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Nasiratul Ahmadiyya - USA

To: Local Nasirat Secretaries Dear Sisters, Asslamoalaikum, I hope by the grace of Allah that you are all in good health. During an aamla meeting in Houston, the following issues were raised regarding the nasirat and certain others have arisen since then. Please see below the answers to most of the questions raised: 1. Q. Nasirat secretaries tend to miss all the Lajna meetings. What can we do about that? A. All the nasirat secretaries should have an assistant, so that they can alternate attending lajna classes. Chapters with large tajnids can also recruit volunteer mothers to help. It is important that nasirat secretaries also participate in the national lajna program. Q. How do we increase the involvement of mothers in the nasirat class? Should they be required to sit in class with their daughters? A. Having all the mothers in the class will be extremely disruptive. Mothers will likely offer their opinions on how to run the class and this will result in not only undermining the teacher in front of the nasirat but also, too many mothers with too many opinions will be extremely difficult to manage. Moreover, the nasirat will either feel inhibited with their mother around and not respond as effectively in class or become too bold and difficult for the teachers to teach. Mothers can be invited to particular classes once in a while or request them to volunteer their help in the classroom. Set a schedule so that you only have two mothers at a time. Make this a voluntary program. Q. What is the age when a nasirat becomes a lajna? A. On her 15th birthday. If the nasirat turns 15 shortly before an ijtema and wishes to participate, she can do so. Please note that on the nasirat's 10th birthday, she enters her 11th year and should follow the syllabus for the 11-13 age group. Similarly, on her 13th birthday, she enters her 14th year and should follow the syllabus for the 14-15 age group. Q. Should nasirat be allowed to wear jeans to the classes? A. As long as the nasirat are modestly dressed and their bodies are fully covered, with a long shirt, wearing jeans should not be overly criticized. Our first and foremost responsibility is to impart the teachings of Islam to the nasirat and to create a loving environment for them so that they will thirst for knowledge and will want to attend the classes. In time, initiate a discussion on how to dress for weddings, work, mosque etc. and steer the discussion to appropriate dress codes for theese occasions. Q. Will there be a test in April? A. No. The next test will be held in July. InshaAllah, the test will be distributed to the Lajna presidents in May. This will give the nasirat secretaries enough time to review the test and prepare the nasirat. Q. If any nasirat is going out of town in July, can they give the test before they leave? A. Yes. Please realize that tests are an evaluation of how well the nasirat is progressing, how well the nasirat teachers are covering the syllabus and how well the national program is working. So it is important that every nasirat takes the test. Q. What is the theme of the Ijtema this year? A. This year's theme is "Devotion to Khilafat". Q. How much flexibility do the nasirat teachers have? A. The syllabus has been designed to meet the needs of every chapter, regardless of size or demographics. So be flexible with it to the extent that you need to. But be sure to maintain a balance between each category. If there are chapters where the local nasirat secretary is different from the nasirat teachers, then the nasirat secretary and the local Lajna president should be aware of and approve the manner in which the syllabus is being implemented by the teachers. Q. How strict and structured should the class be? A. Structured teaching is an excellent idea, but we should not lose sight of the fact that we are enhancing the spirituality of the nasirat and as such, we need to create an environment for them






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Nasiratul Ahmadiyya - USA

that is loving, caring and inspiring. Too much rigidity can be counter productive and will ultimately result in rebellion. I trust that these questions and responses will be of some value to you all. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. JazakAllah, Wasalaam Tahera Anwar National Nasirat Secretary [email protected]


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Microsoft Word - Letter2NasiratSecretaries-FAQ.doc