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A place for innovative thinking and superior technology



A State of the Art Design Center and Manufacturing Plant strategically located at the center of the world

Founded in 1991, the strength of Air Design lies in its capacity to cooperate with major automotive manufacturers around the world in order to Design, Develop and Produce original accesory parts and vehicle personalization solutions in a highly sophisticated environment. Air Design employs approxiamately 250 engineers, designers and plant personnel from 15 different countries.

OUR CLIENTS General Motors Ford Motor Company Volkswagen Nissan Peugeot Seat Hella BBVA Bancomer OUR SUPPLIERS Huntsman Dow Chemical Dupont Senoplast G.E. Plastics Cuprum Hella Philips


PRODUCTS & SERVICES Air Design offers a wide range of products and services including Styling Design, CAD Engineering, Model and Molds Construction. Our product development process is supported by using the latest in technology and production equipment.

MATERIALS & PRODUCTION PROCESSES · Polyurethane (Rigid) · Polyurethane (Integral Skinfoam) · Polyurethane (RIM) · In-Mold Coating · ABS Plastic Thermoforming · Resin Transfer Molding · Epoxy Fiberglass Process · Primer & Body Color Painting · Pre-assembly · Aluminium Profile Extrusion (outsourced) · Thermoplastics Injection (outsourced) · On-Site Vehicle Personalization

MAIN PRODUCTS EXTERIOR · Spoilers · Wind Deflectors · Bumper Systems · Radiator Grills · Complete Styling Kits · Plastic Skid Plates · Front Bumper PUR Grill Guards · Fender Flares · Fog Lamps Bezels & Grills · Rear Spare Tyre Covers · Mud Flaps · Fog Lights · Roof Racks · · · · INTERIOR Rear Trunk Organizers Seat Organizers Arm Rest Consoles Elelctronics Holders




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From the concept to the Product

Imagine being able to produce instant functional prototypes for automotive parts, consumer goods, packaging, displays and a wide variety of products with the highest quality and accuracy of a end product before actual production occurs. Air Design´s 3D "visual modelling" techniques combined with our State of the Art Fast Prototyping 3D Printers and CNC Machin-

ing capabilities can save our clients "tonnes of time and money" for the research and development of a new product by significantly reducing the risks of investing in expensive tooling and mold construction. Air Designs fully integrated Cybernetic Fast Prototyping Design Center and Specialty Manufacturing Plant are located in a single site which enables us to offer faster

turnaround times for the completion of your projects and offer greater quality control measures from the design of the initial concept through to the manufacturing of the end product. Our Design Center and Manufacturing Plant are strategically located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. This centralized location gives us greater flexibility and logistical advantages for servicing clients nationally and internationally.


From the concept to the Product


Air Design works with its clients from the initial product design concepts right through to creating functional prototypes and manufacturing of the end product ready for use or sale. Air Design can brainstorm new ideas for the creation of a completely new product or help update and refine existing products.


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Air Designs State of the Art Technology puts us at the forefront of the Design and Manufacturing Industry which in turn allows our Mexican and International clients to continue moving forward with new and innovative automotive accesories and solutions keeping them at the forefront in their own markets. 06

From Design through to Production

Air Designs fully integrated inhouse CAD Engineering plus CNC & Composite Tooling capabilities produce unparalleled, fast solutions for OEM & Aftermarket Special Vehicle Personalization Programs.


STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT FOR VISUAL MODELS, ENGINEERING AND FULL SIZE PROTOTYPES LEAD TO PRODUCTION · · · · · · · · · · · · · 3D Digital Concept Design 3-4-5 Axis CNC Machining 5 Axis Royce Router 3D Printer Rapid Prototyping 3D Laser Scanning Thermoforming Soft Tools Aluminium/Steel Injection Tools Epoxy, Urethane, Silicon Castings Foam and Clay Sculpting Composites Reaction Injection Moulding Polyurethanes Custom Design Aluminium Extrusion




Customer Loyalty Value for Shareholders a Competitive Advantage Market Share Value


Computer Aided Design, a journey to perfection

Over the past 15 years, Air Design has created a unique network of relationships with the most relevant Companies and Institutions in the world. Air Design´s renowned culture of innovation and extensive use of the latest technology and materials available for Product Design and Manufacturing has positioned Air Design as a reliable leader for Industrial Design and Custom Manufacturing within the Automotive Accesories Industry. 08

The Optra WTCC Edition consists of: · Styling Kit · 17 inch Rims and Tyres · Leather Interior · Sports Air Filter · "Exhaust Tip Extensión" · Special Blue Paint Finish · WTCC Limited Edition Emblems · Aluminium Badge with Limited Edition Series Number of each car


The WTCC Optra Styling Kit is a Special Limitd Edition Production of only 1000 Units co-developed by General Motors and Air Design. The WTCC Optra is a very sofisticated vehicle with a sporty look inspired by the European Opel OPC and the "World Touring Car Championship" Series.

