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PRODUCT: VALTEC ULTRATM Pre-Catalyzed High Build Self-Seal High Water White Lacquers ­ 680 VOC, HAPs-Free1 Gloss4 ­ NUC3809 Semi-Gloss ­ NUF3806 Soft Gloss ­ NUF3804 Satin ­ NUF3802 Dull ­ NUF3801 DESCRIPTION:

Valspar's VALTEC ULTRATM Pre-Catalyzed High Build Self-Seal Water White Lacquers are premium quality pre-catalyzed lacquer finishes formulated to offer excellent durability combined with outstanding ease of use. They are built upon the premium VALTECTM Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer technology and have been enhanced to provide for superior performance characteristics and ease of film build in a non-post-catalyzed system. They are fast drying and easy to apply with excellent clarity and sanding properties. They offer excellent mar, solvent, chemical and moisture resistance and have been enhanced with additional UV absorbers to further increase UV protection. When properly applied as a self-seal system or with the companion products, the film properties of this system provide a tough, durable finish that passes all KCMA performance standards.3 This series' products are formulated for 680 VOC applications and are manufactured ready-to-spray. If desired, the products may be reduced (recommended up to a maximum of 20%) with approved solvent. To prevent costly refinishing, all application procedures should be pre-tested (before use) under ambient conditions to ensure adhesion, compatibility and desired product appearance. VALTEC ULTRATM Pre-Catalyzed High Build Water White Lacquer Sanding Sealer ­ 680 VOC, HAPs-Free1 (NUS3800) (Only if desired) VALTECTM Pre-Catalyzed Water White Vinyl Sanding Sealer ­ 680 VOC, Low HAPs1 (NVS3100) (Only if desired)



Type: Viscosity: Solids (wt. %): Solids (wt. %): Solids (vol. %): Solids: Reducer: Air Dry: Oven Dry: Catalyst:

Nitrocellulose/Urea 22-26 sec. #4 Ford Cup 33.00 (Formulated) 32.00 (CPDS) 25.00

1 1

Color: Density: VOC: AIMs VOC: VOC Ratio: VHAP (wt.): VHAP Ratio: Spread Rate: Flash Point: HMIS:

Clear 7.82-7.86 lbs/gal1 ~5.32 lbs/gal / 637.50 g/l1 ~5.26 lbs/gal / 630.30 g/l2 2.13 (# VOC/# NVM)1 ~1.21%1 0.04 (# VHAP/# NVM)1 ~400.00 ft2/gal @ 1 mil. 22°F closed cup 2,3,1,X

2.58 lbs/gal YYT1009, YYT0013 or YXT1001* 15' touch, 30' recoat 5-8' flash, 15' @ ~125°F N/A


Spray requirements. Six months from the manufacturing date.

*As allowable within regulatory compliance

Store in a cool, dry place. Close all containers after use. Do not store near heat or sparks. Spills should be cleaned up with nonsparking tools. See the product MSDS for complete safety information.

Paint, Hazard Class: 3

I.D. Number:


Packing Group: II

These products are recommended for professional application and are designed for interior use only. Always pre-test the system on your substrate and under your line conditions to verify suitability to the application and to avoid potential need for costly refinishing. Valspar Wood Finishes products are designed to protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood, but cannot eliminate natural discoloration or deterioration of wood as it ages. NOTE: All information provided is typical (as formulated) and will not represent exact values for every product.

The data on this sheet represent typical values. Since application variables are a major factor in product performance, this information should serve only as a general guide. Valspar assumes no obligation or liability for use of this information. UNLESS VALSPAR AGREES OTHERWISE IN WRITING, VALSPAR MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR FREEDOM FROM PATENT INFRINGEMENT. VALSPAR WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Your only remedy for any defect in this product is the replacement of the defective product, or a refund of its purchase price at our option.

