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Homeland Security Seminar Vienna, 3rd of November 2005

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1 Beth-El

Name of representative

Jehuda Fehlauer


[email protected] [email protected] +972 4 6299999

Company profile

Co-Operation in the field of Collective NBC Protection for various kinds of applications such as tents, ships, maritime applications, vehicles, containers, shelters, etc. In detail, the company is active in the fields of: - Fine filtration - NBC-filtration - systems for military/emergency vehicles and containers/mobile shelters - Filtration systems for tents and army camps - Biological Negative Pressure Filtration System - NBC resistant tents - Expandable cabinet shelter Currently appointed by the LSRI (Life Science Research Israel Ltd) which is the commercial arm of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in order to locate new markets around the world and introduce the ETK - Explosives Testing Kit to them. ETK: A simple, very smart and cost effective portable micro-laboratory for rapid detection of explosives. Target: to place an ETK kit in every police car, any airport and any agent who is in the field trying to protect us. ETK can detect ALL kind of explosives and was expended to detect the improvised explosive TATP. ETK is been successfully used by the Israeli police/security forces as well as by other countries security forces. Defense Industries International is a leading manufacturer and global provider of personal military and civilian protective equipment and supplies such as tactical ballistic shields, body armory, vehicle armoring, minefield sandals and ballistic wall cover.


CPR, Ltd. Commercial Promotion Resources

David Minsky

[email protected] +972 544917233


Defense Industries International Ltd.

Beno Dvir

[email protected] +972 8 6891611 +972 3 921 3431



Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd. / SERIS

- Dr. Yaacov Frucht - Partick Herouin (SERIS repr.)


Elbit Systems Ltd.

- Uri Dobkin

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] +33240222076 +972 4 9819236 [email protected] +972 4 8315315 +972 4 8315205


Hadas Detection & Decoding Systems Ltd.

- Gil Pogozelich - Arie Asher - Lior Shalev

[email protected] +972 9 9510129 [email protected] +972 504446601

Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd. core activity is Home Land Security. The company is also active in areas of system engineering, sensors, aeroballistics and house training facilities. Our main products are based on the Laser Radar Technology. They allow the user to create virtual fence with a very high probability of detection and low false alarm. The systems which are fully integrated with fixed or PTZ cameras can be used for fixed and mobile applications and can be easily integrated in existing security systems. Elbit Systems develops, manufactures and integrates advanced, highperformance defense electronic and electro-optic systems for customers throughout the world. Major activities include command, control, communication, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems for defense and homeland security applications such as: - Fixed and rotary wing platform systems and upgrades - Helmet mounted systems - Unmanned airborne vehicles - UAVs - Tactical and security systems 4 - Ground C I and battlefield systems - Combat vehicle systems and upgrades - Electro-optic systems - Technology spin-offs for commercial applications We also perform upgrade programs for airborne, ground and naval defense platforms, often as a prime contractor, and supply advanced turnkey Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) systems. In addition, we are one of only a few upgrade contractors in the world who also integrate, develop and manufacture electronic and electro-optic systems and products. Hadas Detecting and Decoding Systems Ltd was founded in 2002. The company is the technological market leader for Acoustic and Seismic Signal Processing and Analysis and provides perimeter security solutions by detecting and analyzing acoustic waves and locating Surface and Sub-Surface activities. The company is on its way to become a market leader for Underground Security Solutions and has performed major contracts recently, including the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). HADAS has developed a unique system for the protection of oil and gas pipelines. This innovative system, the HPG (Hadas Pipe Guard), enables early detection, full real time control of activities around and on the pipe, pinpoint location of damage as well as product leaks and immediately and effectively alarms the forces or maintenance crews.



Lamda DSS

Shlomo Sapir

[email protected] +972 8 9245775


Magal Security Systems/Senstar

- Manfred Zimmermann - Klaus Guse - Rami Gutt

[email protected] +49 7544 959117 +49 171 4443296 [email protected]


MATE Access Technologies Ltd.

Tal Weber

[email protected] +972 9 7455041 +972 54 6648355


Phoenicia America Israel (Flat-Glass) Ltd.

