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· the last effort between a ready crop and hard work's reward. · a friend, ally and partner no matter what. · the wisdom of decades and the bringer of new opportunities.




Gossen Ag means business when it comes to combines. The Gossen fleet of nine Gleaners will run up and down middle America custom harvesting wheat, milo, corn and soybeans. They expect only the highest performance from their combines. They push their machines to the very limit. They rely on no one but Gleaner.

Mel Gossen Gossen Ag Custom Harvesters




The Strassers are a family of farmers in western Kansas. They are a family that expects their machines to be good partners in farming. They rely on well-built machines, unmatched dealer service and the simplicity that only a Gleaner can provide.

The Strassers




Rick Hurley farms outside of Curlew, Iowa where he brings in corn crops that are nearly unimaginable. Rick has high expectations from his Gleaner. Rick and his dealer are both up to every challenge the crop can throw at them.

Rick Hurley




Since inventing the first self-propelled combine in 1923, we have created the innovations and machines that farmers want and need. Today, we produce the most innovative, best built and easiest to maintain combines available. For farmers who cannot and will not tolerate lags in performance, downtime in the field, less than optimal cleaning, slope sensitivity or anything less than the sheer design to keep you going strong each hour of every day, there is no better combine than a Gleaner.



With every new series of combine we make, we try to make the improvements that help make your job easier and more profitable. The A6 Series has several new updates for more efficient and enjoyable harvesting. New grain handling system on A66 (Class VI) and A76 (Class VII) features Direct FlowTM unloading system. Utilizing only two augers, versus three on competitive models, reduces power requirement when unloading, machinery wear and cracking of grain. New 12" (305 mm) bin fill auger for increased grain handling capacity on all models. New optional 350 bushel (12,334 L) grain bin on A76 Model. New cab with ISOBUS electronics and virtual terminal with programmabilityup to 20 different crop settings can be stored. Automatic one-button recall of all crop setting functions. Reduced B pillar for improved visibility. New armrest controls with integrated command arm mounted C2000 virtual terminal with optional video capability. Optional leather heated seat (cloth seat standard). New handsome styling on A66, A76 and A86 models. New cab roof lighting package for better night vision. New service lights for engine compartment, left and right side of combine. Easier servicing with integrated grease banks. New heavy duty adjustable axle and rear wheel assist (RWA) option on A76 with larger steering tire options available.




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The A6 Series axial-rotor line of Gleaner combines come from our familiar tradition of innovation and performance. Our A6 line features some of the highest capacity machines ever built coupled with powerful technology. When the heart of your operation is simply getting the most crop through the machine, Gleaner A6 Series combines are up to every task.

Extended bar rotor Command-arm mounted Console II ComforTech II cab Rotor drive Rotor gearbox Residue disposal Chaff spreader Grain pan


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Model A66 A76 A86

Engine Power hp (kW) 300 (224) 350 (261) 425 (317)

Power Bulge hp (kW) 321 (239) 375 (280) 459 (342)

Grain Tank bu (L) 300 (10,570) 300 (10,570) Optional 350 (12,334) 350 (12,334)

Unloading bu /sec (L /s) 4.5 (159) 4.5 (159) 4.5 (159)

Concaves Transverse fan Exclusive helical-vane front feeder Heavy-duty final drive Reverser Stone trap Variable-speed header drive Heavy-duty adjustable or RWA rear axle Four-strand feed chain on all A76 and A86 Models Wide feeder house Factory-installed Auto-Lube option Factory-installed Auto-Guide option with remote antenna on all A6 Models New cab roof headliner




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17 13 19 15 18 14 12 11 10

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The A6 Series feeding system incorporates the best of Gleaner innovations in crop handling systems to supply the new high-capacity Controlled Feeding and Threshing System (CFTS)--including quick-attach header hookups, versatile and reliable feed conveyor, patented large helical-vane front feeder, efficient stone trap, full 360-degree rotor intake housing designed to enhance crop movement into the rotor, a header and feed elevator drive system that transfers power efficiently and reliably and a powerful feed conveyor and header reverser to clear unexpected slugs at the touch of a button.

