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SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2007



Maria Zambrano Cortez

Deborah Ann Guerra


Maria Zambrano Cortez celebrated her 100th birthday Thursday. She is the mother of six children, Corina (Jose) Zamarripa, Ramona (Alvaro) Cruz, Alejandro (Irma) Cortez, Socorro C. (Elias) Garza, Alberto (Minerva) Cortez and Dora (Espiridion) Villa. She has 18 grandchildren, 22 great- grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren. She received birthday wishes from the President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. One of the Hershey Company's best customers, Maria also received a "Hug and Kiss" birthday wish from the Hershey Company. Hershey's Kisses brand chocolates is also celebrating 100 years. Maria was born May 17, 1907.

A baby shower was held in honor of Deborah Ann Guerra on March 31 at Los Ajos Restaurant. Front, seated, is honoree Deborah Ann with hostesses, pictured left to right, Leticia Moctezuma, Mine Fulgham, Sadie Dickey, mother-in-law Melinda Guerra, Elsie Acevedo, Blanca Canales and Martha Z. Martinez. Not pictured is Cordy Nava.


Marta Rivera


Tino Juarez


Trautmann Middle School gave a special thanks to the department of Webb County Constable Precinct 4 for their hard work and dedication to control traffic at the school throughout the year. Constable Tino Juarez and his staff were presented with an award at the school's annual awards ceremony on May 16. Pictured, from left to right, are Constable Tino Juarez, Capt. Reynaldo Palos, Trautmann Middle School Principal Raymundo Gonzalez, Deputy Victor M. Muñoz III and Deputy Jorge E. Ramirez.


Defining `natural' cosmetics



NEW YORK - What, exactly, is "natural"? Burt's Bees wants the cosmetics industry to decide. Burt's, the beauty brand that emphasizes botanicals instead of chemicals, is launching a campaign to come up with a national standard to define "natural" as a category of cosmetics. With the exception of products that make health-care claims, the cosmetics industry is largely a self-policing business that allows individual companies to decide what goes in their products and how they will be labeled. With an ever-growing awareness of health and environmental concerns, though,

more and more beauty products now come with claims they are "natural." But no one agrees on what that means. Under the "Greater Good"campaign, Burt's Bees proposes to partner with its competitors to define that term, deciding what ingredients would be ruled in or out and if there'd be some wiggle room for small amounts of synthetics, said Mike Indursky, the company's chief marketing and strategic officer. Burt's Bees' products must contain 95 percent natural ingredients, he said. "Sometimes it is impossible to manufacture something 100 percent natural," Indursky said. "We say a synthetic can be used

only if there is no viable natural option and if the synthetic has no human health risk." "Natural" ingredients are not exempt from scrutiny. Jane Houlihan, vice president for research at the Environmental Working Group, cautioned that even natural products are not without risks. "Not all natural ingredients are good for you -- think of poison ivy, hemlock, drugs that come from nature," Houlihan said. "What's important is that whether ingredients are from natural sources, petroleum, mines or animals, they should be tested before they're sold, so we have the insurance of safety. And that's not what we have now."

Marta Rivera, a counselor at Zapata High School in Zapata, has been selected by Texas A&M University as one of its 2007 Very Important Counselors. Rivera was nominated by Texas A&M's Laredo Regional Prospec-

tive Student Center. Thirty counselors statewide were selected for recognition for service to the counseling profession, helping students gain access to college and supporting Texas A&M recruitment. The counselors were recog-

nized by Texas A&M University Interim President Ed Davis in a special ceremony on campus. The designation carries with it a $1,000 scholarship for each counselor to award to a high school senior planning to attend Texas A&M this fall.


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