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Choices Medicaid Waiver Program

What is the Choices Medicaid Waiver Program? · · · This Medicaid waiver program provides services in home and community settings to delay or prevent nursing facility placement. Services help preserve the independence of the individual, as well as maintain ties to family and friends. The program enables participants to be employers and hire service providers (including friends, neighbors and some relatives) to provide community-based care.

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Who is eligible for the Choices Medicaid Waiver Program? Eligible participants must: · Live in one of the regions of northwest, central or southern Ohio served by the Area Agency on Aging in Toledo, Columbus, Marietta or Rio Grande; Be age 60 or older; Need hands-on assistance with dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, eating or mobility; Receive services for which the cost does not exceed 60 percent of the cost of nursing home care; and Meet the financial criteria for Medicaid eligibility (see below);

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In addition, participants must: Currently be enrolled in the PASSPORT Medicaid Waiver Program. Have their physicians agree to a service plan; and Be willing and capable of directing provider activities as demonstrated through a consumer certification process.

What are the financial eligibility criteria for Choices? · ·

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Bonnie Kantor-Burman, Director John Kasich, Governor

County Departments of Job and Family Services determine financial eligibility of interested participants. Individuals may not have countable assets valued at more than $1,500. Monthly income must not exceed 300 percent of the Social Security Insurance benefit. Depending on income, participants may be required to pay a patient liability each month toward the cost of services. Continued...

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The Ohio Department of Aging is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

What services are provided through Choices? · Participants may receive the following services: adult day care, home care attendant service, home medical equipment and supplies, emergency response systems, minor home modifications, meals and pest control. A case manager will assist each participant in developing a care plan. The case manager will then monitor and adjust the plan according to the needs of the participant.


What responsibilities do Choices participants have? · · Participants receive extensive training on serving as "employer of record" for the care providers they choose. Participants are responsible for all necessary tax forms and payroll duties under the Internal Revenue Code. All taxes, including worker's compensation, must be paid. A fiscal employer agent will assist participants with the financial aspects of the program. A specialized case manager will assist the participant in other program requirements.


How do I apply for the Choices Medicaid Waiver Program? · Contact the appropriate PASSPORT Administrative Agency to request the Choices program: · · · · · · Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. (Toledo) 1-800 472-7277 Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging (Columbus) 1-800-589-7277 Area Agency on Aging, District 7 (Rio Grande) 1-800-582-7277 Buckeye Hills Area Agency on Aging, PSA 8 (Marietta) 1-800-833-0830

Interested individuals must complete an application, telephone screen and in-person assessment. After meeting all eligibility criteria, you will be enrolled (pending slot availability).

Where can I learn more about the Choices Medicaid Waiver Program? · Visit the following Ohio Department of Aging Web page for more information about the Choices Medicaid Waiver Program. Last Updated: January 2011

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The Ohio Department of Aging is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.


Program Profile: Choices

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