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TEXAS MILITARY FORCES Texas Army National Guard Adjutant General's Department Post Office Box 5218 Austin, Texas 78763-5218 512-782-5001 ACTIVE DUTY FOR OPERATIONAL SUPPORT (ADOS) TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT JFTX-PM ANNOUNCEMENT: ADOS 11-001 BEGINNING DATE: 20 April 2011 OPEN TO: TXARNG & TXANG Officers CLOSING DATE: 20 May 2011

POSITION TITLE: BILATERAL AFFAIRS OFFICER (BAO) (MAJ/O4) NOTE: MINIMUM GRADE TO APPLY: CPT/O3 PERSONAL APPEARANCE BOARD: Yes, Class A or Army Service Uniform (ASU). Qualified applicants will be contacted with details. LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic (See Notes) ************************************************************************************************** HOW TO APPLY: Interested applicants will forward this checklist with the following documents to: [email protected] Name: email: phone: Initial _____1. NGB Form 34-1 (Oct 02) Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR). Application must be signed. _____2. CERTIFIED copy of DA Form 2-1 signed or ERB/ORB, certified by Unit or PSB/PAC. _____3. Copy 4 (Member Copy indicating SPD Code) of all previously issued DD Form 214s (Report of Separation) and NGB Form 22. _____4. Last three OERs. Submit a memo to the President of the Board, explaining reason(s) for any missing or not requiring of OERs. Letters of recommendation or civilian/technician/Counter Drug performance evaluation/appraisal will be submitted in place of those missing/not requiring OERs. _____5. Submit Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) from MEDPROS for verification of PHA completion with in 1 year from application date and verification of HIV testing with in 2 years from application date. If PHA/HIV testing dates aren't accurate on IMR you will be required to submit proof of completion. (DO NOT submit Chapter 3 Physical docs) _____6. Copy of DA Form 705 (APFT). Must have successfully completed and passed most recent APFT within 12 months. Ensure DA 705 states FOR RECORD GO. DA 5500-R/DA 5501-R (Body Fat Content Worksheet) must accompany the DA 705 (if applicable) for most recent APFT. _____7. Certified statement of height and weight from unit commander. Must be within 30 days of closing date. _____8. NGB 23B RPAM Statement for NG, ARPC 249 for USAR or Statement of Service. _____9. Copy of Security Clearance (JPAS) Statement of Security Verification from Security MGR. _____10. Military Biography IAW NGR 600-100, NGR 600-101, or NGR 600-200 and/or Resume. _____11. AGTX Form 32-R-E (Police Record Check) Applicant must complete Sections I and II. *ALL ITEMS UNDERLINED may be found on our website: Under: ARMY AGR -1 (DOWNLOAD MORE INFO)


