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High Quality Engineered Fan Coils Since 1931





Always an industry leader AIRTHERM has earned a reputation for manufacturing innovative, efficient products that are dependable, quiet, energy efficient and easy to maintain.



AIRTHERM units are built to last. AIRTHERM's 14 gauge option sets industry standards for durability. Powder coated louvers and panels resist day-to-day scratches and scrapes, and, the textured finish resists blemishes. Insulated front panels, resilient mounted motors and strategic placement of the fan deck in relation to the discharge opening reflects in exceptionally quiet fan coil operation. AIRTHERM offers high efficiency PSC motors as standard on all of our units. These motors require minimum power, keeping operating costs low.





AIRTHERM Unitaire IV · ACCESSIBILITY Two expansive 9" end pockets with removable panels allow easy access to piping and fan coil units have a controls when installing, servicing and cleaning. design and product Coils are made with 5/8" O.D. tubes and are adaptability for nearly · QUALITY positioned completely within coil housing to ensure uniform airflow and years of e ve r y a p p l i ca t i o n . dependable service. AI RTHERM offers All units are certified in accordance with ARI horizontal and vertical · ARI CERTIFICATION standard 440. units--exposed, Positive Condensate Removal System, outside concealed o r · IAQ air dampers and closed cell insulation provide solutions for indoor air quality concerns recessed-200-1200 CFM, with factory mounted controls and OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES hundreds of options to assure the flexibility to · CABINETS · Decorator Colors · 14 Gauge Construction meet ever y job · Rear Extensions · Extended End Pockets · Tamperproof Access Doors · Stainless Steel Drain Pans requirement.

· · · · · ·

Cleanable and Replaceable Media Filters Optional Supply Voltages - 280, 240 and 277 Manual, Automatic and Motorized Dampers (25% & 100%) 25% and 100% Aluminum Wall Boxes Single or Double Deflection Discharge Grilles, Linear Steel Bar Grilles Electric Heat - U.L. Approved

Special units can also be furnished as the AIRTHERM engineering staff stands ready to modify Unitaire fan coil units to meet your new design challenges and requirements.



· A special bonding process provides the sturdy cabinets with an attractive powder coat finish. Our exclusive Condensate Removal System eliminates standing water, reducing odors and decreasing humidity. Two 9" deep end pockets and removable panels provide easy access, saving time and money during installation and maintenance. Resilient motor mounts and insulated discharge panels dampen air sounds for quiet operation. Reversible coils give added flexibility when piping and installing units. TOTALLY ENCLOSED COILS CABINETS HAVE 18 GAUGE CONSTRUCTION. 16 AND 14 GAUGE CABINETS ARE OPTIONAL






MODEL FETF Vertical Cabinet

MODEL SETF Sloping Top Vertical Cabinet

MODEL FDTF Deluxe Vertical Cabinet

MODEL WETB Wall Cabinet

Adaptable to any floor application. Model FETF, like all cabinet units, comes in optional colors to blend with any decor. MODEL RETF

Specially designed for schools, hospitals and other places The stylish FDTF model is ideal where items may be placed for areas where special over the discharge grille. appearance is important. MODEL WRFF MODEL LETF

The WETB unit offers the same capabilities as our floor models, in a wall mounted style. MODEL FCTF

Reduced Height Vertical Cabinet

Vertical Recessed

Low Profile Vertical Cabinet

Vertical Concealed

The RETF unit offers the same capabilities as our other floor more interior space. Also available models, but with a reduced in floor mount and partially recessed configurations. height of 21".

Wall mounted WRFF provides for The LETF is designed to fit in The fully concealed FCTF unit is perfect for special applications those areas where a shorter unit is required. At 18" tall, the where custom exterior cabinetry is necessary. LETF is still only 9" in depth.



· Horizontal units features a sloped, continuous drain pan, insulated to prevent condensation. No additional auxiliary drain pans, drip lip or baffles are required Coils and return bends are fully enclosed within an insulated coil compartment directing all the coil output to the space being conditioned. Fan deck is easily removed for service and accessibility to the coil.




MODEL CEFB (shown) Ceiling Exposed

MODEL CRFB (shown) Ceiling Recessed

MODEL CRBR (shown) Ceiling Recessed with Bottom Discharge

This unit is ideal for renovation as it The hinged telescoping bottom panel reduces duct work and requires no floor provides easy access to unit interior for space. Also available with rear inlet. any needed servicing. MODEL CPFB (shown) Concealed Ceiling with Plenum MODEL CCFR Ceiling Concealed

These units offer the same features as the other ceiling recessed units, with the added benefit of having the discharge located in the bottom panel, eliminating the need for ductwork. An adaptation of the model CCFR, the CP Hidden in the ceiling, the CCFR unit is a unit can be arranged for either rear or quality unit for hotels, motels and apartbottom return air connection ments and other multi-room buildings. 4


Over 30 standard valve packages are offered with manual valves and/or electric control valves. Electric control valves numerous options: · · · · 2-Way Water 115 Volt 2-Pipe · · · · are offered with

3-Way Steam 24 Volt 4-Pipe

which are available with various thermostats to provide an integrated control system. Most valves are installed, ready for incoming piping - all unit wiring is complete, ready for power hook up. All standard 115 volt, 2 and 3-way factory supplied control packages are U.L. labeled. We offer the widest range of special valve packages available in the industry due to our two end pocket design. AIRTHERM is also ready to meet your design needs. Our engineering department is always ready to customize valve packages to your specification.

Let us work with your ATC Specialist. We can provide complete piping packages utilizing · Pneumatic · Electronic DDC

For years, AIRTHERM has been providing the widest and most comprehensive unit mounted control systems in the industry - let us cut installation costs and ensure ease of maintenance with one of our standard or customized valve and control packages.


Each fan coil is individually cartoned, palletized and shrink wrapped per AIRTHERM standards. These packaging methods mean that your units will arrive in the best condition with the least amount of handling. For certain orders, dedicated trucks are available for fast delivery and ease in handling.

AI R TH E R M ' s U n i t a i r e I V Engineering Manual contains complete details of dimensions, performance data, standard value packages, control systems and optional accessories. This, along with our Unitaire IV Coil Rating Program is available from an AIRTHERM Representative in your area.

AIRTHERM's Full Product Line Meets Your Application Needs

At AIRTHERM® our sole business is the design and manufacture of heating and air conditioning terminal equipment. We provide only the highest quality, ARI certified and U.L. approved, dependable products. And do so with competitive pricing and reliable delivery.

Unitaire IV Room Fan Coil Units Vertical Stacked Fan Coil Units Steam and Hot Water Unit Heaters Cabinet Unit Heaters Convectors

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