Four-strand feed chain provides long life and reliability with improved crop flow (A76 and A86).

SmarTracTM Lateral Tilt

To confront the issue of contouring fields, Gleaner developed the SmarTrac lateral tilt mechanism. SmarTrac operates manually with a switch, or automatically following every contour of the field with any of the 3000, 7200 or 8200 Series headers. Electronic (potentiometer) sensors at each end of the 8200 detect changes in the ground contour and signal the control module, while optional sensors on the 3000 and 7200 models serve a similar role.

Stone trap with a dump lever protects the threshing system from stone damage; stores rocks for dumping at a convenient time and location. Optional cover available.

Automatic Header Height Control (AHHC) Is Standard

Improved productivity and reduced grain loss are just two of the benefits that come with the Gleaner AHHC, which is standard on every combine. Capable of working in conjunction with the optional SmarTrac system, AHHC is an electro-hydraulic control system that senses and automatically controls the header position to provide infinite height variability. As part of the automatic header height control system, this feature returns the feeder house to a preset position after the header has been raised for transport or an end-row turn.

As an option to the Gleaner header control system, the SmarTrac lateral tilt mechanism (LTM) can be used to manually or automatically follow every contour of the field with any of the 3000, 7200 or 8200 Series headers.


The Gleaner A6 Series rotor applies a smart design to the critical intake, threshing, separation and discharge tasks involved in the high-capacity rotary threshing system. By threshing in multiple, controlled passes, gently permitting the grain to fall through the concaves in combination with centrifugal force over the separator grates, the rotor's harvesting action improves crop quality, reduces losses and lowers operating costs. Perhaps the single biggest issue that faces axial combines is the bottleneck created when the material shifts direction as it moves from the feeder house into the rotor. To solve this problem, a patented 18-inch (457 mm) helical-vane feeder smoothly accelerates the crop off the feed chain and feeds the rotor on a capacity-boosting full 360 degrees of intake. Extra heavy edge-hardened flighting feeds the crop uniformly into the thresher. The result is Controlled Threshing and Feeding that reduces the bottlenecks that plague so many of our competitor's machines. The A6 Series rotor is the longest in the industry at 140 inches (3,556 mm) and uses six rows of rasp bars in the threshing area and three rows in the separator area. The rotor also features twenty-one rotor knives and an additional three rows of five separator paddles. The rotor is driven by a constant-speed hydrostatic system that draws its power from a hydraulic pump driven directly off the engine. Full-pressure hydrostatic rotor drive maintains speed even when engine rpm drop. It reverses at the flip of an in-cab switch.

The rotor is powered by a hydrostatic system fully regulated by electronic control of oil flow and rotor speed. A three-speed heavy-duty planetary gearbox drives the rotor on the A86.

160 degrees of concave wrap and exclusive pivoting clearance adjustment allow for better distribution on the A86.

The A6 rotor's patented direct discharge throws material directly out of the thresher, eliminating the need for discharge beaters. The simple but advanced design minimizes unnecessary straw damage, as well as eliminating horsepowerrobbing drives, shafts and belts.

The patented intake uses edge-hardened flighting to feed crop into the threshing system positively yet nonaggressively. Material moves efficiently with minimal damage to grain due to the new extended bar design.


Unlike systems that push or pull material into the rotor, the Controlled Feeding and Threshing System (CFTS) maintains full control of the crop mat from the wide feeder house through the crop-hungry rotor. Thanks to helical-vane feeding, there's no pinching, bunching or twisting that can negatively affect threshing performance.

Grain pan with sloped cascade design takes advantage of the full cleaning area eliminating the use of augers found on competitive machines.


