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High Endurance Single Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors 5 ­ 20 HP


EndurAir Series

Absolute Endurance

EndurAir Series

The growing industrial demand for compressed air requires compressor manufacturers to provide more reliable, economic and versatile compressors within a small footprint. Gardner Denver addresses these requirements, with the introduction of the new EndurAir Series.


Without an efficient, durable airend, a unique compressor design means nothing. That's why Gardner Denver designs and manufactures this critical component to exacting standards. Tens of thousands of Enduro airends are in operation worldwide, proving that the heart of the EndurAir Series can stand the test of time.

A small compressor does not have to be a throw-away compressor. Unmatched endurance is the foundation of the EndurAir.


Proven Endurance by Design

Tens of Thousands of Enduro Airends are in Operation Worldwide

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EndurAir Housing

Fewer Parts results in less opportunity for leaks to develop


Multi-Lip Shaft Seal

Keeps the lubricant in and the dirt out for maximum sealing performance and long life


Advanced Rotor Profile

Shortened Sealing line and minimal air "slippage" yields lower electricity bills


Heavy Duty Inlet Bearings

Oversized to achieve maximum bearing life and rotor stability


O-Ring Seal

Highest quality positive sealing for years of trouble-free operation


Minimized Blow Hole

High efficiency profile minimizes internal losses associated with blowback


Dedicated Thrust Bearings

Provides total support for both vertical and horizontal forces placed on each rotor

The Enduro airend has the reputation to match its name.


The Total Package


The design of these packages assures the service points are readily accessible. One-piece removable side and rear panels provide easy access to critical service points. This allows for the swift maintenance on drive belts and pulleys as well as the oil reservoir, which helps to reduce down time.

Low Noise As Standard

Every EndurAir is quiet without expensive adders. Operating from 69 to 74 dBA, EndurAir compressors can be located anywhere in the work area for maximum installation flexibility. With top discharge cooling air and a control panel located above the fan, EndurAir compressors sound even quieter than their "official" rating.

Enduro Operating Efficiencies


Competitive Operating Efficiencies

A Total Package

· Controls that do diagnostics and provide service information--means ease-of-use while minimizing downtime. · Airend with a standard 2-year warranty. · Standard moisture separator and drain trap on base mounted units.

Efficient Airends

Enduro airends are more than reliable. Designed for efficiency over the widest speed range in the industry, Enduro airends make more air using less power than competitive offerings. Thus, with EndurAir compressors, you can be sure you have minimized the largest cost component of owning a compressor--electrical cost.


Reliability from Simplicity

Easy To Use

The new AirPlus microprocessor controller meets user demand using load/no load/ timed shutdown controls. The AirPlus controller monitors and regulates the number of starts per hour as well as controlling the unloaded periods. The controller optimizes the use of the compressor, which helps to manage energy consumption. The general control system will display: · Digital read-out of oil temperature · Hours of operation · Operating pressure · Monitors the loaded hours as well as unloaded hours. · Monitors the number of hours to the next required servicing. When immediate corrective action is required, Shutdown notifications will be displayed on the LED screen. These notifications will be: · High temperature shutdown · Motor overload shutdown · High system pressure shutdown · Incorrect rotation advisory and shutdown · Power interruption shutdown · Temperature probe error shutdown The control panel also provides a variety of preset machine warnings and conditions on an LED display. These condition displays will include: · Motor thermostat · Sense of rotation · Compressor discharge temperature · Total operating hours · Load hours · Pre-alert for machine maintenance service ­ Air filter ­ Oil separator ­ Oil filter ­ Oil Change


EndurAir Complete

"EndurAir Complete" answers the call for an integral package that includes the compressor, receiver and a refrigerated dryer. These packages are designed to include all of these components, rolled up in a small footprint.

Package Features with Refrigerated Dryer

· Compressor and refrigerated dryer will be assembled and mounted on an air receiver for ease of user installation · 5­10 HP EndurAir Complete packages will be mounted on an 80 gallon or 120 gallon receiver · 15­20 HP EndurAir Complete packages will be mounted on a 120 gallon receiver only · The refrigerated dryer will come complete with heat exchangers, moisture separator, automatic condensate drains, R-134A refrigerant · Easy to monitor control scheme with on/off rocker switch and dew point temperature indicator

· Fabricated from solid steel, the dryer will have corrosion resistant epoxy powder coated paint 5­10 HP, 80 Gal. with Optional 3-Way Bypass · Easy to remove cabinets promote ease of service and routine maintenance · Heat exchangers are crafted from multiple offset layers of press formed AISI 316 stainless steel which helps to promote higher rates of heat transfer · Standard internal coalescing separator/filter includes an efficient 3 micron particulate filtration and oil removal to 5pp.w/w ­ (ISO Quality Class 3 solids, Class 5 ­ oil) · The electrical connection of the refrigerated dryer will be 115V single-phase with an 8 foot grounded power cord · All EndurAir Complete dryers have been engineered with staggered inlet and outlet connections for easy installation of all optional FIL Series Filters · Both UL/CSA certifications will be standard on each dryer


Complete Versatility

Dryer Performance

Each dryer has been sized for continuous operation maintaining a pressure dew point of 38° F at 100 psig with inlet air temperature of 100° F and an inlet air relative humidity of 100%.

Optional 3-Way Dryer Block and Bypass

An optional manifold system of 3 ball valves allows for dryer bypass in case of dryer problems.


W a r r a n t y

2 Years--Complete Dryer 5 Years--On Heat Exchanger

Extended Warranty available: contact your local distributor for more details.

20 HP, 120 Gal. with Optional 3-Way Bypass

Let Gardner Denver Take Control of Your System

To ensure total system reliability, Gardner Denver provides a broad range of dryers, filters, oil/water separators, drains, cleaning fluids, and aftercoolers. ONE-STOP shopping from Gardner Denver assures that all components of the system are designed to work together and are backed by customer support today and for years to come.

Member [email protected] Gardner Denver, Inc. 1800 Gardner Expressway, Quincy, IL 62305 Customer Service Department Telephone: (800) 682-9868 FAX: (217) 224-7814

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GS-EA-FAM 1st Ed. 9/09

Supersedes 13-17-200 1st Ed. 6/05


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