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Self-Propelled Windrowers

9000 Series

Self-Propelled Windrowers

9000 Series

We know hay like no one else

Hay is serious business and we can appreciate that. That's why we've been equipping farmers with the most innovative and productive hay equipment for decades. Hesston invented the first self-propelled windrower, the large rectangular baler, center-pivoting mower conditioners and the first fully automatic round baler. We are the choice of those who are serious about making hay their business. The Hesston 9000 Series self-propelled windrowers carry on the tradition with proven design and innovation. It's equipment for serious hay makers from the company that knows hay best.



In 1955 the Hesston Model 100 was introduced, making it the industry's first commercially available self-propelled windrower. Twelve years later, we introduced the Hydro-Static 600, the first hydrostatic drive windrower in the industry. Today we are still creating innovations with real payoff for the commercial hay producer.

Table of Opportunities

Models Cab Control & Comfort Power & Productivity RazorBar Disc Header Sickle Headers Draper Headers Service & Dealer Support Specifications Get to know Hesston 6 8 11 12 15 16 19 20 23


Hesston knows windrowers

AGCO Hesston dealers offer you two windrower models to match your operation. The 9000 Series features a deluxe cab, a wide variety of headers and the added option of a disc header with the Model 9635. This model is a good choice for custom cutters and large hay operations with multiple annual cuttings.

Hesston knows usability

Hesston is unmatched in the ability to have headers interchanged and attach quickly. Our hydraulic system allows the operator to change headers by simply attaching the unit and connecting the electrical wiring harness. The windrower "senses" which header is attached and automatically adjusts hydraulic flow to match the header type (i.e. a draper header runs slower than a disc header). A 3-point hitch style header connection not only improves the header's ability to follow ground contours but also streamlines hook-up. Optional hydraulic quick coupler also can simplify header changes without sacrificing hydraulic flow. Model 9435 9635 Engine 4.4L AGCO SISU POWER 6.6L AGCO SISU POWER Rated hp (kW) 9190 120 (89 kW) 190 (138 kW) X 9192 X Compatible Headers 9125 X X 9145 X X 5200 X X


Picking the Hesston windrower to suit your operation


The ability to handle any Hesston sickle or draper header allows the 9435 to meet the productivity needs of custom hay operators, large grain and hay growers, and commercial hay operations.


Designed and powered to handle the 9190 and 9192 disc headers, as well as any other header in the lineup, the 9635 is ideal for the custom operator, large rancher or dairy/livestock operator who has to put up large volumes of hay on a timely basis.

Hesston knows versatility

No one windrower is designed for every condition. The Hesston 9000 Series is designed to be easily customized to your operation. For larger hay windrows that match the capacity of big balers and high-capacity forage harvesters, add the double windrow attachment to the 9435 or 9635 or the windrow tripler kit on the 9635. An offset tailwheel kit is available to reposition the right tailwheel behind the axle when building double windrows.


Cab comfort and controls

We know you're going to spend many hours on your Hesston windrower which is why we designed it to have the kind of comfort and quietness that keeps you productive, no matter how long the day. The smooth ride starts with the longer wheelbase that helps level the contours on rough fields. Large-diameter tires, extended frame, the isolation-mounted cab and a fully adjustable air-ride seat also work to keep the ride smooth. A seat-mounted console, which adjusts vertically and horizontally to fit the operator, puts all regularly used controls at your fingertips even as the seat moves up and down. An instrument gauge cluster, incorporated into the control console is at eye level while viewing the header and includes a full bank of gauges, monitors and indicator lights to alert the operator of any problem. The cab on the 9000 Series is fitted with both a heater and high-capacity air conditioner to keep the operator environment comfortable, no matter the temperature outside. The cab also includes an instructor's seat with seat belt, 73 square feet of tinted glass and a larger, curved windshield.

Optional cab suspension

An optional cab suspension system, which incorporates dual air bags, an air reservoir and dual shock absorbers, is available on the Model 9635 tractor to help reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity. The system is especially valuable when harvesting rough and uneven fields with the high-speed 9190 or 9192 RazorBarTM disc header.

Keep making hay after the sun goes down

A full bank of rectangular halogen lights that includes five at the front of the cab, two at the rear of the cab and one at the rear of the tractor turn night into day and give you the extra hours to get the job done.


Standard on the 9635 and optional on the 9435, a performance monitor mounted on the steering column provides ground speed, header speed, engine rpm, acres per hour, field acres cut and total acres cut.