The Gleaner A6 Series brings together a high-output transverse cleaning fan and closed pressurized shoe assembly to achieve the maximum airflow for maximum grain cleaning. Oriented transverse to the axis of the machine, the Transverse Flow fan brings air into the cleaning system straight-on, rather than at a right angle. Straight-through fan flow reduces cavitation and turbulence, increases uniformity of cleaning across the entire cleaning shoe. 8,296 in2 (5.35 m2) of wire and vane-type chaffer and sieve cleaning area in the A76 and A86 models come equipped with a single locking adjustment each. These adjustments create a versatile sieve configuration that gives excellent capacity and cleaning characteristics, allowing the shoe to fit a wide range of crops quickly and easily.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Falling grain from the pan gets an initial cleaning by passing over a cascade chaffer pan supplied with a curtain of air from the cleaning fan. The cascade pan and fingers place crop on the chaffer front, ensuring the chaffer's entire width is put to use, maximizing its separation capabilities. System-pressurizing air flows straight through the transverse cleaning fan, not at a right angle. The straight-through flow of the fan reduces cavitation and turbulence, resulting in even cleaning across the entire cleaning shoe. The fan drive can be placed into one of two different ranges allowing the operator to adjust infinitely the cleaning fan speed from the cab console. Standard-equipment wire and vane-type chaffer and sieve accomplish final cleaning. The chaffer and the lower sieve are equipped with a single locking adjustment each. A large returns system delivers unthreshed crop back to the rotor for reprocessing to reduce grain loss and improve grain sample quality without a loss of throughput.


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A large-capacity clean-grain elevator moves the grain to the grain tank. Easy to service with the bottom adjustment.

The electric chaffer and sieve adjustment can be controlled from the ground through the control center on the left, rear side of combine or from the C2000 virtual terminal in the cab.

Monitored by in-cab digital readout, fan speed can be adjusted from the operator's console via electric linear actuator for maximum performance and productivity.

Grain loss sensors keep track and alert the operator.

13-in. (330 mm) transverse flow fan in A86 provides high volume and low pressure air supply. 11-in. (279 mm) fan on A66 and A76.


The unique DirectFlowTM unloader on all Gleaner A6 Series accomplishes that marvel by combining the convenience of a turret unloader with the inherent simplicity of the Gleaner swivel design. What looks like a standard turret auger enters and crosses the entire tank width at a single, gentle angle, where its discharge auger is fed by a large floor auger, driven by a close-coupled chain. No gearboxes. No open drives. No vertical augers. Its 171-inch (4.34 m) discharge height and 292-inch (7.40 m) reach from center means it swings out over carts--not into them--and forward into your view without worry of hitting the tank. When done, it folds back like a grain cart auger, atop a grain-saving catch basin. On the A66 and A76, the unloading time is 75 seconds. The A76 with optional 350 bushel (12,334 L) grain bin and the A86 unload in 88 seconds. Combined with the other design features of the renowned, reliable and efficient Gleaner grain-handling system--high-capacity clean-grain auger, large and heavy returns system and massive 300 bushel (10,570 L) on the A66 and A76and 350 bushel (12,334 L)-capacity tank optional on the A76 and standard on the A86.

Class VIII Unloading Comparison

How much time do you invest to fill ten 1,000-bushel grain trucks?

Grain Tank (bu) 350 300 350 350 Average Unloading Rate (bu/sec) 4.0 3.0 3.2 3.0 Time Per Unloading Cycle (sec) 88 100 117 117 Total Time Invested (min) 42.5 55.0 56.5 56.5


Unloading Cycles 29 33 29 29

Gleaner A86 JD 9870 STS CIH 8120 NH CR9070

Exclusive A6 Series DirectFlowTM Unloading System

15-inch (381 mm) Unloader Auger

12-inch (305 mm) Cross Auger


Today's cropping conditions have evolved toward no-till and minimum-till with increased focus on residue management and higher relative value of material other than grain (MOG) as a marketable cash crop in itself. Whether factory- or field-installed, our residue-disposal choices will fit a wide variety of needs, from spreading the aftermath as thinly and uniformly as possible for better recapture of nutrients, to dropping it smoothly behind in a 50-inch (1,270 mm) windrow of unchopped, undamaged material ideally suited to make the highest-quality baled bedding or feed forage. For extra heavy chaff spreading, an optional chaff spreader is available with two hydraulicdriven impellers to provide extra wide distribution.

