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Love's Valley by Jolee Love 1954 (She also wrote the books, Love Letters Vol. 1 & 2) These are pages from the book Love's Valley by Jolee Love. Families related to Audrey Lambert's branches of her family. The families of the Anderson's, Robinson's, Shank's, Bartlett's, Meador's, Jones'and others. Mary Ann Coggin (daughter of Pinkney and Sally Johnson Coggin) was born July 24, 1839, and died when she was three years and three months old. J. P. Coggin (son of J. P. and L. E. Coggin) was born October 26, 1876 and died March 5, 1884. Records in DeKalb County, Tennessee Daniel Coggin and wife, Mary, bought a farm from Jacob Fite on March 7, 1838. Jeremiah Coggin sold two slaves to Andrew Wilson in 1856. Jeremiah Coggin gave William Hailes 80 acres because he liked him. Burrel Coggin was married to Elizabeth Roberts on October 21, 1867. Lloyd Pinkney Coggin had to pay costs in 1859 for he owed money to Frederick Starnes and John L. Powell. In 1859 Willis Coggin got judgment against Allie Young for account. Arnold, Jeremiah, and Lloyd Pinkney Coggin put up bond as administrators on May 7, 1860 for $2,000 for Willis Coggin, deceased. John C. Coggin was married to Nancy Ann Pressley on March 6, 1856. Thomas Anderson was born May 29. 1818 was married October 17, 1841, and died June 26, 1861. Louisa Alexander was born November 3, 1820, was married to Thomas Anderson, and died July 20, 1861. S. A. Leftwich was married June 10, 1875. Katherine Anderson was born October 31, 1849. Angeine Anderson was born March 7, 1842 and was married February 2, 1863. Walter Anderson was born August 22, 1843, and was married February 14, 1869. Paul Anderson was born January 22, 1845. Martha Anderson was born December 28, 1846. Fannie Anderson was born September 28, 1848. Jane and Anna Anderson were born September 30, 1851. Franklin Anderson was born September 29, 1853. Maryline Anderson was born March 20, 1855. Almeda Bipporah Anderson was born October 19, 1857. Paul Anderson was born May 27, 1870. Omega Francis Anderson was born June 13, 1872 S. 0. Evans was married to Jane Anderson on June 25, 1873. Robert Shanks was born March 26, 1855. Thomas Anderson, Senior, came from Virginia. Burwell T. Coggin was born January 31, 1825 and died July 29, 1855. George Coggin was born May 26, 1831 and died September 1, 1855. Martha Coggin was born February 27, 1837 and died September 7, 1855. Love's Valley by Jolee Love pg. 386

The children of Henry Robertson and Celia Rafferty are: 1. Mary Ann Robertson, born June 13, 1841. Married to James Jones. 2. Tyrah R. Robertson, born May 20, 1843. Married to Lucy Hampton. 3. Sarah Jane Robertson, born September 6, 1845. Married to Josiah Helm Love. Died April 14, 1936. 4. William Henry Robertson, born July 22, 1847. 5. Martha Elizabeth Robertson, born September 8, 1850. Married to Bird Sexton. 6. Caledonia Robertson, born November 5, 1853. Married to Taylor Judd. 7. Roxanna Robertson, born February 6, 1855. Married to Titus Hoggard. 8. Cicero Robertson born September 15, 1857. Died in infancy. Josiah Helm Love, born May 12, 1842. Married to Sarah Jane Robertson on February 6, 1862. Died July 26, 1905. Children: 1. Mary Melissa Love, born January 4, 1864. Died October 24, 1873. 2. Delia Sandora Love, born January 16, 1866. Died January 18, 1938. 3. Ida Grenada Love, born June 1, 1868. 4. Emily Etta Love, born December 31, 1870. 5. Loverney Marcelia Love, born March 6, 1873. 6. Cora Lee Love, born September 24, 1875. 7. Ethel May Love, born March 11, 1880. Henry Lafayette Bartlett, born January 18, 1863. Married to Delia Sandora Love on September 23, 1883. Died May 4, 1942. Children. 1. Van Gillespie Bartlett, born July 3, 1884. 2. Roscoe Franklin Bartlett, born March 16, 1887. 3. Nettie Myrtle Bartlett, born November 6, 1891. 4. Shirley C. Bartlett, Senior, born July 16, 1894. 6. Hattie Shelton Bartlett, born February 4, 1897. Katherine Shanks is the daughter of Robert Shanks, the son of Craven Shanks, the son of William Shanks. The wife of Robert Shanks is Ann Anderson, the daughter of Thomas Anderson, Junior, the son of Thomas Anderson, Senior. The wife of Craven Shanks is Nancy Henley, the daughter of Ade Henley and (Elizabeth) Gentry. The wife of William Shanks is Margaret (Peggy) Maddox. The wife of Thomas Anderson Junior, is Louisa Alexander The wife of Thomas Anderson, Senior, is Judith Robinson. Charles Ward is the son of Wiley Calvin Ward, the son of G. Frank Ward, the son of John Ward of Coffey, Tennessee. The wife of Wiley Calvin Ward is Oda Minton, the daughter of Carroll Minton and Prichett. The wife of G. Frank Ward is Elizabeth Gossage, the daughter of Daniel

