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Unit 2 Week 4­ Tops and Bottoms - Linda Goodall - The Classroom Connection

Scott Foresman Reading Street Grade 3 Unit 2: Smart Solutions Week 4- Tops and Bottoms ­ Genre Animal Fantasy Spelling Words - Words with spl, thr, squ, str splash throw three square throat strike street split splurge thrill strength squeak throne strawberry squeeze Challenge Words squid squander arthritis instrument strategy Individual Spelling Lists May Contain 8, 15 or 20 Words Depending upon Pretest Scores Comprehension Comprehension Grammar Writing Research Vocab. Phonics Spelling Strategy Skill Skill Skill Skills Predict Author's Context Consonant Words with Singular Feature Story Encyclopedia Purpose Clues Blends spl, spl,thr, Possessive Nouns transparency 9A & 9B Main Idea squ,str,thr squ,str transparency 9 PB 83,87 PB 83,86,87,88 PB 84-85 PB 89 SB 33-36 GB 33-36 PB 90 Pick and Choose Worksheets to Use Leveled Reader Selection Title Worksheets Reading Vocabulary Words Blue Group The Magic of Coyote LR 46-47 bottom cheated clever crops Yellow Group Our Garden LR 46-47 lazy partners wealth Green Group Growing Vegetables LR 46-47 SMARTboard Activities Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Dominoes Salsa Garden Guess the Covered Word Quia Vocabulary Quiz 10 Important Sentences Vocabulary Review TR8A ­ Consonant Blends TR8B-Author's Purpose TE-249j- Compound Words Encyclopedia PB 90 TE 249i- Consonant Blends Writing Transp. 9A,9B Cloze Activity(Farming) Leveled Reader 46 Word Ladder Grammar Transp. 9 Singular Possessive Nouns Poem for Fluency Poem for Fluency Poem for Fluency TR8A Vocbulary Poem for Fluency Author's Purpose Main Idea Poem for Fluency Antonyms Possible Center Activities 10 Important Sentences Spelling Word Practice

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Microsoft Word - Tops_and_Bottoms_Review

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