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Bleuette thru the Ages

March 2011

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Bleuette Thru the Ages

Many of the patterns you will find in this catalog stem from original sources. While the majority of the patterns found herein are focused around the early 20th century to the 1930s, the height of Bleuette's popularity, there are other patterns in here as well that are designs from an earlier time. Some of Paule Fox's most popular patterns, such as Nicole and Rejane, were remade for this smaller sized Jumeau model to give Bleuette an even broader wardrobe.

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This beribboned confection was taken from an 1878 dress for little girls. It has wonderful back pleats, lots of ruffled lace and a mock back bustle. Made with silks and vintage lace, it makes an exquisite dress.

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Bleu-3031 Price: $9.99


This French-style polonaise wraps all the way around to the back, forming it's own bustle. It gives the impression of a late 1870's, early 1880's outfit. Includes pattern for bonnet.

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Bleu-3026 Price: $14.99

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Bleu-3037 Price: $12.99

Victorian Dress and Bonnet Just because Bleuette was "born" after the turn-of-the-century, it doesn't mean she doesn't long for the "good ol' days". Why not dress her up in a frothy 1880's confection with an embroidered plastron, and bonnet so she can fit right in with her "older" Jumeau sisters?

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Age s D e si gn s

This French dress was the third and final dress in the French Bleuette series done by Paule Fox. It is a great way to showcase exquisite laces. Includes hat pattern.

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Bleu-3027 Price: $14.99

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Bleu-5006 Price: $12.99

Juliette This sweet thing was originally offered by Paule Fox as "Embroidered Dress". We continue to include the instructions for an embroidered dress, but even if you only use simple fabrics, you can construct a very lovely outfit. A lace overlay accents the center skirt.

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This pattern is based on Paule Fox's French Bebe dress called Nicole. It makes a lovely French style dress reminiscent of the styles of the 1880's.

Bleu-3035 Price: $14.99

Page 5 Robe d'Ete--1905

This pattern was taken from a GautierLangereau 1905 design. It was one of the first patterns to be featured in "La Semaine de Suzette". Called "Robe d'Ete", it features a miniature ruche trim and makes a lovely summer dress.

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Bleu-3007 Price: $9.99

Gardening Outfit--1906 This pattern features a pocketed apron over a short sleeved summer dress. This three piece outfit, including bonnet, can be made up a number of ways. Two view instructions are supplied.

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Bleu-1807 Price: $14.99

This capped sleeve apron/dress pattern was taken from "The Delineator" dated 1916.

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Bleu-3002 Price: $9.99

Page 6 Summer Dress - 1916

There's something about this dress which reminds us of Little Miss Muffet. This very appropriate "teens" dress was taken from the Delineator magazine by Butterick. This dress slips on over the head and requires precise cutting of the placket for proper fit and ease of dressing. Recommended for dolls who have removable wigs so as to not mess up their coiffure. Hat pattern included.

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Bleu-1720 Price: $9.99

Paquerette - 1917

Lovely Paquerette was featured in La Semaine de Suzette in 1917. This fancy dress features a neck ruffle, a skirt and an overskirt trimmed with insertion. Very easy to put on, the dress simply snaps in back. We did ours in cream and café au lait silk and antique lace.

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Bleu-3033 Price: $12.99

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Age s D e si gn s

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Bleu-3003 Price: $9.99

This pattern design was based on a vintage dress with two pom-pom type bows.

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Bleu-5095 Price: $14.99

This pattern is from a McCalls magazine dated January 1928. It's double ruffle flounce looks wonderful in fluttery chiffons. Pattern for cloche is included.

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Bleu-3029 Price: $14.99

This A-line dress with a center pleat and short sleeves, along with a trimmed jacket and bonnet, has a timeless look and feel.

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Age s D e si gn s

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Bleu-3001 Price: $12.99

Romper - 1923

What an adorable one-piece short set! Very reminiscent of Buster Brown, and appropriate for that period. Our version was made out of a blue Italian silk with almost a tweed weave. The contrasting cuffs, collar, and belt are batiste. Just have Bleuette step in, snap up the back, snap on the belt, and she'll be all set to play! Hat pattern included.