The straw chopper is mounted to the combine on a rail system which allows movement backward for direct discharge with the use of the header latching wrench.

No need to chop the straw? Use the dual disc spreader to distribute material evenly on the field. The discs can be easily removed if no spreading is required.

The air-assisted chaff spreader on the A6 Series is integrated into the combine's design, not added on. Gas-charged cylinders pivot the entire assembly to the storage-service position, allowing access to rear of combine.


The A66, A76 and A86 not only use horsepower more efficiently, but are easier and quicker to service and maintain. The cleaning fan uses the only variable-speed belt and pulley on the entire combine. As few as twelve main drive belts (thirteen on the A76 and A86) - that's 36% fewer than the competition, and three drive chains are required to power the entire machine - which is 62% fewer than the competition, and only six augers - 50% fewer than some of our competitors. This means less wear, service, expense and downtime.

A rotary screen, which is hydraulically driven for improved reliability, ensures constant and even airflow to the cooling system. The screen and cooler both swing out of the way for easy and quick cleaning. A single ladder provides easy access to the engine, filters and grain tank.

Model Gleaner A66 Gleaner A76 & A86

Working Belts 12 13

Drive Chains 3 3

Gearboxes 2 2

Augers 6 6

A switch is provided to easily disconnect the batteries for combine storage.

The optional Auto-Lube system simplifies even more tasks by automatically lubricating 80% of all grease service areas. Wide concave and separator grate inspection door allow for Accessibility to quick service points quick and easy thanks to springloaded idlers that automatically tension drive belts.

Make Model GENERAL Class size FEEDING SYSTEM Chain size Variable speed drive Feed reverser Housing width in. (mm) Lateral tilt

Gleaner A66

Gleaner A76

Gleaner A86


Gleaner A66

Gleaner A76

Gleaner A86




Chopper Straw spreader

2 speed 2 speed Optional

2 speed 2 speed Optional

2 speed 2 speed Optional

#557 Available Electro-hydraulic 44.1 (1,121) Optional

#557 Available Electro-hydraulic 55.4 (1,408) Optional

#557 Available Electro-hydraulic 55.4 (1,408) Optional

Hydraulic chaff spreader ENGINE Model Displacement in3 (L) No. of cylinders HP @ 2,100 rpm SAE (kW)

AGCO 84CTA 513 (8.4) 6 / inline 300 (223) 160 (605)

AGCO 84CTA 513 (8.4) 6 / inline 350 (261) 160 (605)

CAT C13 ACERT 763 (12.5) 6 / inline 425 (317) 230 (870)

THRESHING /SEPARATION SYSTEM System Concave type Rock protection Threshing bars Diameter in. (mm) Length in. (mm) Drive / speed control Speed, low-range rpm Speed, mid-range rpm Speed, high-range rpm Concave / grate area in (m ) Separating area in2 (m2) CLEANING SYSTEM Cleaning stages Chaffer area in2 (m2) Sieve area in2 (m2) Total area in (m ) Cleaning fan Speed rpm Diameter in. (mm) GRAIN-HANDLING SYSTEM Tank capacity bu (L) Unloading Auger Diameter in. (mm) Unload rates bu / sec (L /s) Length from centerline in. (m) Discharge height in. (m) Clearance height in. (m) 15 (381) 4.5 (159)* 293 (7.40) 171 (4.34) 161 (4.07) 15 (381) 4.5 (159)* 293 (7.40) 171 (4.34) 161 (4.07) 15 (381) 4.5 (159)* 293 (7.40) 171 (4.34) 161 (4.07) 300 (10,570) 300 (10,570) Optional 350 (12,333) 350 (12,333)

