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BY COLIN A. HOUSTON & ASSOCIATES, INC. Suppliers and customers in the detergent alkylate market need up-to-date market information and analysis to support successful business strategies, and Colin A. Houston & Associates (CAHA) has developed a new product to meet this need. The LAB MARKET REPORT AND DATABASE will be available to subscribers on an Internet website accessible via password. The LAB MARKET REPORT is designed to bring together in one concise publication all the news of interest to LAB market participants. Publication began every other month from January 2001. It offers current information on the entire LAB value chain from raw materials to detergents and other end uses. Each issue includes: C C C C C LAB and normal paraffin prices by region, and announcements of price changes Market news, including the latest developments involving producers, sulfonators, feedstocks, technology, formulations, environmental issues, and end markets LAB and normal paraffin capacity updates Feature articles offering in-depth coverage of significant issues and developments LAB market analysis providing up-to-date supply and demand data and a perspective on developments for one region in each issue.

CAHA is a recognized authority on detergent alkylates, having provided market research and consulting in this area for over 20 years. CAHA has published numerous multiclient studies of the global detergent alkylate market, and many regional surfactant studies, in addition to its proprietary work in surfactant intermediates, surfactants and detergents. CAHA's most recent multiclient study, Detergent Alkylates - World Markets, 2006 to 2015, was published in November 2007. The LAB MARKET REPORT relies on CAHA's worldwide network of contacts among LAB market participants, and thus will include news and insights that are not available from trade publications and other sources. The DATABASE consists LAB producers their capacities and expansion plans, process technology and feedstocks used. The LAB MARKET REPORT AND DATABASE was developed in response to the need of our clients for information and analysis on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost. An annual subscription including six issues and access to the Internet database is priced at $6,800. Details of this report and database are explained on the following pages.


The report is structured as follows:


C C C LAB prices in North America, West Europe and Asia are reported in each issue n-Paraffin prices in the above regions and Latin America are reported as available Kerosene jet fuel pricing in the North America, West Europe and Asia is reported in each issue as a benchmark. The latest prices, rather than an average will be used.

Price Announcements

This section alerts the market of price increases on LAB and raw materials in North America and West Europe primarily, but also covers Latin America and Asia/Pacific when applicable.

Market News

C C M&A activities, divestitures, joint ventures, partnerships Formulation Watch -- covering changes in household and non-household detergent formulations due to novel technology, price and availability of competing raw materials, environmental concerns, etc. Sulfonator news -- including new plants, closures, upgrades and expansions, M&A activities, alliances, etc. Country or region specific market news -- such as population growth, trends in disposable income, per capita consumption of detergents, washing practices, etc. Technology -- covering breaking news about new technology that may impact LAB, LABS or raw materials such as n-paraffin. Environmental and Regulatory issues -- latest news involving environmental concerns, studies, or legislation involving LAB or competing materials such as APE which may impact consumption of LAB in a specific country or region. CAHA's approach to this area is to report on key developments.



Regional LAB Market Analysis

Each issue provides an analysis of the LAB market in one region. It provides in-depth coverage of the following topics: C C Supply --- Review LAB producers with location, technology, and current capacity in the region with comments on plant expansions, closures, new projects or change in technology. Supply/Demand Balance --- This table will provide a snapshot of current demand, production, net exports (net imports), and industry operating rates in the region. In addition, a concise analysis of key demand drivers, and factors that may affect the future supply/demand balance may be included. Demand by Country --- In some regions, CAHA may provide selected breakdown of LAB demand by country. Or it may provide LAB demand for selected countries within a region.


Regional analysis is done for North America, Latin America (includes Mexico), West Europe, Asia/Pacific, East Europe and Africa/Middle East.

Feature Articles

Each issue includes one or more feature articles. Each one offers a timely and concise review of the subject, and without entering into excruciating historical detail, provides sufficient content and coverage so that readers will walk away with a clear picture. Materials focus -- Analysis of the market for one important material such as: normal paraffin, internal and alpha-olefins, BAB. Country profiles -- An occasional in-depth analysis of a specific country's alkylate market. For each country, an analysis incorporating population, GDP, washing practices, LAB and BAB demand and growth in consumption is offered. More detailed breakdown of household vs non-household, trends, supply of LAB, imports/exports, sulfonation capacity and other relevant information are an integral part, as well as market shares of Unilever, P&G and other participants, and competing technologies such as alcohols, AOS, etc. Customer profiles -- A detailed profile of a sulfonator. Technology focus -- Each technology will be first introduced into its most basic elements and/or form. Reference to a patent or technical paper presented at a conference will be included. Then a more market-oriented discussion on the potential impact of the analyzed technology on a particular regional market or application will be offered. The analysis will include barriers to entry due to formulation issues, environmental issues, feedstock prices and availability, industry structure and other relevant factors.


Special topics -- An analysis of a topic related to the LAB market, such as gas-to-liquids projects and the potential for n-paraffin recovery.

LAB Capacity Update

Newsbriefs about changes in LAB capacity and the status of new projects.

Normal Paraffin Capacity Update

Newsbriefs about changes in n-paraffin capacity and the status of new projects.


The following table summarizes the tentative schedule of feature articles for the year 2009 of the LAB MARKET REPORT.

2009 LAB Jan./Feb. March/April May/June July/August Sept./Oct. Nov./Dec. North Am erica Latin Am erica W est Europe Asia/Pacific East Europe Middle East/Africa X X Ghari MES n-P A-O/IO X GTL Egypt Technology Country Custom er


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