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Bleu-3895 Price: $12.99

Coat - 1925

Although it may be summer, autumn is just around the corner. Make sure Bleuette has something nice and warm to wear. We made this coat and hat out of flannel, but a nice light wool would do just as nice. Or, if you're thinking of the spring, how about a nice pastel coat to go with her Easter outfit? Pattern for hat included.

Page 9 Embroidered Shift - 1925

We opted to create this elegant little shift with a ruffled hem skirt and ruffled sleeves out of a bronze silk. But we could equally imagine it in a fine lawn or chiffon. Perhaps even a velvet for the holidays! Pattern for purse included.

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Bleu-3945 Price: $12.99

School Dress

The pattern below was based on a McCalls pattern from the 1920's. The slightly high waisted bodice is topped with a rectangle plastron and a collar which hangs like a sailor collar in the back. Long and ¾ length sleeve options are included.

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Bleu-1565 Price: $9.99

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Age s D e si gn s

Mah-Jong - 1925-1926

The unusual scalloped edges of this dress set it apart as a very chic robe indeed. Entitled "Mah-Jong" in the 1925-1926 edition of Le Trousseau de Bleuette catalogue, this dress definitely has flapper flair!

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Bleu-3030 Price: $12.99

Mariner Dress with Tam -1927

Mariner dresses have always been a favorite for children, and being the fashionable young lady that she is, Bleuette was never without one. This particular pattern is reminiscent of "another time", as shown in the illustration from Le Trousseau de Bleuette Spring/Summer catalogue of 1927 (Comme Autrefois).

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Bleu-3034 Price: $12.99

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Age s D e si gn s

August Summer Dress-- 1927

Taken from a 1927 McCall's pattern, our two-tiered ruffled skirt dress features short sleeves and trim along the bodice. Similar to a number of Bleuette's dresses from that time period and so very French! Includes pattern for hat.

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Bleu-4747 Price: $12.99

Grown-Up Dress -1927

This two-piece outfit from 10 years later was taken from a McCall's magazine of 1927. We have done ours in a chocolate print. Both the jacket and sun dress snap in back. The sundress can also be made up in a batiste as a lovely slip.

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Bleu-5014 Price: $12.99

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L'Echo de Paris - 1928

Similar in some ways to the 1927 August Summer Dress, this frock was also taken from McCall's. Featuring a doubletiered ruffled skirt cut on the bias and a trimmed bodice, Bleuette will be ready to show off her Charleston steps in this awesome frock!

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Bleu-5093 Price: $12.99

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Bleu-5079 Price: $9.99

This pattern is for a cute little play outfit from around 1928.

Page 13 Pajamas

Age s D e si gn s

When it's late at night, Bleuette will be ready for bedtime in her own comfy pajamas. We did these cuties up in a blue and white seersucker. The pants have a ribbon tie waistband. They would also work well in any cotton or flannel. Equally appealing for a little boy, don't you think?

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BLEU-3004 Price: $9.99


This adorable slip, combination, and knickers pattern dates from 1928.

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Bleu-3000 Price: $14.99

Mock Wrap Dress--1928

Copied from an illustration in McCall's magazine dated 1928, this chic frock is perfect for school or an afternoon out. La Semaine de Suzette featured a wrap dress for Bleuette in 1926.

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Bleu-5081 Price: $12.99

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Bleu-1740 Price: $12.99

Blouse and Jumper - 1930

This darling little number looks so nice in a check gingham! A tiny plaid would work just as well. We think it's just perfect as a school dress. Imagine it done up in a light navy wool as a proper school uniform. We trimmed the separate blouse with vintage lace from an old hanky. How very frugal of us!

Order Number:

Bleu-3894 Price: $12.99

Summer Dress - 1938

In the years 1937 and 1938, le Trousseau de Bleuette's catalogue featured a number of full, short-sleeved, slightly high-waisted dresses very similar to our summer dress, as seen in the illustration above. Ours features a pleated bodice for a very fashionable flair!

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