Love's Valley by Jolee Love pg. 434

Gossage, who was the circuit court clerk of Putnam County, Tennessee. The Gossage family came from Maryland to Tennessee, and Dan Gossage had the first sawmill in Putnam County, Tennessee. The mother of Carroll Minton is Roach of Virginia. Mrs. Willard wrote concerning the name Bartlett: The Anglo-Norman name Bartelot, Bartlet (Bartlett) is derived from a diminutive of the Christian name Bartholemew. Mrs. Willard Bartlett wrote: Page 177 James Robertson of Scotland, born in 1642, a descendant of Duncan, Earl of Athol married Ann McKenzie, who was a Stuart. He settled near Belfast, Ireland, and his sons, John and Charles, later migrated to America landing at Philadelphia. Harriett Bartlett of Palos Verdes Estates, California, writes: My grandfather, Daniel Bartlett, came from White County, Tennessee, in 1844, when my father, Nathan Bartlett, was four years of age. Daniel Bartlett was born in Kentucky in September, 1803. We believe he was the son of Joshua Bartlett, and we have found a record of the marriage of Joshua Bartlett to Elizabeth Fletcher on February 14, 1796 in Clark County, Kentucky. Daniel Bartlett took his family from White County, Tennessee, to Missouri in 1844. He was married to Miss England, and after her death, he was married to her widowed sister, Mrs. Bentley. He died in 1892. The Bartlett home in England is over three hundred years old, and it is now occupied by Sir Walter Bartelot. Robert Shanks was born March 26, 1853, and his wife, Ann Anderson, was born September 30, 1851. Their children are: Elizabeth Shanks, born April 11, 1878 Robert Roscoe Shanks, born April 4, 1881 Walter Robertson Shanks, born November 30, 1883 Byrd Shanks, born May 23, 1886 Katherine Shanks, born January 16. 1888 Luther Alexander Shanks, born June 17, 1890 Josephine Shanks, born October 24, 1893 Roscoe Bartlett is the son of Henry Lafayette Bartlett, the son of William Edward Bartlett, the son of Joshua Bartlett, the son of Joseph Bartlett. The wife of Henry Lafayette Bartlett is Delia Sandora Love, the daughter of Josiah Helm Love, the son of Hezekiah Franklin Love, the son of William Love, the son of Robert Love. The wife of William Edward Bartlett is Janet Stacey The wife of Joshua Bartlett is Ann Anderson. the daughter of Thomas Anderson Senior, and Judith Robinson.

Love's Valley by Jollee Love pg. 435

The wife of Joseph Bartlett is Millicent Judith Robinson (born May 9, 1785), is the daughter of Edward Robinson, Junior, who died in 1826 in Jackson County, Tennessee, and Annah (Meador). Edward Robinson, Junior, served under George Washington in the Revolution. He is the son of Edward Robinson, Senior, of Littleton- Parish, Cumberland County, Virginia, (died in 1782) and Judith (Southall). Edward Robinson, Senior, is the son of John Robinson died 1768 in Cumberland County, Virginia) and Tabitha (Jones). John Robinson may be the son of Christopher Robinson. James Payne (born October 10, 1892) was married to Myrtle Bartlett on December 24, 1916 at Club Springs, in Smith County, Tennessee. Their children are: Eldon C. Payne, born October 31, 1917 Geraldine Payne, born February 1, 1923 Eldon C. Payne was married to Virgie Ann Armistead (born March 22, 1912) on August 7, 1943 in Nashville, Tennessee. Their children are: Donald C. Payne, born April 1, 1946 Carolyn Payne, born November 14, 1947 Alfred Aubra Manning (born March 1, 1913) was married to Geraldine Bartlett on June 26, 1940 in Smithville, Tennessee. Henry Mitchell Warren (born February 4, 1897) was married to Hattie Shelton Bartlett on November 10, 1892 in Smith County, Tennessee. Their children are: Nettie Mabel Warren, born January 28, 1914 Willard Carnett Warren, born March 22, 1916 Bonnie Edith Warren, born December 18, 1917 Van Edwin Warren, born December 24, 1921 William Henry Warren, born May 17, 1924 James Charles Pullum, Senior, was born in Rock Spring in the eleventh district of Putnam County, Tennessee, June 13, 1867. He is the son of James Pullum and Elizabeth Plunkett. James Pullum is the son of Jennings Pullum and Mency Hardcastle. Jennings Pullum is the son of James Graham Pullum, born on the Chattahoochee River in Georgia. The children of James Pullum and Elizabeth Plunkett are: Jennings Pullum Tennessee Pullum Melissa Pullum Jesse Pullum Martha Jane Pullum Mary Pullum Ruben Pullum Love's Valley by Jolee Love pg. 437