The Limited Edition WTCC Optra Styling Kit consists of a Special Custom Paint Finish, Body Kit, Sports Interior, 17 inch Rims and Tyres, Minor Motor Tuning and an Aluminium Badge with the Limited Edition Series Number of each car.

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Air Designs product development process fully integrates sophisticated digital workflow from the laser scanning of the vehicles original surfaces and CAD-CAM 3D rendering through to clay and foam modeling using state of the art software combined with 5 and 6 axis milling/trimming machines

Style &

Air Design is a logical choice for State of the Art Automotive Design, Engineering and Specialty Manufacturing of Automotive Accessories that creates value. Air Design offers cost effective and innovative design solutions that can help any OEM or Aftermarket Special Edition Program reach a higher level of service and commercial achievement. Air Designs strategic location combined with Mexicos unmatched number of Free Trade Agreements with the rest of the world offers a competitive advantage

when creating new niches in the market place. Innovative thinking, the utilization of the latest CAD Technology and a profound knowledge of almost all Engineering and Manufacturing Processes are hallmarks of Air Designs unique expertise and flexibility that allows us to develop accesories in record time. Our goal at Air Design is to focus on creating sustainable value through designing great products! Its that simple.



born from


Air Design´s founders, Miguel Avalos Sr., Miguel Avalos Jr. and Carlos Avalos share more than 60 combined years of automotive experience with our multicultural team of young designers and engineers from all over the world.


OUR STAFF Air Design employs many Industrial Designers and Engineers who are experts in areas such as product and packaging design to thermoforming, injection moulding and even robotics. Our staff are an international mix of professionals who work together in teams sharing their unique ideas and abilities to give our clients the best possible design solutions and the highest quality finished products.

PARTNERSHIPS WITH UNIVERSITIES At Air Design we believe in continually developing the skills and knowledge of young designers and engineers worldwide so we have teamed up with various universities and institutions by opening our doors for outstanding students to gain valuable real world training in our Design Center by giving them access to our state of the art technology and processes.

Sharing knowledge and ideas


MANUFACTURING PLANT Right next door to Air Designs Design Center is our Manufacturing Plant where we take our design concepts through to final production. The benefits of having our own Manufacturing Plant and Design Centre together allows for a much faster turnaround time, higher quality control and lower logistical costs. Our Designers and Engineers also have direct access to the Manufacturing Plant which allows them to monitor the final production stage of their original design concepts, ensuring that our high standards are correctly met for the best end results for our clients. Our plant contains 7 PUR High Pressure Reaction Injection Presses, several Thermoforming Machines and 6 Axis Trimming Robots which have the capacity of turning out a high volume number of pieces per day keeping up with our clients demands. Inside Air Designs Manufacturing Plant we maintain a staff of approximately 200 people who work in a variety of roles such as Managers, Supervisors, Assembly and Machine Maintenance positions.

Nothing Less





CASE STUDY - 01 Ford EcoSport SVP Special Edition For the best selling SUV in Latin America, Ford Motor Company Mexico hired Air Design to design, develop and produce a special edition version called the "EcoSport SVP". The SVP Body Kit is made of Polyurethane and Thermoformed plastics.

CASE STUDY - 05 SEAT Altea Cross SEAT Mexico, with the cooperation of Air Design, created the Altea Cross Concept Car. The Concept Design, 3D Modelling and Mock Ups were developed at Air Designs studios in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The SEAT Altea "Freetrack" currently in production in Spain takes inspiration from the original studio model developed in Mexico.

CASE STUDY - 09 Peugeot 307 Sedan The Argentinian Peugeot 307 Hatchback version was redsigned for the Latin American Market. However the Rear Trunk needed a Sportier look to improve poor sales. Peugeot México contracted Air Design to Redesign the sluggish rear with a Rear Flush Wing amongst other cosmetic improvements.

