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Call number/Cote: [LA] FF [Livre Audio] Lectures Faciles Sample title : Poursuite dans Paris/Nicolas Guerrier Call Number: [LA] FF/GUE/pour/a2 Author(s): will vary Publisher: CIDEB/Black Cat Year Published: will vary Type: Livre Audio ­ Audio Book: [LA] Category: Lectures Faciles - Easy Readers: [LA] FF Collection: 100 Titles for Learners of French/Les 100 Titres pour le FLE (MERLIN) Language: French Physical description: 1 book (96 pages) + 1 CD (for sample title) Summary of Content: This collection of short literary reading is made up of simplified and illustrated stories, often accompanied by a CD. It offers 4 levels of difficulty. The language simplification follows the lexical and grammatical standards defined by the CECR (Le Cadre Européen Commun de Référence). The books have an introductory part on the author, contains linguistic activities and sections related to French culture and civilization, and an audio version of the text and oral exercises. Levels: Corresponding CECR levels include: A1 for "level 1" titles, A2 for "level 2" titles, A2/B1 for "level 3" titles and B1 for "level 4" titles. To learn more about various series (or "collections") and their corresponding CECR levels in the "Francais Facile ­ Easy Reader" category, see the list posted by in Annexe 7 : Système de classification de la collection « Français Facile » Public: FLE learners, Young Adults, Adults Teaching suggestions: The books of this nicely illustrated series could be used

for a reading/conversation class at different levels, for instance as reading assignments with explanations and discussions in class. The activities and exercises provided are a good guide for the class. Call Number: [LA] FF/GUE/pour/a2 [book] [LA] CD/FF/GUE/pour/a2 [CD]


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