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Press Release April 2011

New compact and utility tractors have `grown up' features for performance and ease of use

Nine compact and utility models from 22hp to 91hp to tackle many jobs Gearbox or hydrostatic drive on 22hp to 49hp models; all others gearbox Air-con cab optional on 41hp, 49hp and 54hp; standard on 74hp, 91hp A comprehensive range of nine models with 17 variants in all has been selected by ARGO Tractors from the product range of its new industrial partner Daedong to form a new line of Landini tractors. Ranging from just 22hp to 91hp, the line-up includes models with a choice of open platform or air conditioned cab, and hydrostatic drive or gearbox transmission. They represent a significant increase in the specification choice and power range available previously in this sector from GB distributor AgriArgo UK Ltd, Harworth near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. "The models and variants chosen by the ARGO Tractors team avoids unnecessary duplication while ensuring we have a comprehensive range suitable for different applications in farming, horticulture and groundscare," explains Ray Spinks, AgriArgo UK general manager and sales director. He emphasises that buyers of the machines will benefit from the after-sales support resources of two major tractor manufacturers ­ ARGO and Daedong Industrial Company. "Apart from any spares stocked by our local Landini dealers, we at AgriArgo UK have identified the top 100 fastest-moving parts and have added them to the comprehensive parts stock held at our Harworth base," Mr Spinks explains. "We can also call on parts held by Daedong at its European facility in Holland, and on items in the ARGO Tractors parts system in Italy." Tractors are shipped in from Daedong's factory in South Korea to the ARGO base in Italy where they are kitted out with European-spec wheels, tyres and hitches. They can also be fitted at this stage with a hydraulic front-end loader and attachments sourced from Bonatti, a leading Italian supplier. "We have also secured a supplier of rear- and mid-mounted grounds maintenance mowers to go with the tractors and will evaluate other suitable implements as volumes increase," notes Mr Spinks. "Of course, our dealers can also supply a range of implements for tractors of this size from equipment manufacturers they represent." The tractors are being sold in Great Britain alongside those built by ARGO Tractors, including the 35hp to 54hp Landini Mistral series that remain in

production. They are distributed through Landini dealers providing sales, parts and service support. Despite being small in size the newcomers exhibit some grown-up features ­ such as electro-hydraulic engagement of the front drive axle and rear power take-off; the part digital instruments fitted to some models; and the automatic control that stops and starts the pto when a powered implement is lifted then returned to its working position. "These features, together with the slick shuttle gearboxes and responsive hydrostatic drive, makes the Landini 1 Series tractors easy and productive to drive," notes Tim Lawrence, AgriArgo UK area manager. "They're also very practical ­ witness the smooth material used on the open platform and cab interior that allows them to be cleaned easily." The new ranges divide neatly into five platforms or families of similar size, design and equipment. Smallest are the Landini 1-25, 1-30 and 1-35, all of which are powered by three-cylinder Daedong engines. Outputs of 22hp, 28hp and 34hp mark these machines out as ideal for maintaining areas of amenity grass too large or rough for a top-spec ride-on mower. They are also likely to be seen working in horticulture and around stable yards. While the 22hp machine comes with two-speed hydrostatic drive or a six forward, two reverse gearbox, the 28hp and 34hp machines have three-speed hydro to make use of the extra power or a shuttle gearbox giving eight speeds in either direction. All three are available only with an open operator's platform and roll-over hoop. Next up come the Landini 1-40 and 1-50, which use Daedong 2-litre and 2.4litre diesel engines developing 41hp and 49hp. Mechanical versions have a creep gearbox with extra-low ratios within the 24 speeds available in both directions. The hydrostatic version not only has three-speed hydraulic drive but also the option of an air-conditioned cab to keep the elements at bay. With simple, straight-forward controls arranged to the left and right of the operator to help keep the area in front of the seat clear, operators should find it easy to hop on and off both versions. The Landini 1-50F is a single model designed with a narrow chassis for situations where space for access is at a premium. With 49hp from its 2.4-litre Daedong engine, the tractor has plenty of power for a host of jobs but is only 1.4m wide ­ the regular 1-50 is 1.76m minimum.

