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Proteins & Dairy

m lb sliced unsalted almonds ¼ m lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 m dozen eggs 1 m pint skim milk 1 m lb lean ground pork ¾ m lb pork tenderloin 1 m 5-oz pouches cooked wild salmon 3 m oz whole-milk Greek-style yogurt 7 $1.92 $3.55 $0.89 $0.99 $2.33 $5.15 $5.97 $1.99


m lb Braeburn, Fuji or Pink Lady apples 1½ m 15-oz can Eden Organic Black Beans 1 m lb green cabbage 1 m pkg carrots 1 m pkg celery 1 m bunch Swiss chard 1 m 10-oz bag cranberries 1 m head garlic 1 m bunch leeks 1 m limes 2 m oz mushrooms (white, button or cremini) 16 m yellow onions 4 m oranges 4 m 15-oz can Eden Organic Black-Eyed Peas 1 m lb sweet potatoes 1 m fresh pumpkin (1 to 1½ lb) 1 $2.34 $2.29 $1.33 $0.69 $1.49 $2.49 $2.59 $0.56 $2.89 $0.25 $2.99 $1.59 $1.00 $2.29 $1.04 $1.44

Improving your life one meal at a time.

Shopping List

Volume 4, Issue 2 - February 2011 18

Whole Grains



In addition to our usual collection of five weeknight meals, we've also included desserts and beverages. Now you can eat clean from the first sip to the last spoonful...all on a budget! Print off this shopping list to save time and money.

m lb coarse cornmeal or polenta 1 (not de-germinated) m oz steel-cut oats 18 m pkg brown rice 1

$2.89 $2.49 $3.69


m oz low-sodium chicken stock 32 m oz dark chocolate (85% cocoa) 3.5 m 3-inch piece ginger root 1 m oz plain sparkling water 32 $3.49 $2.00 $0.42 $0.89

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m Allspice berries or ground allspice m Baking powder m Cardamom pods or ground cardamom, optional m Chile powder m Cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon m Ground cloves m Whole cloves m Ground coriander m Ground cumin m Dried dill

Total: $65.93

m Ground ginger m Raw honey m Ground mustard m Ground nutmeg m Extra-virgin olive oil m Ground sweet paprika m Dried sage m Sea salt m Italian seasoning blend m Low-sodium soy sauce m Pure maple syrup m Red wine vinegar

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