In addition to speed and direction, the travel control lever is used to control header lift, header tilt, swathboard actuation, reel raise and lower, reel speed and monitor selection (some functions require optional kits).

Hesston knows productivity

At the heart of every Hesston windrower is an AGCO SISU POWER diesel engine. All engines are turbocharged and feature electronic engine management and a common rail fuel system for quick response and the reserve torque to handle variable conditions.

Positive ground drive

A pair of Sauer-Danfoss hydrostatic pumps power wheel motors that are attached directly to the planetary drives, eliminating the need for chain drives. Superior torque and radial load characteristics from the planetary drives further contributes to the pulling power when climbing hills or crossing ditches. The Model 9635 is additionally equipped with a step-up gearbox, which allows for better torque in low range and faster road speeds in high range.

Fingertip hydraulic control

A pioneer in the use of hydraulic header drive, which eliminates the need for driveshafts and u-joints, Hesston built headers are electronically engaged with a single toggle switch on the operator's console. Hydraulic header flotation, which is standard on both 9000 Series windrowers, is just as easily adjusted via a gauge and switch on the console-- allowing on-the-go adjustment to changing field and crop conditions. For added convenience, hydraulic header tilt is another standard feature while electric swathboard actuation is available as an option on all disc and sickle headers.


RazorBar disc header

When it comes to acres per hour, there's nothing that lays a crop on the ground faster than a 9190 or 9120 RazorBarTM disc header. Featuring a new lower profile, spur gear cutterbed that's thinner in design for closer cutting, it slices a 16-foot swath through lush alfalfa, tangled grass or tall sudan with equal ease. The modular heavy-duty design is built for endurance and longevity. The wide-profile teeth offer increased gear-to-gear contact and the entire drive train is designed to handle maximum load for whatever length of time is needed. The RazorBar's sealed bearings also provide constant lubrication, no matter the slope of the terrain which is an exclusive feature available only from Hesston. Should the worst happen, the gear spindle is designed to shear off outside the cutterbed, keeping contamination away from the gears. The bottom line is the stronger gear bed used allows the RazorBar header to operate without the use of a weakened sheer hub. Each gear assembly and adjacent idler gear can be individually removed through the top of the module, without disassembly of the cutterbar. Other new features of the RazorBar include: · · · · · Radura® high-carbon steel knives in a choice of sizes and bevels. Counter-rotating discs with increased overlap. Sloping disc hub mounts for reduced debris buildup. Ductile cast-iron module housings that are machined for perfect alignment and maximum durability. Augers on each end of the cutterbar that assist the cage crop conveyors in moving material to the conditioner.

Standard or double conditioning

While the Model 9190 RazorBar header features the standard steel-on-steel conditioner, the Model 9192 uses the Hesston Advanced Conditioning System, which includes two sets of steel-on-steel rolls. All rolls feature a herringbone tread pattern that cracks stems without stripping leaves and each set of rolls, whether single or double, feature hydraulic roll tension that provides constant roll pressure, yet is easy to adjust.

Adjust to any crop or field condition

Hesston 9190 and 9192 disc headers were designed for adaptability. Among the standard settings are: · · · ·


Header height is adjustable from 0.75 to 3 inches to match field conditions and crop types. Roll gap can be varied from 1/16th to 1/8th inch for the desired crimping action. Disc speed is infinitely variable from 1,600 to 2,600 rpm to match crop conditions. Header flotation ranges from 1,200 to 2,200 psi to control bounce and match field conditions.

Dual hydraulic motors, which drive the cutterbed from each end, provide even torque load across the entire width of the cutterbar for increased reliability.

A patented turbulence reduction roll, or helper roll, located between the conditioner rolls and the cutterbed allows the conditioner rolls to be positioned farther back, improving performance in light crops.

The Hesston dual auger system features a slip clutch on each auger for maximum protection, as well as center supports on the bottom augers for less vibration and reduced risk of damage. Meanwhile, the top auger floats up to 1.4 inches (36 mm) for more efficient feeding in a wider range of crop conditions.

Unlike traditional conditioners, the Advanced Conditioning System on the Model 9145 sickle header uses two pairs of independently controlled herringbone conditioner rolls positioned in line for double conditioning. A pair of steel-on-steel rolls start the conditioning process, while a pair of shallow-lug, machined rubber rolls provide the extra crushing action that speeds crop drying.

