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Aikido For Beginners

with Judith Robinson, Sensei

Aikido is a well respected and very powerful method of self-defense that uses fluid movements to redirect and control an attack. Aikido develops confidence, strength and poise in the face of conflict. Our very popular and enjoyable beginners series introduces you to the basic skills of Aikido, the Way of Peace.

Beginner's Classes Start Tuesday, January 13, 2004 at 5:30pm

Beginner's classes run for eight weeks, every Tuesday evening. Wear casual clothing, such as sweatpants and t-shirts. The cost is $59.00, which includes a manual for beginners. Class runs for one hour.

Learn Aikido not to fight and defend, but to win. Use Aikido to hold your ground, but also to share it with your attacker. Share Aikido to transform the world into a more peaceful place.

Try Aikido and Change Your World

Aikido at The Center

3518 E Grant Road Tucson, Az 85716

Please feel free to call: 520-887-3986; or visit our website for



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