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Cheryl Hewitt

Indabuff Kennel

105 Sunset Ave Lodi, WI 53555 608-592-4820

[email protected] Indabuff Kennel Pet Puppy Contract

For the purpose of this Contract the following terms will be used: "Seller" or "Indabuff Kennel" will refer to the seller, Cheryl Hewitt, of the puppy. The terms "Buyer", "Customer", and "Original Owner" will refer to the original purchaser of the puppy. The terms "Veterinarian" or "Licensed Veterinarian" will refer to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or veterinary clinic licensed and accredited by the state in which the practitioner or clinic is located. TERMS 1. Puppy is warranted to be free of any known disease or defects, unless otherwise noted, at time of sale. Buyer has 3 business days to take puppy to a licensed veterinarian of buyer's choice and at buyer's expense to validate this warranty. And within this time should for any reason said dog be deemed unsuitable, then Seller will refund purchase price, minus deposit after said dog has been returned to Seller at Buyer's expense. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 2. Every effort is made to insure the puppy's health and well being. Seller is not responsible for any stress/environmentally induced disorders such as, but not limited to, kennel cough, pneumonia, hypoglycemia, allergies, parasites, etc., anything that is beyond Seller's control once puppy leaves Seller's premises. It is strongly advised that the first and second of the puppy series of shots be administered prior to public exposure. Please expose your puppy with care to a variety of people, animals and environments. Puppies need socialization at an early age so that they develop socially. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 3. Buyer agrees that at NO time will this dog be allowed to roam free, tied to a stake or left unattended outdoors when no one is home to monitor. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 4. Seller warrants this puppy for one (1) year from date of birth, against genetic defects rendering it unfit as a pet. The defect must be of a true genetic nature and not environmentally induced in any way. In the event a puppy is diagnosed with a genetic disorder, the owner will receive, upon proof of spaying or neutering of their pet, a credit toward a puppy from a future litter. This will occur only after proof of such condition(s) exists. Proof will consist of appropriate documentation furnished by 2 different veterinarians from different clinics. This documentation must be on veterinary letterhead along with the signatures of the diagnosing veterinarians. The Seller will not require that dog be returned for the guarantee to be effective. The Buyer may return the dog if he/she so chooses. Should genetically caused death occur within the first year a necropsy is required and all supporting documentation must be provided upon request. Any and all documentation for all above stated reasons must be available upon request and subject to review by Seller's vet. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 5. Buyer has read and understands that a puppy is a commitment, and that family problems, landlord disputes, behavioral problems, etc. do not constitute grounds for

refund/exchange. However, at any time Buyer finds that he/she may not keep the puppy/dog for any reason, Buyer is required to return the puppy/dog to the Seller at Buyer's expense. No monetary compensation will be offered Buyer, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties in writing. If the puppy/dog is returned it must be free of communicable disease, and must be up-to-date on vaccinations and be on heartworm and flea preventatives. Paperwork, signed to return the puppy to the seller's ownership is required. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 6. Said dog is to be spayed or neutered by age 14 months, if not already altered when leaving Seller. Proof is to be furnished to Seller on veterinary letterhead and signed by the veterinarian who performed the surgery that the surgery was done. All registration papers if available, will remain the property of the Seller until such proof of spay or neuter has been furnished to Seller by Buyer. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 7. At NO time may said dog be bred. If Term # 6 is not met and said dog produces a litter of puppies and /or sires a litter of puppies, then up to $5,000 (five thousand dollars) will be owed to Seller, per incident (incident defined as: per litter produced and litter is defined as one live puppy) for breach of contract. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 8. At NO time may ornamental tattooing be done to this puppy/dog, other than for means of identification such as done with tattoo-a-pet. At NO time may the dog's name be tattooed on the body of the dog/puppy or any other tattoo for ornamental reasons. If ornamental tattooing is done the Buyer will owe the seller $5,000 (five thousand dollars) for breach of contract. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________ 9. Deposit is non-refundable if Buyer changes mind on wanting the puppy/dog that is being held for them as a result of the deposit. However, if the Seller is the one who changes his/her mind about selling to the Buyer, the deposit will then become refundable. Buyer:___________ Seller:__________

I have read and initialed all Terms listed above and agree to abide by them. This contract is a legal and binding contract and is signed this day, _______, month_________, of _________year in accordance with the laws and regulations within Columbia County in the State of Wisconsin, USA.

Seller's Signature:___________________________________ Date: ______________________ Buyer's Signature: ___________________________________Date: ______________________

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