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Vocabulaire Progressif du Français avec 250 exercices: Niveau intermédiaire

Call number/Cote: 447/VOC/PRO/int Authors: Leroy-Miquel, Claire & Goliot-Lété Anne Publisher: CLE International Year Published: 2007 Type: Vocabulaire - Vocabulary (VOC) Collection: 100 Titles for Learners of French/Les 100 Titres pour le FLE (MERLIN) Language: French Physical description: 1 workbook (190 pages) + answer key booklet Summary of Content: This updated edition describes the culture and current life of French People. The manual consists of 250 exercises, organized by themes in 24 chapters. The different topics include Presentation, Family, Nationalities, Relations, Time, Weather, Seasons, Nature, Animals, Human Body, Clothing, Housing, Daily Life, School, Professions, Technology, Communication, Banking, Business, Cooking and Eating, Leisure activities, Sports, Transportation, Tourism, Vacation. Every chapter starts with an illustrated, interactive lesson followed by texts and exercises. The workbook contains an index (all in French). Answer keys are provided in a separate booklet, inside the workbook. Level: Basic User (level 2) to Independent User (level 1) and up: A2, B1+ Public: Adults and young adults Teaching suggestions: Good material for Vocabulary and Conversation classes, useful as a supplement to Vocabulary lessons in Connexions 1 (Unités 1, 2 and 3), in Connexions 2 (Unit 1: "Les activités ménagères") and in Vocabulaire Progressif Niveau Intermédiaire (Chapter 14: "Les activités quotidiennes"). Call Number: 447/VOC/PRO/int 447/VOC/PRO/int/cor [answer key booklet]


Microsoft Word - 48E915AF-249F-286EEC.doc

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