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OPENING DATE: 06 JAN 2010 CLOSING DATE: 15 JAN 2010 POSITION: Bilateral Affairs Officer GRADE SPREAD: Capt/O3 NTE Maj/O4 AFSC: ANY LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic REMARKS: This position is being advertised concurrently with the Texas National Guard. Upon the closing date

of this announcement the Nebraska and Texas National Guards will nominate the best qualified applicant and forward the recommendation to United States European Command (USEUCOM) for approval. Location (continued): Incumbent is assigned as part of the U.S. Country Team in the designated country, under the general direction of the U.S. Chief of Mission, with duty location at the U.S. Embassy, host nation Ministry of Defense, or other Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) office location as required.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants desiring to apply should submit the following: NGB Form 34-1 dated Oct 02 - NGB Form 34-1 must be signed and dated. A detailed chronological statement of civilian and military experience with special emphasis on areas of experience and education related to the position may also be attached to the NGB Form 34-1. Current Records Review (RIP) DD Form 214s (Certificate of Release Or Discharge from Active Duty) (if applicable) Medical Forms: Last complete Physical AND current AF Form 422 (Physical Profile Serial Report). The SF 507 (Addendum to Medical History may also be attached. Current Fitness Passing Test Results. Last Three Officer Performance Reports (OPRs) AF Form 49 Current Point Credit Summary Biography or Resume

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) expenses will not be authorized for this position; however, the selected individual will be authorized to transport 800lbs of baggage, along with being authorized stateside entitlements. SUBMIT APPLICATION TO: TEXAS AIR NATIONAL GUARD 2200 W 35th Street, Austin TX 78703 Camp Mabry, Bldg 9 POC: TSgt Jessica Wahpepah DSN: 954-5191 COMM: (512) 782-5191 Mon- Thurs, 0630-1700

Applications may be submitted by e-mail, facsimile, postal mail, or hand-delivered to HQ TX ANG Building 9 no later than 1600 hours on the closing date. Applications received after the closing time will not be considered for the position.

Send E-mail applications to [email protected] with a subject line of "Job Application". Electronic applications or attachment must be in Microsoft Word 97, Acrobat Reader, or plain text format. Applications or attachments which are unreachable or cannot be opened will not be accepted or considered. Send Fax applications to (512) 782-5080. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all documents are received and readable. This office is not responsible for any malfunctions when using electronic means to transmit job applications. Applicants may verify receipt of their application telephonically.

A. Summary of Duties: Works under the direction of the Chief, USEUCOM Office of Defense Cooperation. Coordinates bilateral activities related to military-to-military cooperation when required and not performed by the Defense Attaché Office (DAO). Plans and coordinates USEUCOM military-to-military events in close cooperation with the embassy country team. Provides administrative and logistical support for Traveling Contact Teams (TCT). Accompanies host nation personnel, when necessary, on out-of-area or CONUS visits to U.S. installations or agencies for familiarization events. Monitors State Partnership Program (SPP) military activities and provides coordination and support as required. Performs

secondary responsibilities, to include management and facilitation of security assistance and humanitarian assistance activities and actions related, including processing country requests for equipment and services when not performed by State Department personnel. Performs other duties as assigned. B. SELECTIVE PLACEMENT FACTORS: 1. Must a member in the Texas Air National Guard in the grades of Capt/O3 NTE Maj/O4. 2. Must meet physical qualifications outlined in Supplement 2, AFI 48-123, Medical Examinations & Standards within 36 months prior to start of the ASOS tour. 3. Must not be eligible for, or receiving a Federal retirement annuity. 4. Must possess/be eligible for the appropriate security clearance required by the AFSC of the full-time position. 5. Selection to this position requires compatible military assignment to:

Additional Information: Length of tour is through FY10, with the possibility of extension through FY11.

Due to mission requirements, selected individual must be immediately available to accept this position and be available to attend approximately 2 weeks of training prior to the move to Prague. This position is an unaccompanied ADOS tour. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) expenses will not be paid; however, selected individual will be authorized to transport 800lbs of baggage, along with being authorized stateside entitlements. Questions specific to the duties and responsibilities of this position may be directed to Maj Brenda Fujan, NENG-J5, 402-309-7367 or [email protected] THE TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER


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