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Ductile Iron Metallurgy- Internet Course

Highlights: This is a four week subject specialist facilitated course. There are reading materials, assignments and quizzes Participants spend about 10 hours per week towards reading, understanding, interacting with the facilitator, answering the assignments and quizzes. After successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Cast Metals Institute awarding 4.0 CEUs. A candidate who successfully completes the course shall be able to: 1. Have a basic understanding of ductile iron chemistry and processing 2. Understand the concepts of chemistry control in ductile iron. 3. Have an understanding of the various treatment types and post inoculation in ductile iron production 4. Understand the various properties of ductile iron 5. Understand the common types of metallurgical defects associated with ductile iron Syllabus: 1. Basics of ductile iron 1.1 Chemistry 1.2 Processing 1.3 Phase changes 1.4 Properties 2. Chemistry control in ductile iron 2.1 Major elements 2.2 Alloying elements 2.3 Nodularizing elements 2.4 Trace elements 3. Treatment types and inoculation 3.1 Open Sandwich treatment 3.2 Tundish ladle 3.3 Plunging 3.4 Pressure vessel 3.5 Fischer Converter 3.6 Wire injection 3.7 Ladle converter 3.8 Post inoculation 4. Ductile iron properties and metallurgical defects 4.1 Nodularity 4.2 Nodule count 4.3 Matrix 4.4 Mechanical properties 4.5 Metallurgical defects Reference Book: The Sorelmetal Book of Ductile Iron, Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium Inc (2004) Instructor: Dr. Hathibelagal Roshan, Banu Learning Systems, LLC Course Platform: Learning Management System (LMS) - Elemental Enterprise (


Microsoft Word - Syllabus-Ductile Iron Metallurgy.doc

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Microsoft Word - Syllabus-Ductile Iron Metallurgy.doc
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