français [level,2,3]

Call number/Cote: 440/MET/RON1-3 Series: Series: Français langue étrangère Authors: Labascoule, Josiane; Lause, Christian; Royer, Corinne Publisher: Barcelone: Diffusion Year Published: 2004 Type: Manuels et méthodes de FLE/Textbooks for learning French (MET) Collection: 100 Titles for Learners of French/Les 100 Titres pour le FLE (MERLIN) Language: French Physical description: 1 textbook + 1CD (for each 3 levels) 1 exercise book + 1 CD (for each 3 levels) 1 pedagogical guide (for each 3 levels) Summary of Content: Rond-Point is a task-based elementary French text that allows students to learn the language in a very active way. Students will be asked to organize information, make choices, draw conclusions, give advices interview classmates, etc. This method results in communicative, interactive classes. Through collaboration and communication, students work together to assimilate grammar, vocabulary, and culture and to create meaning in French. The textbook is made up of nine or ten units each focused on a learning goal utilizing techniques to encourage communication. Employing authentic audio material and ensuring that grammar is used in real contexts, Rond-Point endeavours to teach the real French language for young adult and adult learners. Level: A1/A2 [Basic User (level 1, 2)] for Rond-Point 1 B1 [Independent User (level 1)] for Rond-Point 2 B2 [Independent User (level 2)] for Rond-Point 3 Public: FLE learners, Adults Teaching suggestions: Rond-Point is to be used in the class setting with the help of a French instructor. It is an interactive method that requires additional oral activities in class. This method offers new ways of learning for immersion in the French and Francophone world, and it might be necessary to complement grammatical exercises with additional material. Call Number: 440/MET/RON1-3

For Rond-Point 1: [Textbook + 1 CD] 440/MET/RON1/liv CD440/MET/RON1/liv [Exercise book + 1 CD] 440/MET/RON1/cah CD440/MET/RON1/cah [Pedagogical guide] 440/MET/RON1/gui For Rond-Point 2, see call numbers starting with 440/MET/RON2 For Rond-Point 3, see call numbers starting with 440/MET/RON3


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