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Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia

(Youngmens' Auxiliary) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia

Volume 1 Issue 7 July 2009

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Ever Merciful

Al Masroor

Al Masroor is a monthly publication since January 2009 by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia


The Holy Quran selected verse Hadith ­ Sayings of the Holy

The Holy Quran Surah Al Baqarah Chapter 33: Verse 41

Prophet (saw) Writings of the Promised Messiah (as) Editorial Comment Friday Sermon ­ summary Majalis News

Atfal News General:

Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah has full knowledge of all things.

Australia ­ some facts Khilafat Jubilee ­ 2008 Fiji & New Zealand Tour

Hadith ­ The Excellent Conduct of the Messenger of Allah

The Holy Prophet (saw) never beat anyone ­ neither a woman nor a servant ­ although he fought in the cause of Allah. If he was ever harmed by anyone, he would not avenge himself. But whenever a sacred place of Allah was desecrated, he would

Upcoming Events

Every Tuesday @ 7pm ­ Quran class in Sydney 23rd August Library Expedition & First Aid Awareness (Atfal) 30th August Ta'lim, Tarbiyyat and Sports Day

take revenge for the sake of Allah. (Muslim)


Obey the Holy Prophet and try to become his like (Malfoozat)

(Translated into English by Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan)

To be a Muslim is not a child's play. It requires complete submission in everything to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Do not take it cursorily. It is a matter worth deep consideration. Do not feel complacent until you obey the Holy Prophet completely. If you call yourself a Muslim without doing so, you have only a shell without the kernel. A wise man will not be happy with a shell only nor on bearing an empty name. In old times a Muslim in name tried to convert a Jew to Islam. The latter chided him for rejoicing on outward form devoid of inner reality. He said,

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad The Promised Messiah & Mahdias

"It is easy to understand that the object of man's life should be to become the beloved of God Almighty. "

Editorial Board

Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia: Rana Ejaz Ahmad [email protected] Editor: Sharfraz Ahmad Rahim [email protected] Contributing Editor: Ataul Awal Nasir Ahmad [email protected] Contributing Editor: Murad Mahmood Khan [email protected] Contributing Editor: Mohammed Irfaan [email protected] Muhtamim Isha'at: Manzoor Ahmad Khan [email protected]

Muslim conqueror who lived long and won brilliant victories for Islam. But before it

"What is there in a name? I named my son Khalid, after the name of the famous

was evening I had to bury my child." So do not be happy with mere names. Seek instead the inner reality. What a shame! You profess to follow the Holy Prophet, the greatest of all Prophets, yet you live like kafirs. So live your life like the Holy Prophet and frame your mind like him. If you do not do so you are following Satan. It is easy to understand that the object of man's life should be to become the beloved of God Almighty. Until a man becomes so, he has not succeeded in life. But this object is not attained until you obey the Holy Prophet truly. The Holy Prophet has shown by his conduct the real significance of Islam. So follow that Islam if you want to become the beloved of God. (AlHakam, January 24, 1901)


Editorial Comment

Bismillah hir rahmanir raheem (In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful) Dear readers of Al Masroor, Assalaam Wa Alaikum (peace be on you) By the grace of Allah, we are now upto the 7th edition of our monthly newsletter. We started with a small team and have grown to a team of 5 dedicated members. June saw a lot of activity especially in Sydney with the Atfalul Ahmadiyya Seerat un Nabi Jalsa followed by the National Seerat un Nabi Jalsa. All the major interstate Majalis outside of NSW already organize their own Majlis Ijtema however for the first time, Majlis AlSadaqat organized their Majlis Ijtema which was the first of its kind in Sydney. We pray that other Majlis in NSW follow their lead. Our Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia, Rana Ejaz saheb also made a tour to South Australia. In our next edition, insha allah (god willing) we will provide a report on the UK tour that was undertaken by some Khaddims to play in the 20/20 cricket tournament. It's also been a year since the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia made a successful tour to Fiji and New Zealand in July 2008 as part of the Khilafat Jubilee celebrations. We have included a brief report of this tour in the current edition. Please pray for the success of our newsletter. Was Salaam Sharfraz Ahmad Rahim EDITOR ­ Al Masroor


