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Memorandum of Understanding Re Principles for

Development of a Cowlitz County Public Shooting Range


The Board of Cowlitz County Commissioners finds that it is in the best interest of

the citizens of Cowlitz County that those citizens have a safe legal place to

practice their shooting sports


This document is intended to create a Memorandum of Understanding between


County County

and Cowlitz Game

Anglers CG A


the principles that will define the relationship between the parties enabling the development of a public shooting range for use by all citizens


The responsibilities of the two parties are defined as follows


Cowlitz County shall

1 Maintain ownership of the Cowlitz County Public Shooting Range subject to the rights of CGA to use and occupy the Range as provided in the Lease

between the parties

2 Retain the right to review and approve all aspects of the construction and

operation of the range

3 Provide surety for the completion of the lead abandonment plan for the Range as required under condition No 29 of the Special Use Permit issued May 26


4 Require CGA to charge between 0 and 1 per firearm fee for all 50 00 users of the Range that will be deposited annually with Cowlitz County These funds will be deposited into an investment account until the Range

permanently closes At such time these funds will be used to pay for the final

lead abatement

5 Assure the Cowlitz County Public Shooting Range is open to citizens during

all shooting hours as defined in the Special Use Permit 6 Maintain regulatory supervision over compliance with all conditions of the

Special Use Permit

7 Allow Cowlitz Game

Anglers twelve special events annually that preclude

the public from using the Range Each event can include 3 days concurrently

B Cowlitz Game

Anglers shall

1 Agree to protect defend indemnify and hold harmless Cowlitz County it s elected and or appointed officials employees volunteers and agents from any damage claim or lawsuit for injury illness or damages of any kind arising out of the construction or operation of the Range except for injuries or damage caused by the sole negligence of the County In the event the County incurs


judgment award

or and cost

arising therefrom including attorneys



enforce the provisions of this paragraph all such fees expense and cost shall

be recoverable from CG A

2 Maintain insurance as required under the terms of the Lease or as otherwise required by the County on policies acceptable to the County

3 Provide development of basic funding for Phase 1

2 construction as defined

in the Special Use Permit through outside sources 4 Provide engineering and architectural plans to meet Cowlitz County

Building permits requirements

5 Provide manpower machinery and materials to build the Range

6 Fully comply with all conditions of the Special Use Permit 7 Provide staff to operate the Range

8 Provide planning and execution thereof for range maintenance 9 Develop user fees to meet forecast Range expenses

10 Develop

programs and events to meet all classes of shooters novice


alike with emphasis on the County youth s

11 Report annually to Cowlitz County Services Director Report shall include financial statements safety records number of users and range conditions Special quarterly reports may be requested by the County 12 Provide all other management functions required under the direction of the

CGA Board of Directors

13 Arrange coordinate and pay for solid waste disposal

14 Maintain facilities firing lines shooting houses range baffles barriers as per

engineering design 15 Pay for all electrical cost to operate the Range 16 Report safety hazards problems or liability issues immediately to the

Cowlitz County Services Director


Harvest spent shot

bullets from shot gun rifle and pistol ranges as per the

approved IAW lead management plan

17 Agree not to discriminate against persons regardless of sex race creed color religion ethic origin sexual orientation disability or age CGA agrees to

comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act

18 Allow for law enforcement marksmanship training periods 19 Comply abide by and uphold the policies and ordinances of the County and the laws regulations and codes of the State of Washington as well as federal

acts and laws


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