2 2 2 2

Axial rotor Open, 7 sections Stone trap Hardened 27.5 (700) 140 (3,556) Hydrostatic 175 - 746 NA 175 - 970 2,205 (1.42) 2,241 (1.45)

Axial rotor Open, 7 sections Stone trap Hardened 27.5 (700) 140 (3,556) Hydrostatic 175 - 746 NA 175 - 970 2,205 (1.42) 2,241 (1.45)

Axial rotor Open, 9 sections Stone trap Hardened 31.5 (800) 140 (3,556) Hydrostatic 200 - 440 200 - 789 200 - 1,040 2,721 (1.75) 2,400 (1.54)

Fuel tank capacity gal (L) DRIVE /PROPULSION SYSTEM Hydrostatic transmission Final drive type Tread width in. (m) Steering Axle Tread width 2WD in. (m) Tread width RWA in. (m) Steering type Turning radius in. (m) HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Hydraulic pump Control valve

4 speed Spur gear S-41 120 / 145 (3.05 / 3.68)

4 speed Spur gear S-41 120 / 145 (3.05 / 3.68)

4 speed Spur gear S-41 120 / 145 (3.05 / 3.68)

119 / 143 (3.02 / 3.65) 121 / 145 (3.07 / 3.68) Dual cylinder 253 (6.43)

119 / 143 (3.02 / 3.65) 121 / 145 (3.07 / 3.68) Dual cylinder 253 (6.43)

119 / 143 (3.02 / 3.65) 121 / 145 (3.07 / 3.68) Dual cylinder 253 (6.43)

Gear Electro-hydraulic 9.9 (36.5)

Gear Electro-hydraulic 9.9 (36.5)

Gear Electro-hydraulic 24 (90.8)

2 3,636 (2.34) 3,054 (1.97) 6,768 (4.36) Transverse 590 - 1,350 11 (279)

2 4,426 (2.86) 3,783 (2.44) 8,296 (5.35) Transverse 590 - 1,350 11 (279)

2 4,426 (2.86) 3,783 (2.44) 8,296 (5.35) Transverse 500 - 1,350 13 (330)

Tank capacity gal (L) CAB AND CONTROLS Seat Steering wheel Controls Interior volume ft3 (m3) Glass area ft (m ) Field lights DIMENSIONS Transport height in. (m) Length w/o header in. (m) Wheelbase in. (m) Weight with tires lb (kg) Ground clearance in. (mm) * Per ISO 5687

3 3

Luxury / air ride Tilt / telescope Right hand console 121.4 (3.44) 61.2 (5.69) 12

Luxury / air ride Tilt / telescope Right hand console 121.4 (3.44) 61.2 (5.69) 12

Luxury / air ride Tilt / telescope Right hand console 121.4 (3.44) 61.2 (5.69) 12

147 (3.73) 392 (9.95) 146 (3.71) 28,000 (12,701) 18.6 (480)

147 (3.73) 392 (9.95) 146 (3.71) 29,597 (13,425) 18.6 (480)

147 (3.73) 392 (9.95) 146 (3.71) 37,700 (17,101) 18.6 (480)


While harvest is an exciting time, it can also be a grueling effort. The Gleaner ComforTech IITM cab and controls put comfort and convenience to work to improve the efficiency of every task and every operator. In the center is an adjustable air-ride seat with armrests that positions you within an easy-to-use and efficient layout of the control and monitoring system. An effective, automatic, climate-control system, rounded visor roof and tinted glass shield out the elements while still giving your full view. More than 120 ft3 (3.4 m3) of cab space accessed by a 40.5-inch (1,028 mm) door, plus 61.2 in2 (5.8 m2) of glass. A large service door opposite the entry makes access to the console quick and convenient, while a large rear cab window gives you a complete view into the grain tank.