Message from the Editorial Board:

Please send any relevant information or articles of interest to us for publication. Please also visit the following informative sites, however please note that some may not be authentic websites: A copy of this newsletter is also available from the Khuddam page of The Al Masroor editorial team takes full responsibility for any errors or

Back: Ataul Awal Nasir Ahmad, Mohammed Irfaan Front: Murad Mahmood Khan, Rana Ejaz Ahmad(Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya), Sharfraz Ahmad Rahim

miscommunications in this newsletter.


Friday Sermon We encourage members to read Huzurs Friday sermons which can be found at: For your benefit we have published below, a gist of Huzurs Friday Sermons from earlier this year, as provided by Ch. Hameedullah, Wakil A'Ala, Tahrik Jadid Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Khalifatul Masih V


Salutations & Meanings

Salla Allaho alaihay wa sallam Peace & blessings sas / saw of Allah be on him, used for Holy Prophet of Islam, Sayyedna Muhammad, SAS Alayhe Salam Peace be on him, used for Prophets of God ayyadah Allah tala be Nasray hilAziz, may Allah assist him. A prayer recited with Khalifat alMasih's official title. (RA) May Allah be pleased with him. Used for a male companion of the Prophet or a revered person who has passed away (RA) used for a female companion of the Prophet or revered lady who has passed away Head of the Muslim community, literally successor (Ar. Khalifa) The Successor of the Messiah A courtesy title used for a revered & righteous person. Holiness Muslim Television Ahmadiyya Mr. or Esquire, implying respect.



Razi Allah anho

Razi Alah anha

Caliph / Khalifa Khalifat ulMasih Hadhrat / Hazrat MTA Sahib


Mathematics Trivia

100 Closed lockers. Suppose you're in a hallway lined with 100 closed lockers. You begin by opening every locker. Then you close every second locker. Then you go to every third locker and open it (if it's closed) or close it (if it's open). Let's call this action toggling a locker. Continue toggling every nth locker on pass number n. After 100 passes, where you toggle only locker #100, how many lockers are open? Last Issues Answer: I am 36 years old. 10+9+8=27 27/(3/4)=36


Majlis Al Sadaqat

Majlis Al Sadaqat

Message from Azhar Khan, Nazim Isha'at, Majlis Al Sadaqat Majlis Al Sadaqat Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Sydney, Australia, held their first annual Ijtema on the 26th and 27th of June 2009. On day one (Friday), the program commenced at 8 pm in the evening. Dinner was served, followed by Table Tennis Competition, in which a total of 16 khuddam participated.

Day Two (Saturday) started with Tahajjud, Fajr Prayers, followed by followed by Dars ­ E ­ Quran, total attendance being 12. Breakfast was also served at 6.30am, after which the following Sports Competitions were held: Athletics ­ 100 Metre Race, Relay Race and ShotPut Team Events ­Volleyball, soccer & tug of war Later we had the formal opening and Ilmi Competitions, which started at 10 am, presided by Rana Ejaz Sahib, Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Australia. Ameer Sahib and Amla Members of Majlis Al Noor and Majlis Baitul Huda were invited to attend the event. Nasir Kahloun Sahib, Naib Ameer Jamaat e Ahmadiyya, Australia and other National Amla members attended the proceedings as well. The session began with Tilawat and Translation by Mohammad Mohsin Safdar Sahib, followed by Ehad, and Nazm by Zohaib Bilal Khan Sahib. Aftab Ahmad Goraya Sahab Quaid Majlis then gave the opening speech. He welcomed all judges, guests and participants to the event and congratulated the Majlis for holding its first annual ijtema. He highlighted that the main objective of the ijtema was spiritual nourishment, and advised all khuddam to cooperate with the nazimeen during the Ijtema to achieve this purpose. He took the opportunity to encourage the khuddam to pay their outstanding chanda as soon as possible, and then formally announced the commencement of the proceedings, followed by Duá.

