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Quick reference guide for Amadeus Vista 2.2

Welcome to Amadeus Vista!

Amadeus Vista is an advanced browser-based reservation tool offering a fully graphical interface to the Amadeus system. For expert Amadeus users, Amadeus Vista also includes a fully-featured Command page that allows you to run local scripts and to make cryptic format entries.

Overview Graphic page

Via the Vista header you can customize the desktop, refresh or exit the application PNR Cmd page Profile Air Car Hotel Fares Doc print Ais Ferry Tktng Itn+ Cruise

Most frequently used icons

Clear all fields and resets values to default Close the input window Reopen the input window Refreshe the PNR display [RT] Save changes [ET] Delete the selected line Modifies the selected line Copy Ignore changes [IG] Move to previous/next page [MU/MD] Move to previous/next day [MY/MN] Open more input options



Mandatory fields are yellow White fields are optional Grey fields are disabled

Accessing Amadeus Vista To access Amadeus Vista: 1. Go to the Welcome page (URL provided by your NMC).

This page also provides you with links to the Vista related pages.

The six working areas can easily be accessed via the bottom tabs. These tabs display an indicator showing the status of the corresponding working tab.

2. Click on the Vista button. Signing In to Amadeus Vista 1. Sign in to Amadeus

Vista by filling in the mandatory fields (Agent Sign, Initials, Duty code) then click on "Sign in". 2. From the sign-in window you can also choose the work areas in which you want to be signed in ­ or even choose to enter Practice training.

Switching to the Command page

The Amadeus Vista Command page, accessible via the Command page icon or by pressing Ctrl+J, allows you to make cryptic format entries and to run local scripts that are defined as Smart Keys. In the Command page, you can easily navigate using the keyboard. Note that you can instantly retrieve a PNR context created previously in the Graphic page.

Customization panel

Customizing the Desktop

To customize the order in which the areas are displayed or the area you want to be displayed by default, click on the Amadeus Vista header. From this window you can also select the areas of the Graphic page that will be preloaded. If you choose to preload all the areas, the loading time will be longer but the navigation faster. For computers with low RAM memory, it is recommended to keep the default configuration (only the PNR area is preloaded).

Smart Key toolbar

Navigating in Amadeus Vista Graphic

· Amadeus Vista is a point & click interface: to navigate from one area or field to another, just point your cursor where you want to go and click. · Navigation in Amadeus Vista is also menu driven: for some fields where you have multiple options, a menu displaying all possible values appears. · Navigation is also partly available via keyboard, view the Vista Keyboard Cheat Sheet for further information.

The available commands on the dynamic Speed Mode toolbar vary according to the current display

Getting help

· For a field explanation, click in the field and press F1. · For details on how to perform the current task, click on the question mark in the upper right corner.

Via the scrollbar you can go back to previous screens

Exiting Amadeus Vista

To exit Amadeus Vista: Click on the Amadeus Vista header and then on Exit.


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