Measure. Manage. Move Ahead. Fieldstar II Systems

Add-on performance-data analysis leaves too much to chance under today's demanding farming conditions. That's why all Gleaner combines now come with integrated Fieldstar® II yield-monitoring systems as standard equipment. Fieldstar II uses yield and moisture sensors, global positioning and the Advanced Technology Solutions Console II to track yield data across terrains.

Spoil yourself with our new optional premium sound system which includes AM/FM radio, CD player, satellite-ready, weather band and MP3 player so you can listen to your own music.

New instructor seat with foldable feature with additional cup holders and a storage area.

The postage-stamp-sized SD card slot incorporated into the Console II with Fieldstar II makes data transfer to the office system quick, uncluttered and easy.

Advanced Technology Solutions software allows the operator to create maps of any georeferenced data.

The unique C2000 virtual terminal color display incorporates touch-screen flexibility. Fully programmable, it is transferable to other Fieldstar II-compatible equipment.

The automatic climate control allows the operator to select a desirable comfort temperature and the system will maintain this temperature no matter how cold or hot it's outside the cab. The system includes three high volume filters and eleven outlets for optimum comfort.

Advanced Technology Solutions Yield Sensor II features: · · · · · Low profile. No need to remove the sensor when folding the tank extensions. Temperature-compensated load cell and full-width impact target reduce recalibration demands. Single-point with excellent accuracy. 4X+ resolution in the load cell increases accuracy in light and low-yield crops. Horizontal mount for fewer slope-induced errors. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel impact target on high-quality plastic add to long service life.

Other ATS features that bring precision agriculture performance to your Gleaner combine include: · · · WAAS GPS antenna pinpoints field location to submeter accuracy. Unique slim-line Console II incorporates color-display touch-screen technology and a secure digital (SD) card slot for transferring data and console programs. Available Advanced Technology Solutions software for farm office personal computers allows you to make maps of yield data, moisture level, fuel consumption, wheel slippage and other recorded data.

Satellite-Assisted Steering

Gleaner offers a satellite-assisted steering system which increases the productivity of your combine while reducing unwanted overlaps or skips. The equipment is fully transferable to other AGCO Auto-Guide Ready equipment and is easy to learn and use. Varying accuracy levels are available with the fee-free WAAS correction signal with a dynamic accuracy of 10 inches (25 cm) or advance to the high-precision local-base RTK system that delivers an amazing 0.8 inch (2 cm) of dynamic accuracy.

The AE50-award-winning Yield Sensor II measures the mass of grain flowing through the grain elevator.

The moisture sensor provides instant crop moisture readings.

Auto-Guide is easily controlled from the Console II touch-screen color display.

The Auto-Guide TopDock is a compact all-inone unit with 6-axis gyro for increased accuracy. A remote antenna is also included to receive signals in extreme northern areas of North America.

Dual centrally supported wet cylinder liners endure less liner vibration, eliminating liner cavitation that typically shortens cylinder life.

1 2 3

5 6


7 1 24 valves (4 per cylinder) 2 2 rocker arms per cylinder 3 Central injector with 8 holes 4 Electric fuel pump 5 Automatic electric preheater

in manifold

6 Common-rail injection 7 CANBus electronics


The Gleaner combine's large high-torque, split hydrostatic drive unit coupled to a four-speed transmission and heavy-duty final drives provides ultimate power and reliability. The rear adjustable steering axle and factory- or field-installed rear wheel assist (RWA) keep the combine moving through the soft field conditions. Transmission and final drives feature increased gear reduction for a total 28.5 percent increase in tractive effort for performance on hilly terrain without sacrificing torque or transport speed. Pushing all Gleaner Class VI and VII combines, you'll find a dependable power and easy-to-service AGCO 84CTA liquid-cooled turbo diesel engine. Efficient and high-torquing, the engine's low maintenance and good fuel economy come in addition to deep power reserves: from 300 hp (224 kW) in the A66 up to 350 hp (261 kW) to drive the A76; with power bulge at 1,900 rpm, that jumps to 321 hp (238 kW) and 375 hp (280 kW), respectively. The engine's rear mount distributes weight better for less noise and vibration, plus better accessibility for service and maintenance.