1 Data found on the standard format CPDS, and calculated using NESHAP required Method 24 testing. VOCs are calculated as applied ­ subtracting out the exempt solvents by weight only. Receipt of this document does not replace or supersede CPDS documentation. The following definitions are being utilized for HAPs content: "HAPs-Compliant:" < or = .8 lb. HAPs/lb. solids. "Low HAPs:" < .5 lb. HAPs/lb. solids. "Ultra-low HAPs:" < .1 lb. HAPs/lb. solids. "HAPs-Free:" < .05 lb. HAPs/lb. solids. HAP content is based on the presence of HAP compounds using the limits defined in 29 CFR 1910.1200. 2 AIMs calculation of VOC ­ exempt solvents subtracted by weight and volume. 3 Passes all KCMA performance standards when applied properly under laboratory conditions as specified. Individual applications will vary and may require testing to verify results under different conditions. 4 Sheen descriptions may be further defined as follows: Gloss: 80+; Semi-Gloss: 55+/-5; Soft Gloss: 40+/-5; Satin: 20+/-5; Dull: 10+/-5. Gloss is measured per ASTM Equivalent D523.


Wood Preparation: For best results, maple and birch should be sanded using 180 grit silicon carbide sandpaper (minimum) before continuing with finishing procedures. Other substrates should be sanded appropriately before finishing. Wood should be verified as clean and dust free with moisture content of 6-8% prior to finishing. Proper sanding and preparation of the substrate is critical to achieving consistent results. Stain the substrate with Valspar's GRAINTONE PLUS Wiping Stain (or other approved Valspar system). GRAINTONE PLUS Wiping Stains are colorfast stains designed for direct-to-wood application. Apply a uniform, wet coat and wipe off in a circular motion. Wipe clean in a final wipe with the grain of the substrate. (Follow all finishing recommendations for the stain system selected before proceeding with sealer application.)


Stain Application:


Seal with VALTEC ULTRA Pre-Catalyzed High Build Water White Lacquers unless a sealer is desired. If a sealer is desired, agitate NUS3800 well before use and apply the seal coat in one smooth even application of 3-5 wet mils. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes dry time (as tested under the ideal indoor environmental conditions detailed below), machine sand (for best results) or hand sand with 240-320 grit silicon carbide sandpaper.



Choose the appropriate sheen from the series and agitate well before using. Verify the surface is clean and dust free, then apply an even, wet coat of 4-6 wet mils. If additional coats are required, wait a minimum of 30 minutes (as tested under the ideal indoor environmental conditions detailed below) between applications and scuff sand with 280-320 grit sandpaper before recoating. VALTEC ULTRA will meet KCMA performance standards if applied as directed above. A total of three coats will be necessary to pass KCMA performance standards if applied at lesser milages.


Subsequent Coats:

Additional Notes:

Total dry film thickness should not exceed four (4) mils. All products should be stirred well before use and, for best results, continuously agitated while in use. Do not mix with other finishing systems or deviate from these finishing recommendations. Valspar will not be held liable for finish failures resulting from the mixing of products or deviations from finishing recommendations. Sanding should be completed immediately prior to the application of any additional coats. Use lacquer thinner to clean equipment. Refer to your local regulations for specified qualities necessary in a cleaning thinner, or use recommended Valspar Lacquer Thinner. Dispose of dirty solvent and cleaning rags in a safe and compliant manner. Solvent or lacquer soaked rags should be stored in water-filled, closed containers prior to disposal. Always pre-test the system on your substrate and under your line conditions to verify suitability to the application and avoid potential need for costly refinishing. All dry times listed are as tested under ideal indoor environmental conditions of 78°F (~26°C) with relative humidity not exceeding 50%. These products are recommended for use under temperature conditions of 55-90°F (~12-32°C) and when relative humidity is below 50% during application and drying time. Low temperatures, poor air circulation or high humidity will extend dry times. Valspar strongly recommends against use of these products if temperatures of air or surface to be coated are below 55°F (~12°C) or below the dew point. Abnormal conditions of temperature or humidity may adversely affect product performance. Please contact your authorized Valspar Wood Finishes distributor for additional product use recommendations and finishing guidance. For general care and maintenance of all wood finishes, clean only with approved materials and use only soft cloths to avoid scratching. To obtain the longest possible product life, avoid the use of soaps, cleaners, solvents, waxes, ammonia and other household chemicals known to be detrimental to wood finishes. Refrain from using paper products to clean wood finishes.



Product Care:


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