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2,4-D / Picloram 2,4-D Amine 625 2,4-D Ester 600 2,4-D IPA 300 Amitrole 250 Atrazine 500 Flowable Atrazine 900 WG Bromoxynil 200 Chlorsulfuron 750 WDG Clethodim 240 Clodinafop Clopyralid 300 Dicamba + MCPA Dicamba 500 Diclofop Methyl Diflufenican Diuron 500 Flowable Diuron 900 WDG Fenoxaprop Flupropanate 745 Fluroxypyr 200 Glyphosate 360 Glyphosate 450 Glyphosate (WDG) Granules Halosulfuron 750 Haloxyfop 520 EC Hexazinone 250 Imazethapyr 700 WDG MCPA / Picloram MCPA 500 & MCPA 500 LVE Metolachlor 720 Metsulfuron 600 WG Oxyfluorfen 240 Paraquat + Diquat Paraquat 250 Pendimethalin 330 Quizalofop-p-ethyl 100

Tordon 75 DTM (Dow) Amicide 625TM(Nufarm) Various Surpass 300TM(Nufarm) Amitrole TTM(Nufarm) NutrazineTM(Nufarm) NutrazineTM(Nufarm) BromicideTM(Nufarm) GleanTM(Dupont) SelectTM(Sumitomo) TopikTM(Syngenta) LontrelTM(Dow) Kamba MTM(Nufarm) Kamba 500TM(Nufarm) HoegrassTM(Bayer) BrodalTM(Bayer) Various Various PumaTM(Bayer), WildcatTM(Bayer) TaskforceTM(Vee Dri) TussockTM(Grow Choice) StaraneTM(Dow) Roundup BiactiveTM(Nufarm) Roundup CTTM(Nufarm) Various SempraTM(Nufarm) VerdictTM(Dow) Velpar LTM(Dupont) Spinnaker 700TM(Nufarm) Tordon 242TM(Dow) Various DualTM(Syngenta) AllyTM (Dupont) BrushoffTM(Dupont) GoalTM(Dow) SprayseedTM(Syngenta) GramoxoneTM(Syngenta) Stomp 330TM(Cropcare) TargaTM(Sipcam)

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300g/L 2,4-D & 75g/L Picloram 625 g/L 2,4-D 600g/L 2,4-D 300g/L 2,4-D 250g/L Amitrole 500g/L Atrazine 900g/kg Atrazine 200g/L Bromoxynil 750g/kg Chlorsulfuron 240g/L Clethodim 240g/L Clodinafop-Propargyl 60g/L Cloquintocet-Mexyl 300g/L Clopyralid 80g/L Dicamba & 340g/L MCPA 500g/L Dicamba 375g/L Diclofop Methyl 500g/L Diflufenican 500g/L Diuron 900g/kg Diuron 69g/L Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl. 34.5g/L Cloquintocet-Mexyl 745g/L Flupropanate 200g/L Fluroxypyr 360g/L Glyphosate 450g/L Glyphosate 680-700g/kg Glyphosate 750g/kg Halosulfuron Methyl 520g/L Haloxyfop 250g/L Hexazinone 700g/kg Imazethapyr 420g/L MCPA - 26g/L Picloram 500g/L MCPA 720g/L Metolachlor 600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl 240g/L Oxyfluorfen 135g/L Paraquat & 115g/L Diquat 250g/L Paraquat 330g/L Pendimethalin 100g/L Quizalofop-p-ethyl



Simazine 500 Flowable Simazine 900 WG Terbutryn Tralkoxydim 400 Triallate 500 Triasulfuron 750 WG Triclopyr 600 Trifluralin 480

Various Various IgranTM(Cropcare) AchieveTM(Cropcare) AvadexTM(Nufarm) LogranTM (Dupont) GarlonTM(Dow) Various

500g/L Simazine 900g/kg Simazine 500g/L Terbutryn 400g/kg Tralkoxydim 500g/L Triallate 750g/kg Triasulfuron 600g/L Triclopyr 480g/L Trifluralin

Insecticides & Miticides


Abamectin 18 Alpha-Cypermethrin 100 EC Bifenthrin 100 EC Chlorpyrifos 500 Flowable Chlorpyrifos 500 WG Cypermethrin 200 Deltamethrin Dimethoate Fenamiphos 400 Fenitrothion 1000 Imidacloprid 200 Permethrin

AgrimecTM (Syngenta) Various TalstarTM(Cropcare) LorsbanTM(Dow) LorsbanTM (Dow) Ant OutTM(PCT) ScudTM(Farmoz) DecisTM(Bayer) RogorTM(Various) NemacurTM(Bayer) Various ConfidorTM(Bayer) PounceTM(PCT)

18g/L Abamectin 100g/L Alpha-Cypermethrin 100g/L Bifenthrin 500g/L Chlorpyrifos 500g/kg Chlorpyrifos 200g/L Cypermethrin 27.5g/L Deltamethrin 400g/L Dimethoate 400g/L Fenamiphos 1000g/L Fenitrothion 200g/L Imidacloprid (40:60)500g/L Permethrin



Carbendazim 500 Chlorothalonil 720 Flutriafol 250 Iprodione 250 Mancozeb 750 WDG Propiconazole 250 EC Tebuconazole 430 SC Triadimefon 125 EC

Spin FloTM(Bayer) Bravo 720TM(Syngenta) ImpactTM(Cropcare) Rovral LiquidTM(Bayer) Dithane DFTM(Dow) PenncozebTM(Nufarm) TiltTM(Syngenta) FolicurTM(Bayer) Bayleton 125TM(Bayer)

500g/L Carbendazim 720g/L Chlorothalonil 250g/L Flutriafol 250g/L Iprodione 750g/kg Mancozeb 250g/L Propiconazole 430g/L Tebuconazole 125g/L Triadimefon

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Wetters, Surfactants, Adjuvants, Foams & Dyes

PRODUCT Ammonium Sulphate 417 Blue, Pink & White Foam Marker Boom Spray Cleaner Buffering Agents Foam Suppressant / Antifoam Organosilicone Penetrant Red & Blue Marking Dye Spray Adjuvants Spray Oils Surfactant 700 Vegetable Oils Wetter 1000 Wetter 600 EQUIVALENT PRODUCTS LiaseTM(Nufarm) Various Various PrimabuffTM(Cropcare) ExifoamTM(agVantage) PulseTM(Nufarm) Various HastenTM(Victorian Chemicals) UptakeTM(Dow) LI 700TM(Nufarm) Synertrol OilTM(Organic Crop Protectants) Chemwet 1000TM(Nufarm) BS 1000TM(Cropcare) Agral 600TM(Cropcare) ACTIVE INGREDIENT/S 417g/L Ammonium Sulphate 160g/L Sodium Hydroxide

1020g/L Polyether modified polysiloxane 704g/L esterfied seed oil 666g/L petroleum oil & 193g/L polyoxyethylated surfactants 345g/L Soyal phospholipids & 355g/L Propionic acid 835 g/L emulsifiable vegetable oil. 100g/L Alkoxylated Alcohol 600g/L ethoxylated nony phenol & alkyl ether & fatty acids

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AgSaver Product List

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AgSaver Product List