CARAVAN E ISLAM A QUICK FLASH Department of Tahrik e Jadid USA A detailed note will appear in Caravan e Islam August 1, 2009 Issue Huzoor's Second Day Address ­ A Gist of the Progress Report · · · · · Ahmadiyyat is now in 195 countries. Two new countries, Lithuania and Serbia were added this year Outside Pakistan, 531 new Jam'ats were established and at 790 places first time Ahmadiyya Jam'at was established. 155 new chapters were established in Mali and India established 104 new chapters and Sierra Leone established 47. In Kyrgyzstan, Asher Ali Sahib contacted Akmal Sahib who saw Hadhrat Ahmad in dreams. Further contacts generated 60--65 new Baits Ahmad Jibrail from Ghana related that he went to a town bordering Togo. There he met an old man who said I am 70 years old, I was once a Muslim but later on adopted Christianity, now you have rekindled the Fire in me and he accepted Ahmadiyyat with 45 other people In Kinshasa Congo, 250 new baits were realized A total of 399 Mosques were added this year, 164 were purpose built and the rest were already built and were added to the total. At the following places the very first Mosques were established: Maracaibo, Venezuela, Chad, and in Bolivia a parcel was purchased and in Equatorial Guinea, foundation stone was laid First Tabligh center/Mission House were added in Iceland, Macedonia and Kosovo Melbourne Australia Council gave permission for the Mission House in spite of opposition A new Mission House is purchased in Sweden, initial price was 4 Mil Coronas later it dropped and Jam'at was able to buy within their resources Number of Quranic translations went from 68 to 69. The new language added is Twi Ashanti. In this language no other Divine Scripture has ever been translated. It was done by Yousuf Edusi Sahib Tafseer e Kabeer Vol 8 in Arabic is now printed Tadhkira is also printed with revisions of translations. Tehrik e Jadid Eik Ilahi Tehrik is now printed and has Sermons of Khalifa Sani till 1965. Publication department printed 523 books in 31 languages in the qty of 248600 Selected verses, Hadith and Books are printed in Thai, Kirgis and Serbo/Coaration language Raqueem Press is operating in 8 African countries. Total material printed in London was 212500 and in Africa 486000 pieces Roohani Khazain is now printed in digital format 12 volumes have been done and include three unprinted booklets that are now added. MTA is organized into 14 departments with 116 men and 46 ladies working. MTA is also available on you tube

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Many Baits took place via MTA. Imas Kara in France accepted Bait in his blanket when he saw Huzoor who appeared seven times and told him that I am from God. A Moroccan fellow went to Spain and accepted Bait He saw a dream about Huzoor Alahisasalam Ali Sharif and his wife from Algeria accepted Ahmadiyyat via MTA 1158 TV Programs were organized for 769 hours and were roughly watched by 100 million viewers worldwide. In Burkina Faso, Radio Islamique Ahmadiyya is doing a great job of Tabligh. Once a man from Waterloo area of Burkina Faso called and requested that I would like to join the Ahmadiyya Community. He was given the address and directions and he came to the location and signed his Bait. 257 Exhibitions and 790 Bookstalls were organized last year and over 297000 people received the Message of Islam/Ahmadiyyat. There was an increase of 1945 in Waqifeen e Nau and the the total number of Waqifeen e Nau has reached to 39081 with 25013 boys and 14000 girls. In 2004 the number of Moosies were 38183 worldwide. As of now this number has increased to 105370 and Nizam of Wasiyyat is spread into 98 countries. Under Nusrat Jehan scheme 36 hospitals are in operation in 12 countries. A new hospital has been established in Shianda, Kenya and Paraku, Benin. 65000 patients have received treatment at Tahir Heart Institute in the last 18 months where 7500 procedures were conducted with 125 by pass Surgeries. Rejuvenate the earlier contacts: I gave a target of 70 % Ghana stands first with 51000 new contacts established to a grand total of 818000. THIS YEAR BY THE GRACE OF ALLAH 416,010 NEW SOULS JOINED AHMADIYYAT THE TRUE ISLAM FROM 111 COUNTRIES REPRESENTING 366 NATIONS ALHUMDOLILLAH.

Note: Hadhrat Aqdas related several inspirational and moving anecdotes that have not been covered in this summary. They will appear in the monthly Magazine Caravan e Islam of July 1, 2009. Wassalam Khaksar Anwer Mahmood Khan National Secretary Tahrik e Jadid USA



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