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BBA Program at Thammasat

Welcome to the second issue of "AIMS On Campus". The previous issue focused on Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University or "Banshi Chula", so this issue will focus on its close friend, Banshi Thammasat. Banshi Thammasat is the oldest business school in Thailand, found on November 23rd, 1938. Several of Banshi Thammasat's alumni are head of government units and leading organizations. At present, there are thousands of living alumni around the country to help support Thailand's economy. The BBA Program at Banshi Thammasat was established in 1990, and it is one of the best business programs on the undergraduate level in Thailand. The program admits 130 students from approximately 1,500 applicants each year!!! Currently, there are 3 concentrations to choose: Accounting, Finance, or Marketing which students have to choose in a sophomore year. On the junior year, students could participate in exchange programs to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, or Australia for 1-2 semesters. The good news is (1) 30 credits can be transferred, and (2) you only pay the TU's tuition fee even though you took courses at UC Berkeley or UCLA (which the tuition fee is much more expensive).

Life as a BBAer

When you become a BBA student at Thammasat, you will not be alone anymore. Every BBA students will have their own mentor, called "Pee-ra-had," who they will get in their first meetings, using the method of lucky draw. What these "Pee-ra-had" do is that they usually hand the textbooks and sheets to their "Roon nong", and help them with anything, that is if they can. Basically, they are just the ones to help you when you do not know who to ask. As they are more experienced, they are likely to know more than you or be able to advise you. Where do most BBA students hang out after school really depends on individuals. I would say most people go to Siam Square to hang out. But we usually eat around the area. There are many restaurants and popular bakeries. Students sometimes go to the other side of the river (Thonburi) where there are many restaurants and desserts.

Tha-Prachan Campus

The BBA Program locates at Tha-Prachan Campus which is known as the beautiful campus, but with limited space. What students usually worry about Tha-Prachan campus is the parking problem. Students are not allowed to park inside the campus, but they can park at Sanam Luang for free all day long. Other options available are Siriraj, in which you have to pay a certain fee and take a ferry boat to Thammasat, or park at S&P restaurant (between Tha- Prachan and Tha-Chang) which costs 100 Baht a day. There are also many other means of transportation such as buses, boats, taxi or car-pooling.


Buses that pass Tha PraChan includes no. 32, 53, 124, 203, .32, .64, .201, . 203, .503, .506, .508, .524 and those that pass Sanam Luang includes 2, 3, 15, 19, 30, 32, 33, 39, 43, 53, 59, 64, . 3, .39, .59, .60, .70, .80, .91 and .507 On the other hand, Banshi Thammasat's Students in Thai Program study at Rangsit campus for all their 4 academic years. This has just been changed recently. Previously, they use to study at Tha-Prachan campus with international program students in the junior and senior year. Banshi Thammasat building is unique; however, someone unofficially refers to this building as a "Fish Tank" while some others think it looks like a "beehive".

On interesting fact is Thammasat Main Library is located four levels under the ground. Sometimes there are mobile signal problems but there will be separated areas for mobile users in the library where there is full of signal.

BBA Student Demographics

For the BBA students' statistics, there are on average 130 students per year, consisting of 40% male and 60% female students. Among these, there are approximately 17% students from foreign schools, 28% students from international schools and 55% from Thai schools. Most of the students are Thai and some are Asians i.e. Taiwanese and Singaporean.


There are both activities between TU and CU (Football) & BBA TU and BBA CU (Basketball). There are also activities among BBA TU and other three international programs in Thammasat. Students within Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy (Thai program) also have activities with BBA students such as singing and cheerleading contest, and there are activities even among BBA students in different years. These activities include sports tournament etc. There are also quarterly BBA newsletter (in English) and Accy Today newsletter in which that latter one is edited by the students in Commerce and Accountancy (Thai program) and is done in Thai. These really help the students to keep up to date information about their faculty and the university.



The BBA Program at Thammasat is one of the most difficult business programs to get into, but it is one of the best programs in Thailand also. Your learning will not be limited to domestic lessons, but worldwide as you will have an opportunity for an exchange program in top business schools in any of the four continents in the world. Examples include USC, UT (Austin), U of Minnesota (Twin cities), McGill, ANU, SNU, U of Ottawa (Canada) and many more! Moreover, your classmates also come from around the world with different backgrounds and experiences. After four years, you will realize how lucky you are here!!!

About the author

Paparwee Assavadakorn (Yeepoon) is a sophomore student at BBA Thammasat. She graduated from Shrewsbury International School with an impressive record (6 A* and 4As on IGCSE Transcript). If you are looking for someone who knows and prouds of BBA Thammasat, she is that person.

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BBA Program at Thammasat

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BBA Program at Thammasat