The Ilmi Competitions were then held between 10.30 am and 1 pm as per schedule. A total of 30 khuddam participated in the competitions, which comprised of the following:

Quran Tilawat Nazm Speech ­ English and Urdu Religious Knowledge (Open Book)


Zuhr & Asr Prayers were then offered after lunch at 1.30 pm, followed by the Cricket Competition. The closing session was at 3.30pm with Tilawat and Translation by Jawad Mahmood Sahib and Nazm by Haris Khan Sahib. Quaid Majlis then presented the Ijtema Report, expressing his gratitude towards all judges, guests, participants and nazimeen for making the event a success. Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Australia then presented the concluding address ­ congratulating the Majlis for organizing its first annual Ijtema, and acknowledging the performance of its khuddam in the recent months. He then formally announced the closing of the Ijtema proceedings, followed by Duá.

A Prize Distribution Ceremony was then held in which the winners of the Ilmi and Sports Competitions were awarded certificates. A special award was given to Halqa Al Masroor for best overall performance in the Ijtema. The event concluded at 4pm with tea.

Majlis South Australia

Message from Imran Ahmed, Nazim Isha'at Majlis SA

Majlis South Australia

Assalamo Alaikum There was a picnic held at the National Belair Park on the 14th of June, 2009 for the Khuddam and Atfal. We also invited the Ansar brothers to join us for the Picnic. The guest of honour was the Sadr KhuddamulAhmadiyya, Rana Ejaz Sahib who joined us from Sydney. A BBQ lunch was held at the picnic. It was organised, prepared and served by Ferhaj Mansoor Sheikh and his team. Every one including the Sadr Sahib enjoyed lunch which was a speciality of Ferhaj Sheikh saheb. After lunch the Sadr Sahib held a meeting with the KhuddamulAhmadiyya Amla members. He explained the duties of each Amla member and then discussed each shoba (portfolio) with their secretaries. The attendance was: Khuddam 38, Ansar 6 and Atfal 11.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Australia [Company address]

Majlis Baitul Huda

Message from Muslim Ahmed, Nazim Isha'at, Majlis Baitul Huda In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Ever Merciful. With the blessing of God, Majlis BaitulHuda is moving forward in order to successfully organize the upcoming Sydney Ijtema. In the month of June we held two meetings at the mosque. Qaid Saheb encouraged khuddam to participate in Jamaat and Khuddam activities, bringing a good turnout. We had 26 khuddam participation in first meeting and 25 in second meeting. The main purpose of both meetings was to discuss the Ijtema participation and conduct training.

The first meeting was held on 12 June. The meeting started with a verse from The Holy Quran. A khadim recited a nazm from kalaametahir. Other Khuddam also read the summary of khutbaejuma delivered by Huzoor atba, and practiced nazm and speeches for the Ijtema. The meeting ended with dua. We had a joint lunch after the meeting. Soccer training were also conducted on a few occasions by Syed Tariq and Ajmal Khan. The fact that khuddams are meeting together to socialise and do physical training is great, which builds a stronger brotherhood within the Majlis. A number of Khuddam have donated blood and we encourage more participation in this lifesaving venture. Waqareamal is ongoing as usual, currently concentrating on finishing the Khilafat

Jubilee Hall landscaping project led by Br Murad Khan. We do request everyone to sacrifice their time for the mosque and thank those who are regular and encourage others to spare their time also.


Majlis ACT

Message from Kamran Ahmad, Naib Qaid Majlis ACT

Majlis Victoria

Majlis ACT had their monthly Taleemi and Tarbiyati class on 28th June 2009.Participants of the class got the valuable knowledge .The syllabus of the class was based on the monthly syllabus send by the markaz. After the class Majlis Act had their monthly Amala meeting attended by six members.