On top of that, it has a turn assist feature ­ pressing a button on the instrument panel engages a gear that speeds up the outer front wheel in a turn to pull the nose round and reduce the space needed to complete the manoeuvre. "This feature would be very useful when working in a confined space ­ inside a small building, for example," notes Tim Lawrence. "The narrow width of the machines makes it handy for different cropping situations ­ from top fruit to ornamental tree nurseries." Where more weight, a longer and wider stance, and a bit more power is needed, the 54hp Landini 1-55 should fit the bill. "Either as a mowing and general purpose tractor for grounds maintenance or as a yard scraper tractor that could also turn its hand to light field work such as grass tedding," suggests Tim Lawrence. "It's mechanical drive only, with a 12x12 dry clutch transmission but like other models in the range it has an oilimmersed pto clutch for smooth take up of power." The tractor's Daedong 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel generates 54hp channelled through a 12 forward, 12 reverse synchro shuttle transmission. An open platform is available but with its curved glazing, roof panel and mudguards, the optional cab is both stylish and in proportion with the tractor. "Its flat, clear floor makes life easy for an operator who has to repeatedly get on and off his power unit, while the standard heating, air-conditioning, radio and roof hatch make it a comfortable place of work," says Tim Lawrence. "Portal front axle drive, as on all these tractors, gives extra grip when it's needed as well as good ground clearance, while the 1200kg of rear linkage lift gives it the capacity to handle a range of implements." At the top of the range sit two cab-only tractors ­ the Landini 1-75 and 1-90 with Perkins 4.4-litre engines installed beneath the one-piece high-lift hood. "With 83-litre/min hydraulics, 2400kg lift capacity and ground-drive pto in addition to independent two-speed power take-off, this is a very capable utility tractor with plenty of performance potential for its size and weight," suggests Tim Lawrence. Both versions weigh in at 3.5 tonnes, which can be concentrated on traction tyres for maximum grip or spread over flotation turf tyres for minimum compaction. Like all other Landini tractors, the new 1 Series compact and utility machines are protected by the CESAR Datatag theft-deterrence and ownership database system, which is installed as standard.

Landini 1-25 1-30 1-35 1-40 1-50 1-50F 1-55 1-75 1-90

Power 3cyl 22hp 3cyl 28hp 3cyl 34hp 4cyl 41hp 4cyl 49hp 4cyl 49hp 4cyl 54hp 4cyl 74hp 4cyl 91hp

Drive Hydro or Mech 6x2 Hydro or Mech 8x8 Hydro or Mech 8x8 Hydro or Mech 24x24 Hydro or Mech 24x24 Mech 16x16 Mech 12x12 Mech 12x12 Mech 16x16

ROPS or Cab ROPS ROPS ROPS ROPS or Cab (H) ROPS or Cab (H) ROPS Cab Cab Cab

Prices from £10,907 £13,722 £14,461 £16,352 £17,103 £16,524 £19,248 £34,504 £35,536


Landini 1-55M+loader 01.jpg The Landini 1-55M has a 54hp Daedong fourcylinder engine and 12x12 transmission. It can be had with an open platform or spacious air conditioned cab.

Landini 1-55M+loader 02.jpg The Landini 1-55M has a 54hp Daedong fourcylinder engine and 12x12 transmission. It can be had with an open platform or spacious air conditioned cab.

Landini 1-55M+loader 03.jpg The Landini 1-55M has a 54hp Daedong fourcylinder engine and 12x12 transmission. It can be had with an open platform or spacious air conditioned cab.

Landini 1-55M backend.jpg Implement linkage on the Landini 1-55M is rated at 1200kg capacity.

Landini 1-40M 01.jpg The 41hp Landini 1-40 with 24x24 gearbox or hydrostatic drive can tackle a range of duties on stock farms and smallholdings, and for groundscare and horticulture.

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Landini - new 1 Series launch PR

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