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InternationatBoxing Association


National Boxing Federations Members AIBA of December 14,2007 AIBA BoxingAcademy Request Expression Interest Bidding for of in

DearMr President, AIBAPresident, Ching-Kuo hasinitiated thebeginning thisyearoneof Dr Wu, at of projects "DevelopmentAIBABoxing hisdream of Academy". AIBAoffice As finally planfor thisproject October, was presented both completed master its last it to pastmonth AIBAExecutive Committee Extraordinary and Congress Chicago in full andreceived endorsements. process findthe bestsuitable As of today, AIBAwillbegin bidding the to boxing academy location eachcontinent in based following on timelines: o o o o . . o . . December ,2007 11 4,2008 January 15, JanuaU 2008 JanuaU 2008 31, May2,2008 May30,2008 June1 - 30,2008 July25,2008 August, 2008 Beginning Bidding Process of AnnouncementSelection of Committee Deadline Letter Intent for of Sending RFPFileto Bidders of chosen by Selection Committee Bidding Deadline receiving for Files AnnouncementFinal of Candidate Cities SiteVisits Final to Candidate Cities Submission Final of Evaluation Report from Selection Committee all EC members to Decision EC Meeting Beijing in by

governments cities order AIBAwillalsodirectly sendthisrequest selected to in and to maximize participationviable the of candidates. Onceanyreplyor interest from government is we inform related authorities received, willimmediately the federation(s). Thedeadline sendthe Letter Intent January 2008.I am sureyoumight of is 15, to needto receive moreinformation orderto evaluate project. in the Therefore, our any and/or provide to additional office available answer of yourquestions is to yourevaluation thismatter. information assist on to

Maisondu sport InternâtionalI Avenuede Rhodanies4 | 'roo7 Lausanne I switzerland Tel +4'1 21 321 27 7Z I Fax +41 21 921 27 ?2 | www,aiba.oro

(form Upon receipt yourExpression Interest of of attached), AIBAEvaluation the andSelection Committee sendyoutheAIBABoxing will Academy Tender Document you along withthedetailed your Master Plan which allow to submit will competitive for hosting AIBABoxing bid the Academy. Youarekindly requested review to attached Master brief Plan(Outline theAIBA of Boxing Academy) to usethe attached and official Expression Interest of form.

Yours sincerely,

Ho Kim Executive Director cc: Dr Ching KuoWu,AIBAPresident Ms Patricia Steulet, AIBAExternal Relations Development & Director

Attached: Outline theAIBABoxing of Academy Expression lnterest of Form


Theundersigned hereby officially expresses interest bidfor hosting AIBA its to the Boxing Academyand requests copy of the AIBA BoxingAcademy a Tender Document.


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