Read Microsoft Word - 48E91F87-11E9-28EBE0.doc text version Méthode de français des affaires, niveau avancé

Call number/Cote: 448/AFF/PEN/ava

Author: Penfornis, Jean-Luc Publisher: Paris: CLE International Year Published: 2003 Type: Français de spécialité ­ Specialized French (FOS) Category: Affaires ­ Business French (AFF) Collection: 100 Titles for Learners of French/Les 100 Titres pour le FLE (MERLIN) Language: French

Physical description: 1 textbook (127 pages) + 1 CD (24 tracks, 40 minutes)

1 exercise book (63 pages) + answer key booklet (11 p.) 1 pedagogical guide (128 pages) Summary of Content: This method offers an in-depth introduction to the French business culture. This title is geared towards high-intermediate or advanced students. The textbook is divided in 6 units each focused on a distinct aspect of the business world, and each unit is in its turn divided in five lessons with each a specific topic, vocabulary, exercises, and one grammatical note. Some lessons contain a comprehension exercise that will be found on the CD (the transcriptions are included at the end of the book). This is a specialized book for learners of French that provides a broad knowledge of the French economic culture and a wide range of practical situations and exercises. The book also contains a Grammar section and a bilingual lexicon. In the exercise book, the student will find complementary grammatical and vocabulary exercises related to each lesson. Answer keys to the exercises are included in a separate booklet. The pedagogical guide contains teaching suggestions and the transcriptions of the recorded texts and dialogs. Written by the same author, "" is the corresponding title

for high beginner/intermediate learners (A2/B1) level. Level: : Independent User (B1, B2) to Proficient User (C1), DFA 1 Public: FLE learners, Adults Teaching suggestions: Can be used in a Business French class for Intermediate or Advanced students or for preparatory classes to the DFA 1 (Diplôme de

er Français des Affaires 1 degré).

Call Number: 448/AFF/PEN/ava/liv [textbook] CD448/AFF/PEN/ava/liv [CD] 448/AFF/PEN/ava/cah [workbook] 448/AFF/PEN/ava/cah/cor [answer keys]

448/AFF/PEN/ava/gui [pedagogical guide]


Microsoft Word - 48E91F87-11E9-28EBE0.doc

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