AGCO 84CTA Engine Features

· · · · · · · · · · Four-valve-per-cylinder cross-flow head permits our engineers to center the injector over the piston, improving fuel/air mixing to better control emissions and fuel consumption. Bosch common-rail fuel injection system takes its commands from the EEM3 electronic engine management software for precise, faster response and more power per gallon of diesel. Three-ring pistons seal tight for efficiency and better oil control. Lightweight, big-end connecting rods' facture-split production process leaves a rough-edge at the face to improve holding power and durability while minimizing vibration. Intercooling and exhaust gas recirculation make the AGCO 84CTA fully Tier III-compliant. Large polyethylene fuel tank, protected by in-line canister-style separators, ensures an adequate supply of clean fuel to feed the system. 20,000 psi (1,400 bar) common-rail pressure Model Engine Rated Power Power Bulge Three-stage pilot injection hp (kW) hp (kW) Reduced noise level A66 AGCO 84CTA 300 (224) 321 (238) Automatic fuel temperature compensation

A76 A86 AGCO 84CTA C13 ACERT 350 (261) 425 (317) 375 (280) 459 (342)


We believe harvesting is a system, changing from farm to farm, region to region. With that philosophy, we're not chained to any particular technology. Our commitment is to give you and your dealer the choice of several header options to suit your needs while getting the job done right. Gleaner headers have been redesigned from the ground up with the specific purpose of starting the controlled flow of crop material before it reaches the feed elevator. At the same time, while recognizing the importance of speed and convenience. Today's Gleaner headers now feature single-lever, multi-coupler connections that get you on and off, quickly.

All electrical and hydraulic connections are included in the single-point multicoupler for quick and clean hookup.

3000 Series Corn Heads

The 3000 Series corn heads remain the industry's lowest-angle corn heads, at only 21.5 degrees. Dividers slide under downed stalks and gently straighten for fast, easy harvesting, with less damage. Standard adjustable stripper plates are electrically controlled incab. All-new knife roll option is available for prebreakup of BT corn as a field-installed option.

Size 6 Rows 8 Rows 12 Rows Row Spacing 30" (762 mm) - 36" (914 mm) 30" (762 mm) - 36" (914 mm) - 38" (965 mm) 20" (508 mm) - 22" (559 mm) - 30" (762 mm)

4200 Series Headers

The Gleaner 4200 Series high-capacity pickup headers include a 13 ft. (4.0 m)- or 15 ft. (4.6 m) wide conveyor auger. Equipped with your choice of a Swathmaster or Rake-Up attachment, 14 ft. (4.3 m)- wide for the 13-ft. header and 16 ft. (4.9 m) wide for the 15-ft. header, it provides a direct, smooth crop flow through even the densest windrows. With radial pin clutch protection, the 4200 Series comes with factory-installed adapter and pickup attachment.

Gleaner Ultra-Float Suspension uses a heavy spring and shock system to dampen rugged terrain and smooth out the rough spots. An advanced, hydraulically positioned windguard, which can be raised or lowered from the cab, improves feeding and reduces crop rolling.

Electric, cab-adjusted stripper plates allow the operator to make on-the-go adjustments to meet changing crop conditions.

A self-contained, modular gearbox and torque limiter on each row unit provides greater durability and allows easier row width adjustment.