Reviewed by: _____


WHERE TO FORWARD APPLICATION: * 3 Methods to submit an application Preferred method for submitting applications is via EMAIL to: [email protected] NLT 1600hrs COB on closing date, 20 May 2011. Request email confirmation if you have not received one from us within 48 business hours. Applications may be hand delivered by applicant or on behalf of applicant to the AGR Staffing office located on Camp Mabry building 8 RM, C104 NLT 1600hrs COB on closing date, 20 May 2011. Applications can also be mailed to the Adjutant General of Texas, ATTN: JFTX-AAG-ARM-AGR (Bldg 8/Rm C104), PO Box 5218, Austin, TX 78763-5218. Express Mail: 2200 W 35th ST, Austin, TX 78703-1222. Application must be received and stamped in by 1600 hrs on closing date. *Note: Mailing your application through Overnight delivery a day prior to the closing date is not a guarantee it will be received before applications are sent to the unit for board proceedings* Applicants will not submit an ADOS application using Military Postage IAW NGR 600-5 and AR 135-18. POC FOR APPLICATION: SSG Michael Courade at (512) 782-1244 or SSG Patricia Lozano at (512) 782-5340. WHO MAY APPLY: Applications will be accepted from current TXARNG & TXANG members who meet the criteria shown in the notes of this announcement. CONSIDERATION: All applications will receive consideration for this position without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, political affiliation or other non-merit factors. *INCOMPLETE or LATE PACKETS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED* ADOS QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Must possess a valid civilian vehicle operator's permit and be able to be licensed to operate any military vehicle assigned to the organization. 2. Soldier will participate in physical fitness training in accordance with the appropriate state SOP. Soldier will take the Army Physical Fitness Test semi-annually. 3. Must be able to meet all military education and FTUS requirements in accordance with NGR 600-5, NGR 600-100 and current policies/directives. 4. Must not have any unfavorable actions of any kind, must not be flagged, and must not have any temporary or permanent profile that would prevent successful completion of a retention/period physical. 5. Must be a deployable asset. 6. Must attend all Inactive Duty for Training (IDT) and Annual Training (AT) periods and performs duty in the assigned duty position. 7. Must be able to attend a personal appearance board tentatively scheduled for TBD. The board details will be issued to applicants after the closing date, by the requesting unit. 8. Must NOT be assigned to a unit that has been sourced for mobilization (issued an alert order or mobilization order). Summary of Duties: The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) represents the United States European Command (EUCOM) and is responsible for coordinating Security Assistance (SA) activities and Defense Cooperation programs with the Czech Republic Ministry of Defense, to include the State Partnership Program (SPP). As a member of the ODC team in the U.S. Embassy, duties encompass the core of the planning, and coordination of schedules and execution of Traveling Contact Teams (TCTs), Familiarization Visits (FAMs), and other events. Duties include: 1. Planning and coordinating State Partnership Program (SPP) and other Title-10 Military-to-Military (M2M) events and supporting U.S. Military personnel performing such events in the Host Nation (HN). 2. Serving as the principle point of contact for all events, to include coordination of all logistical requirements. 3. Developing event Concept Sheets and maintaining the event database. 4. Assisting in the development ODC Five Year Plan. 5. Ensuring follow-up actions are completed upon the conclusion of each event to include the receipt of formal After Action Reports (AARs) and updating of historical records. 6. Coordinating with the Regional Program Manager, EUCOM/component Desk Officers, and the State SPP Director. 7. Coordinating and supervising Foreign Service National (FSN) employee activities, as required. 8. Coordinating all activities with the HN Liaison Officer. 9. Coordinating procurement of visas for HN nationals with required embassies for conduct of business, if required. 10. Assisting and advising on Foreign Country Clearance requirements for those coming to the host country for events. Performing additional duties as directed by the Deputy of Security Cooperation (i.e. ODC Chief).

SELECTIVE PLACEMENT FACTORS: 1. TXARNG Officers membership in pay grade NTE O4. 2. AOC: IMMATERIAL. 3. Must have the appropriate SECRET level security clearance for the ADOS position. 4. Must demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing. 5. Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) testing for all soldiers will be accomplished within 24 months prior to initial entry. 6. Soldiers who have not completed initial entry training (IET) are ineligible to apply. 7. Favorable drug screening test within 15 days of initial entry into the ADOS Program is mandatory. Concurrent Announcement: This position is being advertised concurrently with the Texas National Guard and the Nebraska National Guard. Upon the closing date of this announcement the Texas and Nebraska National Guards will nominate the best qualified applicant and forward the recommendation to United States European Command for approval. ADDITIONALLY: Selected individual must be immediately available to accept position and agree to attend approximately 2-3 weeks of training prior to assuming position. This position is being advertised as an accompanied tour, contingent upon availability of funding. All interested personnel who meet the qualifications for the position are encouraged to apply with the understanding that the final determination on the tour being accompanied versus unaccompanied will be determined after the closing date of the vacancy announcement. Selected individual must be eligible and available to fulfill up to a 2-year tour. Approximate tour start date is 1 October 2011. Questions specific to the duties and responsibilities of this position may be directed to LTC Onel Colon, TXARNG J7 Director, 512-782-5206 or [email protected] NOTE: Incumbent is assigned as part of the U.S. Country Team in the Czech Republic, under the general direction of the U.S. Chief of Mission, with duty location at the U.S. Embassy, Czech Republic Ministry of Defense, or other Office of Defense Cooperation office location as required. NOTE: Recommended Individual will not make plans to move to new unit of assignment until gaining command is formally notified by JFTX-AAG-ARM-AGR that board recommendation has been approved.


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