CASE STUDY - 02 ABS Plastic Body Color Tyre Cover Air Design operates in five vehicle personalization centers located in 4 maritime ports of Veracruz, Altamira, Mazatlan, Manzanillo and also 1 in Mexico City. In this photo, more than 25,000 Ford Vehicles are being accesorized in Veracruz with a rear spare tyre cover designed and produced by Air Design using Senoplast® Body Color ABS Plastic.

CASE STUDY - 06 SEAT Ibiza Competition II Air Design is a leading manufacturer of Body Kits within the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. Above is a SEAT Ibiza Competition II best selling body kit, manufactured with OEM Specifications using high density flexible and structural PUR-RIM Polyurethane.

CASE STUDY - 10 Jetta A4 2008 Body Kit The best selling sub-compact car in China and Mexico is the VW Jetta. The vehicle was reengineered in VW China for 2008. Air Design has developed a new aerodynamic body kit version for VW and this important car.

CASE STUDY - 03 Peugeot Grand Raid Totem Special Edition Peugeot Mexico and Air Design developed a "Cross Over" version of the Peugeot Grand Raid passenger vehicle. The units are being accesorized in Mexico City and Verzacruz.

CASE STUDY - 07 Volkswagen Jetta A5 "Bora" Body Kit The Jetta A5 (Bora) body kit was developed and is currently produced by Air Design for Volkswagen Mexico, in Puebla, where the vehicle is manufactured. This kit and other products from Air Design are sold as Original Volkswagen Accesories which are distributed throughout Mexico and Latin America.

CASE STUDY - 11 Electric Race Car Air Design is deeply involved with well known Design Universities around the world. Every year Air Designs "Trainee Program" recieves more than 50 Industrial Designers and Engineers. Its network program covers 5 continents. The Race Winner "Skualo" Electric Racing Car was developed by the Universidad del Nuevo Mundo and Air Design in 2001.

CASE STUDY - 04 VW CrossFox Special Edition Tyre Cover Volksagen Mexico launched an OEM Special Edition for its popular CrossFox, a vehicle called "Alaska". The rear tyre cover featured on the CrossFox Alaska is also marketed as a Volkswagen Original Accesory produced in ABS Body Color Plastic by Air Design.

CASE STUDY - 08 Jeep Wrangler Spare Tyre Plastic Cover All of Air Designs products are CAD engineered, CNC prototyped and developed for production. Above is Air Designs Jeep Wrangler "Class A" finish ABS Thermoformed plastic Tyre Cover.

CASE STUDY - 12 SEAT Altea FREETRACK The Concept Car lost its "SUV Appeal" when the Production Car moved the Spare Tyre from the outside into the trunk. Air Design and SEAT Mexico developed an improved production version of the original concept for the Latin American Market.

Air Design S.A. de C.V. Est. 1991 Headquarters Av. Dr. Gustavo Baz No.43, Colonia Xocoyahualco Tlalnepantla, Estado de México 54080, MÉXICO Tel (52 55) 53 93 66 36 Fax (52 55) 53 93 66 28 [email protected] [email protected] Design Center & Manufacturing Plant Km. 1 carr. Tezoyuca-Tepetzingo, Municipio Emiliano Zapata, Morelos, 62767 MÉXICO Tel (52 777) 3 85 09 04 Fax (52 777) 3 85 08 48 Catalogue Designed by Air Design S.A. de C.V.

La marca Air Design, los equipos aerodinámicos y demás productos Air Design, incluyendo este catálogo, sus fotografías, su contenido y los productos mostrados, están registrados como propiedad artística, intelectual e industrial de Air Design, S.A. de C.V. El uso o reproducción por parte de terceros, sin autorización expresa del titular de los derechos, está sujeto a sanciones civiles y penales en México y en el extranjero. Los nombres de compañías, marcas y productos mencionados en este catálogo son marcas y modelos registrados por sus respectivos dueños y se incluyen en el catálogo únicamente como referencia y sugerencia de aplicación de las autopartes Air Design, por lo que los productos mostrados en las imágenes de este catálogo no implican la existencia de una relación o asociación entre Air Design, S.A. de C.V. y las compañías automotrices citadas al índice y tampoco representan que Air Design, S.A. de C.V. vende y/o fabrica productos bajo especificaciones, licencias o autorización de alguna de las compañías automotrices citadas al índice.

Environmental Responsability is everyones Responsability

The United Nations has awarded Air Design for its serious involvement in the protection of the environment.




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