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Expert InDesign & InCopy Training & Consulting

AGI sets the standard for InDesign and InCopy training, consulting and workflow conversion. Our technical professionals have unparalleled depth, history and skills.

InDesign Conversion

AGI was Adobe's first training provider world-wide to become an Adobe Authorized training provider delivering InDesign training. Adobe selected AGI as their only official training provider to deliver train-the-trainer instruction around the world when InDesign was initially launched. AGI worked closely with Adobe through the development of InDesign, and remains the premier resource for InDesign and InCopy consulting, support, and training. We've helped hundreds of publishers and thousands of individuals adopt InDesign. Put our experience to work for you. Our expert staff can identify considerations for your software adoption, and provide time-saving tips and techniques we've developed through many years of experience. Ensure a smooth transition to InDesign and InCopy by partnering with AGI.

Editorial Workflow: InDesign and InCopy

AGI has extensive experience designing, implementing and supporting both ad hoc and formal InDesign and InCopy workflow solutions. Our technical staff has received advanced training from Adobe and third parties for all major InDesign and InCopy editorial solutions. AGI provides planning, consulting, integration, training, and support for your Adobe InDesign and InCopy workflow. Our experienced technical staff can provide client and server configuration and support. Our pre-implementation planning provides guidance as you determine which workflow solution fits your needs. We help you choose the system that meets your needs and budget, implement the solution, deliver training, and provide post-implementation support. The depth of AGI's publishing experience and advanced skills across the entire suite of publishing tools provides you with a significant advantage. Because we are highly experienced with all software tools, our vendor-neutral approach points you to the best solution for your needs.

Template Conversion

As you adopt a new publishing platform, AGI helps provide a solid foundation for all your future work by rebuilding and converting your legacy templates. AGI specializes in building InDesign templates that meet your design requirements and enhance efficiency. We make effective use of InDesign technologies, including styles, XML, and master pages. Whether rebuilding templates from QuarkXPress or PageMaker, our expert production staff can let you hit the ground running.

AGI's services include · InDesign & InCopy integration · Training on all Adobe software · Template conversion · Font management services · OS X migration support InDesign Books AGI staff have authored more than two dozen books relating to electronic publishing software including these InDesign books:

Self-paced tutorials get you up-and-running fast!

Like having your own private InDesign Instructor

Get up-and-running fast with InDesign using these selfpaced lessons written by the same Adobe Certi ed Experts that have developed many of the o cial training books for Adobe Systems. This book covers the essentials skills necessary to use InDesign along with tips and tricks to make you more productive and creative. Whether you are new to InDesign or upgrading to CS3, you'll discover what you need to know in these clear and easy-to-follow lessons. These self-paced tutorials allow you to complete only the lessons you need, or master InDesign by completing the entire book.


AGI provides on-site training anywhere in the world, and classroom training at our training facilities in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. On-site training is customized to your needs, allowing you to focus on the features or technology that is most important for you and your business.

12 self-paced lessons

InDesign CS3

Digital Classroom

Digital Classroom

Quickly discover new InDesign features

InDesign CS3

Find skills that help you create right away!

Complete each project using the available lesson les from the Digital Classroom web site.

" e Digital Classroom for InDesign CS3 is a fast and simple way to learn InDesign at your own pace. It's great on your own or as a compliment to AGI training classes and seminars." Christopher Smith Adobe Certified Instructor & InDesign Author

Explore how to use text, color, and graphics.

Includes 12 Self-Paced Lessons Created by Adobe Certi ed Instructors at Aquent Graphics Institute

ISBN 978-0-9678737-1-8


Adobe InDesign cs2




Adobe InDesign cs2

9 780967 873718

AGI Creative Team

The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe InDesign CS2


Classroom in a Book®, the bestselling series of hands-on software training workbooks, helps you learn the features of Adobe software quickly and easily. Classroom in a Book offers what no other book or training program does--an official training series from Adobe Systems Incorporated, developed with the support of Adobe product experts.

Adobe InDesign CS2 Classroom in a Book contains 15 lessons. The book covers the basics of learning Adobe InDesign CS2, and provides countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with Adobe InDesign CS2. You can follow the book from start to finish, or choose only those lessons that interest you.

What you need to use this book Adobe InDesign CS2 software, for either Windows or Mac OS. (Software not included.) Note: Classroom in a Book does not replace the documentation, support, updates, or any other benefits of being a registered owner of Adobe InDesign CS2 software. Includes CD with lesson files.

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Paris · Madrid · New York

Learn how to create layouts for magazines, newsletters, and brochures! Discover how to make Adobe PDF files and prepare documents for high-resolution printing.

"Classroom in a Book is an essential tool for the in-depth, hands-on software classes I teach."

--Nancy Dick, Adobe Certified Instructor

BOOKSHELF CATEGORY: COMPUTER APPLICATIONS/DESKTOP PUBLISHING Adobe Press books are published by Peachpit, Berkeley, CA Printed and made in USA.


CD-ROM Included for Windows and Mac OS


The official training workbook from Adobe Systems

USA $49.99 CANADA $69.99 UK £35.99

American Graphics Institute | 800 851 9237 |







1 pages

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