William Pullum Charles Pullum Fannie Pullum Patsy Taylor and William Plunket are the parents of Elizabeth Plunket She had three brothers: James, Ruben, and William, and four sisters: Frankie, Martha, Rhoda, and Mary (Polly). Marion Pullum was married to Lina Winchester, the sister of Hoset James Winchester. James Charles Pullum, Senior, born June 13, 1867. Married to Emily Etta Love on February 1, 1891. Children: 1. William Hasker Pullum, born August 6, 1892. 2. Josiah Herbert Pullum, born February 17, 1897. 3. James Charles Pullum, Junior, born December 12, 1899. 4. Hattie Myrtle Pullum, born September 5, 1903. William Hasker Pullum was married to Clallie E. Gill (born October 31, 1896) on June 15, 1913. Their children are: Kenneth Scott Pullum, born July 28, 1915 Patrick Pullum, born September 2, 1918 Mark Pullum, born May 27, 1924 James Charles Pullum, Junior, was married to Ina Mabel Franklin (born August 22, 1907) on March 3, 1925. Their son is James Paul Pullum, born September 30, 1926. Virgil Wright (born October 30, 1897) was married to Hattie Myrtle Pullum on December 13, 1919. Their children are: Kenzie Leton Wright, born December 14, 1920 Kelvie Wright, born August 2, 1925 Veda Childus Wright, born November 23, 1932 Mrs. Nora Steele of Baxter, Tennessee, gave us the following sketch of the Anderson family: Thomas Anderson came from Scotland, and his wife came from England. They settled in Cumberland County, Virginia. Two (Three) of their sons came to Jackson County, Tennessee, and settled in the vicinity of Gainesboro near Blackburn Ford. Joel, a preacher, later went to live in Mississippi (Franklin, TN). Thomas was married to Judith Robinson, and their children were William, Thomas, Gallant, Ned, Paul, Silas, Francis, Fanny, Annie, and Katy. Fannie was married to Mr. Reynolds, Katy to Mr. Mahoney and Annie to Joshua Bartlett. Before the Civil War Thomas, Ned, Gallant, and Joshua came to Buffalo Valley to buy land from the government at thirty-five cents an acre. Joshua bought land at the lower end of the Valley. Love's Valley by Jolee Love pg. 438

The children of Joshua and Annie were Ned, Gallant, Henry, John, Milton, Joe, Mounce and Leonard. Roscoe Franklin Bartlett, born March 16, 1887. Married to Katherine Shanks on December 27, 1908. Children: 1. Pansy Bartlett, born December 6, 1909. 2. Cordell Bartlett, born December 10, 1910. 3. Doyle Lafayette Bartlett, born February 11, 1912. 4. Hazel Hortense Bartlett, born July 16, 1914. 5. Maurine Bartlett, born February 16, 1913. 6. Ned Bartlett, born September 16, 1915. 7. Anna Lee Bartlett, born October 20, 1916. 8. Vera Bartlett, born December 16, 1917. 9. Stella Bartlett, born June 14, 1919. 10. Thelma Bartlett, born November 3, 1921. 11. Walter Bartlett, Senior, born September 11, 1924. Shirley Bartlett was married to Grady Kelley. Their children are: Shirley C. Bartlett, Junior, born November 3, 1929 Rebecca Bartlett, born September 3, 1929 A. P. Stone was married to Pansy Bartlett. Burch Leftwich was married to Maurine Bartlett. Their children are: Anna Frances Leftwich, born April 17, 1932 Lois Leftwich, born August 15, 1934 Doyle Bartlett was married to Roberta Ward. Their children are: Eugene Bartlett, born May 9, 1935 Franklin Bartlett, born June 12, 1937 Barbara Ann Bartlett, born December 26, 1943 Roger Dale Bartlett, born February 2, 1947 Cordell Bartlett was married to Ruby Allen. Their child is Larry Bartlett, born March 13, 1946. Ned Bartlett was married to Ruth Long. Walter Bartlett was married to Elizabeth (Betty) Bullock. Walter Bartlett, Junior, born August 13, 1947. Willis Carter was married to Anna Lee Bartlett. Wiley Lee Bilbrey was married to Thelma Bartlett. Their children are: Jerry Biblrey, born April 13, 1947 Anna Ruth Bilbrey, born April 13, 1947 Willie Blackburn was married to Laverney Marcelia Love. Children: 1. Ethel Love Blackburn, born October 31, 1905 2. Ruth Blackburn, born, September 5, 1907 3. Gertrude Blackburn, born April 2, 1911 Reba Ruth Duke and Hilda Duke are the daughters of Herbert Duke and Gertrude Blackburn. Love's Valley by Jolee Love pg. 440


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