Majlis Victoria

Message from Osama Chaudhry, Qaid Majlis VIC Assalam o Alaikum Dear brothers Our main activity in the month of June was Waqare Amal at the Jamaat Centre in which Fifteen khuddam took part for about 3 hours mainly to clean the surrounding area. Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Victoria has also started the initial rounds for our Ijtemah sports. During the month of June we had two matches of soccer, one of cricket & one of volleyball.

ATFAL NEWS: Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya, Sydney Jalsa Seerat un Nabi

Message from Haris Khan, Nazim Isha'at & Anwar Ul Haq Shahin, Muhtamim Atfalul Ahmadiyya Australia

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful Alhamdolillah, Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya successfully organized its Jalsa Seerat Un Nabi 2009 on Sunday the 28th of June, 2009, presided by Naib Ameer Nasir Kahloun Sahib. Respected Ameer Sahib, some senior members of the Jamaat, parents, guests and approximately sixty atfal attended the event. The proceedings commenced with Tilawat and Translation by Waqas Ahmed Tariq, followed by a Nazm by Muneeb Ur Rehman Sanori. The speeches were both in English and in Urdu, highlighting various aspects of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)'s personality, comprising of: The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)'s Life ­ by Arslan Ahmed Nasir and Rafaeh Mahmood. Kindness Towards Children ­ by Umair Shams. Truthfulness ­ by Nabighe Chaudhry Respect For Neighbours ­ by Samaan Khalid. Love For Allah ­ by Fateen Khan. Final Pilgrimage ­ by Naveed Saleh. Religious Tolerance ­ by Usman Khan. Nazm `Badargaahay Zeeshan' was recited by a group of atfal from Mayaar E Sagheer and Kabeer. The concluding address was given by Ameer Sahib, who expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the atfal who had participated in the Jalsa, and said that the primary responsibility of providing religious education to the atfal is that of the parents. Ameer Sahib also emphasized on attendance and punctuality by members. The jalsa ended with Duá.

Here are five simple ways to prevent the spread of any form of influenza:

Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough Wash your hands Washing your hands regularly even when they aren't visibly dirty Don't share personal items Clean surfaces Flu viruses can live on surfaces for several hours. Avoid close contact with others if you are unwell with flu


General: Australia ­ Some Facts Highest Mountain: Mainland: Mount Kosciuszco 2,229 metres. The highest

Khuddam Syllabus for the month of July

Hifze Quran Surah Ala Chapter 87 Starting and breaking the fast. Couplets 1516 Prophecy of Masih MaoodAS Women In Islam Hamari Talim (Our Teaching)

Prayers Qaseedah Hadith Exam Book Reading

2008 Khilafat Jubilee Tour Fiji & New Zealand

point is Mawson Peak on Heard Island at 2,754 m. Australia is the lowest continent in the world with an average of only 330 metres. and the lowest point is Lake Eyre in South Australia at 15 m. below sea level. The most southerly mainland point is South Point, on Wilson's Promontory south of Melbourne. South East Point in Tasmania is the most southerly point of the main continent excluding the Antarctic. The longest river is the Murray River and its tributary the Darling River, which joins it at Wentworth in the southwest corner of New South Wales. Together totalling 3,370 km. their drainage basin comprises more then 1 million square kilometres or around 14% of Australia. The largest state is Western Australia with an area of over 2.5 million square kilometres. The largest island is Australia itself, followed by Tasmania, but offshore the largest is Melville Island of 5,786 sq km. near Darwin. The smallest state is Tasmania. The hottest temperature recorded in Australia was 53 degrees celsius at Cloncurry in Queensland in 1889. The coldest temperature recorded was at Charlottes Pass in the snowfields of the Great Dividing Range near Mt. Kosciuszko of 23 degrees celsius in 1994. The highest rainfall ever in Australia was 907mm. of rain at Crohamhust in Queensland on February 1893. The highest average rainfall recorded was at Bellenden Ker in Queensland where 11,251 mm. fell in 1979. The driest place in Australia is Lake Eyre with an average annual rainfall of less than 125mm. The most extreme range of temperature has been recorded at White Cliffs, an opal mining centre in Western New South Wales with extremes of 57.2 degrees between belowzero winter nights and hot summer days. Information obtained from AUSLIG, the Australian Surveying and Land Information Group 2006.

