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SUMMARY When a skilled long term care professional assumes the role of a leader, he or she is faced with developing different skills for new responsibilities. The long term care leader must consider his/her leadership process and its assessment. This self assessment system is a continuous process of assessment and improvement that is driven, conducted, and utilized by the leader themselves. Self-assessment is a process of identifying specific areas of one's strengths and weaknesses. The usefulness of this process is dependent upon objectivity. This workshop is designed to provide an objective tool for self assessment. The element of subjectivity is reduced through objective data applied to the assessment scales. The 14 scales provide concrete objective and observable factors by which leaders can assess their performance. The self-improvement plan then outlines the action steps needed to improve. Developing a self-improvement plan and writing goals are vital links in the chain that can help you determine what action to take and are the keys to gaining momentum toward change. Assess. Plan. Act. These three parts are continuously recycled so improvement spirals upward toward higher and higher levels of competence. PROCESS 1. Self-assessment a. review the seven roles b. read the scales c. objectively record data on the scales d. score e. compile a self-profile 2. Professional Improvement Plan a. choose one or two scales on which you wish to improve b. write a self-improvement plan using: 1. SIP form 2. Consider using the SMARTS acronym to assist with formulating your goals. Make them: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely, Supported


Microsoft Word - Section 4 - Self Improvement Process

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