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Table of Contents

Front Cover Introduction Mission Statement Quality Policy Monarch Value Statements Prototype Policy Features and Benefits Typical Applications How to Use This Product Guide D.C. Power System Selection Guide Model M-255 Model M-326 Model M-3598 Model M-304 Model M-3504 Model M-301 Model M-311 Model M-313 Model M-721 Model M-258 Model M-259 Model M-319 Model M-3519 Model M-3519-HF Model M-3515 Model M-3516 Model M-314 Model M-303 Model M-719 Model M-310 Model M-3541 Model M-3542 Model M-3534 Model M-3547 Model M-3551 Model M-3551-HF Model M-3554 Model M-3552 Model M-642 Model M-500-4W/3W Model M-3530 Model M-683 Model M-3528 Model M-3529 Model M-3593 Monarch Modular Power Units S-326 Pump/Motor Units SAE Pump Data 12 Volt Performance Curves 24 Volt Performance Curves 36 Volt Performance Curves 48 Volt Performance Curves 72 Volt Performance Curves How to Order S-326 Pump/Motor Units M Series D.C. Pump Data M Series D.C. Motor Information (Standard) Motor Thermal Performance Data Mini Reservoirs M Series Reservoirs Valves for D.C. Systems Motor Start Switches for D.C. Power Systems Control Stations Mounting Brackets Optional Accessories for D.C. Power Systems Battery Cables Warranty

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