Khilafat Jubilee ­ Fiji & New Zealand Tour 3rd July 2008 to 20th July 2008

Message from Sharfraz Ahmad Rahim, Organising Committee member. It's almost been a year since the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiya Australia made a tour to Fiji & New Zealand as part of the Khilafat Jubilee Celebrations in July 2008. Below are brief details of the tour.

By the grace of Allah, we had a very successful historic 18 days tour to Fiji and New Zealand. There were 24 of us on a 5 days tour to New Zealand and 23 of us continued for further 12 days tour of the Fiji Islands. This is a only a brief report of our tour and a more detailed report will be provided as a separate magazine and will also be available on the Khuddamul Ahmadiyya link of the Jamaat website.

Preparations for this started almost a year ago under the direction of our (then) Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Br Amjad Habib Khan who formed a Committee consisting of Br Romeo Khan, Br Naushad Khan and Br Sharfraz Rahim. The Committee

members put a plan of action together and met regularly to see that plans were achieved.


The bulk of the cost of the tour were met by traveling individuals but the tour may not have been as successful without the assistance of the following:

Ameer Saheb for his continuous guidance. Jamaat Australia for the initial financial contribution. Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia for further financial contribution. Jamaat NZ and various individuals for their hospitality and being a great host. Jamaat Fiji and various individuals for their hospitality and being a great host. Security Ordinance Services for sponsoring uniform. Rundle Point Convenience Store for sponsoring uniform. Gaffar Enterprises Pty Ltd t/a United Petroleum for sponsoring uniform.

The tour provided us with spiritual uplift, bonding and unity among the group members. We not only had our regular daily prayers but had daily Tahajjud prayers as well. As a token of appreciation, our Sadr presented a Shield to each host branch Sadr. The brief details of the tour are as follows: Day 1: The tour group met at Baitul Huda Mosque on 03rd July at 6.30am. Ameer Saheb provided us with words of advice and then led dua. The group left for the Sydney airport for the 11.30am flight to Auckland in NZ, which arrived at 4.30pm. We were met by members of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya NZ and were taken to Baitulul Muqeet centre for an official welcome. The Centre was also our place of residence for our entire stay in NZ.

Day 2: Tour of Auckland city with visits to various summits, Juma prayers and Quiz competition. In the evening we had a historic and a very entertaining soccer match between Australia and New Zealand won by Australia 53. Day 3: Various sports including volleyball, indoor soccer and touch rugby at an indoor sports complex. We showed Jamaat Australia DVD and presentation of Shield to Sadr Jamaat NZ and Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya NZ. Day 4: Tour of upper North Island. We also visited the Te Puia Cultural Center in Rotorua and were amazed by the geothermal activity at the site. We also had a very relaxing time at the Polynesian Spa. Night tour of Auckland city. Day 5: Free time and bit of shopping. We then left for Auckland airport for a 5.30pm flight to Nadi in Fiji which arrived at 8.40pm. We were picked up by members of the Nadi branch and stayed overnight at the Aqsa Mosque. Day 6: Visited the Lautoka Ahmadiyya Primary School and tour of Lautoka city. Went back to Nadi for a SeeratunNabi Jalsa. Presentation of Shield to Nadi branch. We also contributed $500 towards cooking pots for Nadi branch. Day 7: Left for Suva city with a picnic stopover at the world famous Natadola beach, which is near our Maro Centre in Coral Coast. We had BBQ lunch and horse ride before continuing on our journey to Suva. Overnight stay at Fazle Umar Mosque in Suva.