Sickle headers

Hesston invented the auger header years ago to provide the smooth, clean cutting farmers demand from a sicklebar/auger header. Available in 14-, 16- and 18-foot cutting widths the Model 9125 features the Hesston trademark dual augers along with a double sickle and a single pair of rubber-on-steel conditioner rolls. The Model 9145 features the exclusive Advanced Conditioning System in addition to the 9100 Series' standard features and is available in 14- and 16-foot cutting widths. All models feature hydraulic drive, hydraulic header flotation and hydraulic roll tension for easy adjustment and time-tested reliability. All 9125 and 9145 sickle headers also offer you the choice of standard range guards, with their adjustable sickle hold-downs or stub guards, which excel in wet and matted conditions for clean cutting and trouble-free operation.

Time-tested features

· A standard five-bat reel that takes smaller "bites" provides smooth feeding to the augers and conditioner. · A half-swaybar dual sickle drive system uses a counter-balanced flywheel to reduce peak starting, stopping and cutting loads. The system also reduces vibration and side-to-side movement while driving the sickle at 1,840 strokes per minute. · Dual, counter-rotating augers, which provide two separate "live" feeding elements, ensure smooth, even feeding across the full width of the conditioner rolls. · A standard header reverser (on 9125 models only) allows the operator to back large objects or slugs out of the header without leaving the seat. · Tine tubes are segmented between bulkhead spiders for quicker and easier tine replacement. Reel tine tubes also rotate on sealed ball bearings for longer life and less downtime. · Sickle sections are bolted to the sickle bar, rather than riveted, for quicker, easier field replacement.


Cutting uniform swaths

Turn any 9000 Series model into a high-capacity swather by simply adding a Hesston 5200 Series draper header. Choose from five centerdelivery head widths -- 18-, 22-, 25-, 30- and 36-foot (5.5, 6.7, 7.6, 9.1 and 10.9 m) -- that build the perfect swath for today's high-capacity combines and harvesters. Or select one of three triple-delivery models in 22-, 25- and 30-foot (6.7, 7.6 and 9.1 m) cutting widths. These shiftable draper models let you position the swath at the center, or for double swaths crop can be positioned at either the left or right side of the head.

Eliminating sickle vibration

Whether you're cutting close to the ground or leaving 10 inches of stubble, you can count on the 5200 header for smooth, clean performance. A hydraulically driven sickle drive features a planetary gear system that eliminates starting and stopping loads. The lack of shafts, belts and sheaves translates into reduced maintenance. The planetary drive, which runs at 1,400 strokes per minute, also produces a linear knife movement that eliminates up-and-down and side-to-side movement during its stroke for less wear and better cutting performance. Finally, a skid plate along the bottom of the cutterbar protects the entire unit when cutting close to the ground.


The hydraulic reel drive is infinitely variable from 0 to 60 rpm to precisely match reel speed to ground speed and crop conditions.

Adjust the windrow opening from 54 to 70 inches (1.37 ­ 1.78 m) to accommodate a wide variety of grain and oilseed crops. Narrowopening inserts are available for light or short crops.

Heavy-duty, nylon reinforced belts are driven by a hydraulic motor and are adjustable from the cab to any speed from 0 to 600 feet (0 ­ 183 m) per minute.

The rotary screen air intake on the 9435 and 9635, sits forward of the engine and high on the tractor, where it provides cleaner air to the engine without the worry of chaff and debris buildup.

Not only is the cab air filter located externally, where it can be changed without dropping contents into the cab, but the system is designed to purge dust from the filter each time the cab door is closed, extending the filter life.

Quicker service means greater productivity

Like any harvesting unit, a windrower or swather needs to be ready to go when the crop is ready to cut. With every redesign, Hesston windrowers have improved reliability and serviceability as well as efficiency, strength and productivity. For example, the one-piece engine hood offers two positions for quicker, easier access the first for daily service, or the second opens fully for increased engine compartment access for periodic service and maintenance. Top-hinged radiator compartment doors, along with hydraulic oil cooler and air conditioner condenser units that slide out, further add to the service convenience. We've added a walkway with non-slip frictions strips to the top of the headers for safer, easier access when cleaning the cab windows.

Rapid refueling

A folding access ladder and service platform permit quick refueling, even if it only comes once a day, thanks to a 100-gallon (377.4 L) fuel tank on the Model 9635 and an 80-gallon tank (303 L) on the Model 9435.

Hesston dealers know hay and hay farmers

Our network of dealers understands what owning a commercial-grade windrower really means. They'll advise and support you through the selection process, the buying process, through operation, maintenance and beyond. Because our dealers share your passion for farming and hay, they're happy to share their knowledge to keep you working.