Size 13' (4.0 m) 15' (4.6 m)

Pickup 14' (4.3 m) 16' (4.9 m)

5100 Series Draper Headers

The 5100 Series draper headers offer 41.5 in. (1,054 mm) wide rubberized drapers to help reduce losses in easily threshed crops. Gap-free placement reduces grain loss. Available in 25-ft. (7.6 m), 30-ft. (9.1 m) and 36-ft. (10.9 m) widths, with a choice of universal U2 pickup or polytine pickup reel to match your cropping needs. Four coil springs provide six degrees of lateral float and 8 in. (203 mm) of vertical float, independent of the combine.

Model 5100 Sizes 25' (7.6 m) - 30' (9.1 m) - 36' (10.9 m)

An independent hydraulic drive system contains its own reservoir pump and filter for reliable power to the cutterbar and side drapers.

Hydraulically driven SCH planetary gear sickle drive system moves the sickle at 1,200 strokes/min with a 31/8-in. (80 mm) stroke for smooth cutting and increased performance.

The reinforced, rubberized canvas drapers feature slats constructed of reinforced fiberglass for strength and durability.

7200/8200 Series Headers

The 7200 Series rigid cutterbar headers begin with a solid-welded steel frame for a rock-rigid foundation. SCH epicyclic drive system assures a faster linear cut with less vibration. Plus, the precision factory-balanced conveyor with exclusive 7-in. (178 mm) auger flighting also reduces life-sapping vibration and ensures smooth crop flow. Available with new level-2, HCC pickup reel in widths up to 35 feet (10.6 m). Electric, in-cab fore-and-aft reel adjustment comes standard, so you can adjust to changing crop conditions on the fly--even through lodged and weedy patches.

Model 7200 8200

SCH fully enclosed epicyclic sickle drive provides a smooth linear movement that reduces stress, wear and vibration for better cutting performance. Optional SCH cutterbar knives on the 8200 bolt to the bar in alternating pattern to cut on both the top and bottom, vastly increasing cutting efficiency and extending wear life. New optional orbit reel kit reduces the amount of material buildup behind the cutterbar for a better crop flow.

Type Rigid Cutterbar Flex Cutterbar

Sizes 25' (7.6 m), 30' (9.1 m), 35' (10.6 m) 20' (6.0 m), 25' (7.6 m), 30' (9.1 m), 35' (10.6 m)

The 8200 Series flex headers start with all the standard features of the 7200, then add a choice of two sickle options: standard sickle or SCH sickle and guards. Its full-fingered auger with 7-in. (178 mm) flighting ensures smooth crop flow out to its maximum 35-ft. (10.6 m) header width. New lightweight HCC reel design provides greater strength with increased visibility.


The Gleaner combine is backed by the strength and reputation of one of the world's largest farm equipment manufacturers­AGCO Corporation. Local AGCO Gleaner dealers support each combine with experienced, factorytrained staff and service personnel. The Gleaner GuardTM warranty is the best in the industry from header to spreader. Nonconsumable parts found to be defective in workmanship or material as delivered will be repaired or replaced for two years from date of delivery to the initial owner regardless of the number of hours the machine has been used. The AGCO parts supply network offers a complete line of high-quality replacement parts and accessories. The AGCO live-on-net Electronic Parts & Service Information provides immediate online access for dealers worldwide to operator manuals, service manuals and service bulletins, further improving their response time and knowledge base ensuring that your combine is back and running quickly. Gleaner dealers can provide Gleaner owners with access to This gives Gleaner owners 24-hour access to online parts information for their Gleaner combines.


AGCO Finance remains committed to agriculture and understanding its unique needs--like the need to offer flexible programs such as seasonal payments, skip payments and waiver periods. We are proud to offer affordable, comprehensive equipment financing options for all Gleaner combines. We have the expertise, systems and flexibility to design a financing program that's as tailored to your needs as your new Gleaner combine is.


The best way to see if you're ready for a new A6 Gleaner combine is to see one in action. Contact your dealer or visit us at to see video of the A6 and even arrange to try one for yourself. We want your experiences with us to be pleasant, so please tell us what information and insight you may need when comparing machines. After all, while the Gleaner is built with the farmer in mind, our company is too.

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