Day 8: Tour of Suva city with visits to major sites. Historic soccer match against Suva team which Australia won 41. In the evening we had a general discussion on Ahmadiyyat in Fiji conducted by Ameer Saheb Fiji. We also visited a tradeshow carnival at night.


Day 9: Short visit to Nausori town. We also visited the Ahmadiyya Muslim College and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School in Narere. Juma in Suva and presentation of Shield to Suva branch. We then left for Lautoka city and stayed overnight at Rizwan Mosque.

Day 10: Visited Tivua (Mystery) Island for a day excursion. It was a very nice cruise to the beautiful island. The day also included snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, coral and fish viewing, volleyball and lunch. Presentation of the Shield to Lautoka branch. We also contributed $500 towards a water pump for Lautoka branch. We then left for Maro for overnight camp at Mahmoud Mosque. Day 11: Sports Rally in Maro. Fiji Jamaat had representatives from all the Viti Levu (main Island of Fiji) branches. In the Soccer match, Australia A drew Nil all with the Combined West team whilst Australia defeated Viti Levu 61. The Nailaga branch defeated Australia in Volleyball and Touch Rugby. Presentation of Shield to Maro branch. We also donated $500 towards Cooking Shed for Maro branch. We then left for Nadi in the evening.

Day 12: Domestic flight to the very beautiful Taveuni Island. We were picked up by Taveuni branch members. Visited Bouma waterfalls,and the official site of the International Dateline where each new day begins. Being literally the corner of the earth, this place has fulfilled Allah's promise "I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth". We also had a small fishing trip and stayed at Baitul Jame Mosque in Taveuni. Presentation of Shield to Taveuni branch. We also donated $500 worth of cooking pots and serving bowls to the branch. Day 13: Seven aside soccer match against Taveuni won by Australia A 62. After lunch we left to board a 2.30pm Ferry to Savusavu (in Vanua Levu, second main Island of Fiji) which arrived at 7.30pm. We had dinner in Savusavu town and then left for overnight stay at Nasir Mosque in Labasa town. Day 14: Left for Valoca and visited the Mubarak Mosque which is the first mosque built by Jamaat Fiji in 1965. Also visited the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Valoca. We then had our final soccer match against a combined Vanua Levu team which Australia won 10 in extra time. Presentation of Shield to Valoca branch. We also donated an electricity generator worth near $500 to the Valoca branch. Day 15: Whilst not on the agenda and at the request of Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School, we also fielded a team to play a friendly match where Australia A lost by four goals. We also presented a Shield to the School as well as donated a set of soccer nets. We then headed to Nasarawaga branch for a traditional Fijian welcome and Lovo meal. We played a limited overs mixed cricket match at a nearby school. We also went for a short fishing trip. Presentation of Shield to Nasarawaga branch. We also donated a $500 worth of grass cutting machine (brush cutter) to the branch. We performed Namaz at Masjid Bilal and then left for a swim at a nearby river and waterfall. We then left back for Labasa. Day 16: Visited Labasa town and then had Juma in Labasa. Labasa jamaat presented the history of Ahmadiyyat in Fiji. Presentation of Shield to Labasa branch. We also donated $500 worth of cooking pots and plates to the branch. We then left for Labasa airport for a 3.30pm flight to Nausori (back to the main Island) which arrived half an hour later. We continued our journey by bus to Aqsa Mosque in Nadi. Day 17: Family visits and day trip to Nadi town. After lunch, we left for Maro to attend the engagement ceremony of Br Ahmad Amjad Khan, one of the members of our tour group. Soon after we left for Nadi Airport for our return home. Our flight left at 9.35pm to Auckland where we had a five hour stopover.

Day 18: After the transit in Auckland, at 7am we boarded our final flight to Sydney airport which arrived at 8.30am local time. We were picked up by some Khaddim brothers and dropped off at BaitululHuda Mosque where we were picked up by our awaiting families.


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