Dimensions & Weight

Length Overall with Header in. (mm) Wheelbase in. (mm) 257.6 (6,543) 140.0 (3,556) 266.3 (6,764) 140.0 (3,556)

Hesston 9435

Hesston 9635



9190 Disc

Disc, Single Conditioner

9192 Disc

Disc, Dual Conditioner

Dimensions & Weight

Width (Overall) in. mm Weight (With Forming Shields) lb. (kg) 195 (4,963) 4,780 (2,168) 195 (4,963) 5,070 (2,300)


Top of Cab in. (mm) 132.2 (3,358) 133.4 (3,388)


Outside of Largest Tires in. (mm) 146.5 (3,722) 156.0 (3,949)


Drive Input Shaft Speed (Max.) rpm Lift Range in. (mm) to in. (mm) Dual Hydraulic Motors 2,600 -3.3 (-84) to +25.1 (+638) 2,600 -3.3 (-84) to +25.1 (+638)

Tread Width

Drive Tires in. (mm) Tail Wheels, Minimum in. (mm) Tail Wheels, Maximum in. (mm) 127.6 (3,241) 84.4 (2,144) 120.0 (3,048) 131.9 (3,348) 84.4 (2,144) 131.9 (3,348)

Header Floatation Header Tilt Header Angle

Radial & Vertical Hydraulic, Adjustable from cab Hydraulic, Adjustable from cab 0° to 10° 0° to 10°

Weight (Approx.)

Without Header (lb. (kg) 8,700 (3,946) 11,180 (7.152)


Cutting Width ft. (mm) Cutting Height in. (mm) 18.4 x 26, Turf Tread 16.9 x 28, R4 Tread 18.4 x 26, R1 Tread 23.1 x 26, Turf Tread 18.4 x 28, R1 Tread 23.1 x 26, R1 Tread Number of Discs Number of Knives Disc Speed (Max.) rpm Tip Speed (Max.) mph (km/h) AGCO SISU POWER Turbocharged Diesel 4.4 CTA 120 @ 2,500 rpm 269 (4.4) 80 (227) AGCO SISU POWER Turbocharged Diesel 6.6 CTA 190 @ 2,400 rpm 403 (6.6) 100 (377) Cutterbed Design 16 (4,895) 0.75 to 3 (19 to 76) 10 20 (2 per disc) 2,600 189 (304) Modular Spur Gears 16 (4,895) 0.75 to 3 (19 to 76) 10 20 (2 per disc) 2,600 189 (304)


Drive Wheels Tail Wheels

14L-16.1. 6-Ply Implement Rib


Model Horsepower Displacement cu. in. (L) Fuel Tank Capacity U.S. Gal. (L)

Hay Conditioner Rolls

Type Length in. (mm) Diameter in. (mm) Speed (Max.) rpm Herringbone Steel on Steel 110 (2,794) 7.75 (197) 1,290 110 (2,794) 7.75 (197) 1,290

Ground Drive System

Type Transmission Tandem Pump Planetary Hydrostatic - 2 Speed Sauer-Danfoss, Series M44 Double Planetary Gear Reduction Hydrostatic - 2 Speed Sauer-Danfoss, M44

Windrow Width

Maximum in. (mm) Minimum in. (mm) 96 (2,438) 40 (1,016) 96 (2,438) 40 (1,016)

Speed (Approx.)

Low Range mph (km/h) High Range mph (km/h) 0 to 8.6 (0 to 13.7) 0 to 15 (0 to 24) 0 to 11 (0 to 18) 0 to 15 (0 to 24)



Dimensions & Weight 14' (4.3 m) Header

Width (Overall) in. mm Weight (Less Forming Shields) lb. (kg) Width of Cut in. (mm)

9125 Auger

9145 Auger


Dimensions & Weight Overall Width

5200 Draper

188.4 (4,276) 3,850 (1,746) 168 (4,276) 212.4 (5,396) 4,100 (1,860) 192 (4,877) 236.4 (6,005) 4,400 (1,996) 216 (5,486)

188.4 (4,276) 4,639 (2,100) 168 (4,276) 212.4 (5,396) 4,900 (2,223) 192 (4,877)

16' (4.9 m) Header

Width (Overall) in. mm Weight (Less Forming Shields) lb. (kg) Width of Cut in. (mm)

Center Delivery Models 18' (5.5 m) in. m 22' (6.7 m) in. m 25' (7.6 m) in. m 30' (9.1 m) in. m 36' (10.9 m) in. m

230 278 314 374 446

(5.84) (7.06) (7.98) (9.50) (11.3)