- Eyal Didy - Erez Schweppe

[email protected] +972 5 47725223


Pollak International Ltd./Euroband

Michael Porat

[email protected] [email protected] +972 3 9022885 +972 52 3299640

Lambda Sentinel is Lambda's leading security product, offering the organization a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that monitors and protects the work stations (either connected or disconnected from the network) from illegal use of either external or internal devices causing an information leakage such as: - USB/Bluetooth/Infrared devices (disk-on-key, camera, printer, scanner) - CDs, DVDs, floppy drives/Tape drives - Modems, network adapters, PCMCIA adapters/Ports (com & LPT)/Printers Magal's objective is to maintain their position as the leading provider of outdoor security systems worldwide. As part of this international group Senstar GmbH is responsible in Europe for sales and technical support. Provider of: - Outdoor perimeter security detection system - Management systems for perimeter protection - Mobile perimeter protection systems MATE Media Access Technologies is a leading provider of Video Analytics and Access Control systems that is based on software and hardware of its own. Our platform consists of behavior tracking and object identification that is identified by homeland security needs as one of the first stages to clarifications of different events. The company comprises experts in video surveillance, image processing and video communication, who have gained wide experience in the homeland security, retail, transportation and entertainment markets. Manufacturer of: flat glass, pattern glass. Fabricator of: tempered glass, mirror, silkscreen glass, laminated glass. Specialized in: security glass (bulletproof glass, blast resistant glass, forced entry glass), bulletproof glass for buildings and automotive and armored vehicles. MUSKITM is an emergency mask to be used for first-aid purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for conventional gas masks including those produced according to EN-132-1991 to EN-149 and EN 403-405 standards respiratory protective devices. Designed in a "bag" shape, MUSKITM fits over the head and is sealed around the neck. Vacuum-packed and portable, it fits into a pocket or purse for easy accessibility in an emergency. MUSKITM is intended for personal emergency first-aid assistance when potentially harmful elements/particles or suspicions thereof exist in the atmosphere.




Alfred Bettheil

[email protected] +972-3-766 8666


Rimon Agencies Ltd.

Beny Rimon

[email protected] +972 9 8851213 +972 505 383683


Secotec-Galdor Systems Ltd. Tadiran Communications

Peter Henapl

[email protected] +972 8 9322950/ (-05330394) [email protected] +97250666 9546


Gil Meltzer


Verint Systems Ltd. Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd.

Zvi Fischler


Gideon Nave

[email protected] +972 37664801 +972 547784801 [email protected] +972 52 8396110

Radware is focused on technologies and solutions that enable the complete operation of mission critical IP applications. Radware's integrated Application Security, Application Infrastructure and Endto-End Connectivity solutions are deployed by over 2,500 enterprises and carriers worldwide. Radware offers the broadest product line in the industry, meeting application needs at every critical point across the network including Web and Application Servers, Firewalls, VPNs, ISP links, Anti-Virus Gateways and Cache. (1) Manufacturer of security equipment: mini searchlight "OWL", lighting trailers, revolutionary perimeter LED lighting with solar chargers & lighting solutions (2) Manufacturer of anti-terror barricades (3) Development of explosives detector (4) Integrator of perimeter surveillance equipment & software (5) Building command cars & escort vehicles Manufacturer of Fence Mounted and Underground Perimeter Detection systems. Manufacturer of Security Management systems Hardware & Software for Computerized Integrated Security systems. With over 40 years of experience, Tadiran Communications Ltd. is a respected world leader in military communications technology. Serving the needs of all combat echelons - from the individual soldier, squad and platoon, to the division and corps levels - Tadiran Communications Ltd. develops reliable, battle tested products and systems with a multitude of configurations essential for combat environments, and tailors them to the needs of its customers around the world. Verint Systems is a leading provider of analytic software-based solutions for the security and business intelligence markets. RAFAEL is a leading R&D authority at the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Core business: Communication Systems; Electronic Warfare; Intelligence systems; Trainers and simulators; Computer and data systems; Microwaves; Antennas and Radars.



Persay Ltd.

Ariel Freidenberg

[email protected] +972 3 767 8688 +972 54 5635454

Offers voice and speaker verification and authentication systems for remote services. Persay, a spin-off of Verint Systems (NASDAQ: VRNT) is a world-wide leader in developing biometric speaker verification, speaker identification and language identification products. FreeSpeech TM, S.P.I.D. TM and VocalPassword TM are able to verify and identify a speaker's identity during a natural un-constrained dialogue over the phone, or during an automatic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) session. Persay's products are deployed worldwide in the intelligence, financial, call center, law-enforcement and security markets. Persay is interested in developing partnerships with local System integrators and partners that are deploying solutions for the intelligence, government and financial industries. Persay is also interested to meet with the potential end users of this technology within the various agencies and banks. Up-dated: 28. October 2005



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