Width of Cut

Double Swath Models 22' (6.7 m) in. m 25' (7.6 m) in. m 30' (9.1 m) in. m 267 (6.78) 303 (7.70) 363 (9.22) 2,300 2,750 3,100 3,700 4,700 2,850 3,200 3,800 (1,043) (1,247) (1,406) (1,678) (2,131) (1,293) (1,451) (1,724)

18' (5.5 m) Header

Width (Overall) in. mm Weight (Less Forming Shields) lb. (kg) Width of Cut in. (mm)


Drive Header Flotation Hydraulic Hydraulic, Adjustable from Control Console 5 42 (1,067) Belt and Chain 65 to 75 2 1,840 (920) 3 (76.2) Timed Gearboxes with Half Swaybars 5° to 12° Dual, Opposed Rotation, Floating Top Auger 9 (229) 10 (254) 368 585 9 (229) 10 (254) 368 585 5 42 (1,067) 72 to 84 2 1,840 (920) 3 (76.2) 5° to 12°

Weight with Reel lb. kg (Approx.)

18' 22' 25' 30' 36' 22' 25' 30' (5.5 m) Center Delivery (6.7 m) Center Delivery (7.6 m) Center Delivery (9.1 m) Center Delivery (10.9 m) Center Delivery (6.7 m) Double Swath (7.6 m) Double Swath (9.1 m) Double Swath


Bats Diameter in. (mm) Drive Speed rpm


Number of Sickle Speed spm (cpm) Stroke in. (mm) Drive Guard Angle


Drive - Draper & Reel Guard Angle (4 Cyl. Tractors, Adjustable) Guard Angle (6 Cyl. Tractors, Adjustable) Floatation Hydraulic 9° to 19° 4° to 18° Hydraulic



Size of Opening

Without Draper Inserts Maximum in. (mm) Minimum in. (mm) 70 (1,778) 54 (1,372) Planetary Gearbox 1,300 (650) 3.125 (79.38) 3 (76) One Hydraulic 0 to 600 (0 to 183) 41 (1,041) Rubberized Draper with Reinforced Slats


Upper Auger in. (mm) Lower Auger in. (mm)


Drive Speed spm (cpm) Stroke in. (mm) Guard Spacing in. (mm) Number of Sickles


Upper Auger rpm Lower Auger rpm

Hay Conditioners Type

Front Rear Speed rpm Windrow/Swath Width in. (mm) Length in. (mm) 14' & 16' Rubber on Steel or Steel on Steel 18' Steel on Steel Only 1,026 40 to 96 (1,016 to 2,438) 110 (2,794) 7.75 (196.9) 8.0 (203.2) Steel Top & Bottom Rubber Top & Bottom 1,026 40 to 96 (1,016 to 2,438) 110 (2,794) 7.75 (196.9) 8.0 (203.2)


Drive Speed (Adjustable from Cab) ft/min (m/min) Width in. (mm) Type


Steel in. (mm) Rubber in. (mm)

Get to know Hesston

There's not a company in North America-- past or present-- with more hay equipment patents than Hesston. We know hay and if you're serious about the hay business, come get to know us.

All-inclusive warranty

Even our warranty is high performance, covering 2 years/2,000 hours on the engine and 1-year/unlimited hour all-inclusive coverage on all other parts and labor. From header to tailwheel, it's one of the best in the business, backed by dealers who understand how to help you make the most of it.

AGCO Parts

Genuine Hesston replacement parts are manufactured to the same high standards of quality and dependability as the original part used on the assembly line. Using original equipment parts will help keep your Hesston 9000 Series windrower running like new.

Low-rate, flexible financing

Your AGCO Dealer and AGCO Finance offer attractive financing programs to make sure a new Hesston self-propelled windrower will fit your operating budget. Extremely competitive rates and terms make it easy to purchase, lease or rent.

Questions? Go to WWW.AGCOIRON.COM

Our website opens the door to all sorts of technical information and product specifications. If you can't find what you're looking for, click on "contact us" and we'll provide you with access to folks who can get you all the answers.


AGCO·4205RiverGreenParkway,Duluth,GA30096·Fax770.813.6038· AGCO may at any time, and from time to time, for technical or other necessary reasons, modify any of the data, specifications or warranty of the products described herein. Some equipment shown may be optional. Attention: Photographs in this publication may show protective shields or guards open or removed for the purposes of illustration. Be certain all shields and guards are in place during operation. AGCO&HesstonareregisteredtrademarksofAGCOCorporation·©2009AGCOCorporation·HS00951209(08)5LCP



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