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Lyrics by Sowmya Roopa

1. Trikuta ki divya pahadi par panchi kare kallol singer:Ajnish Alamasta basanti pawan kahe Jai mata di bol bande Jai Mata di bol Van ganga ki divya nadi ki lehere karein jahan shor Kusumita peda latayein bolein Jai Mata di bol bande Jai Mata di bol Mataji ki divya mandirse Satya ki aaye bhor Anandit yatri mil bole Jai Mata di bol bande Jai Mata di bol The Divine tri-peak reverberates with the songs of birds and the intoxicating breeze is singing praises to the Mother. Along the banks of the holy river Ganges; where the waves resound, the trees in their fragrance are singing the praises of the mother. From the divine temple of the mother dawns Truth. Blissful pilgrims sing together the praises of the Mother. 2. Jagrut hokar chal Yatri Jagrit hokar Chal Na jane kis roop mein kab kaha aur kyun Mata Rani darshan degi mamta karuna bharpur Kabhi Balika Kabhi Suhagin Kabhi vriddha amma Dhar rup Mata Rani Darshan degi Matri prem bharpur Kabhi Bhor Kabhi madhyan Kabhi sayankaal samay Mata Rani darshan degi Daya kripa bharpur O pilgrim, be aware and go on. You'll never know in which form, when or why Mother will appear before you in her infinite grace. She will appear as the little girl, as a bride or an old woman in her infinite love. She might appear in the dawn, midday or in the dusk in her infinite benediction. singer:Ajnish and Meghna

3. Mein poudi poudi chal rahi thi Mata ka naam le rahi thi Vana ganga behe rahi thi manko nirmal kar rahi thi

singer:Sadhana Sargam

Mein poudi poudi chal rahi thi mata ki yaad kar rahi thi Basanti pawan behe rahi thi tanko sheetal kar rahi thi Mein poudi poudi chal rahi thi jai mata di kehe rahi thi Hima shikhar chamak ke raha ko roshan kar rahe the Mein poudi poudi chal rahi thi sidiyon par mein tham gayi thi Is poudi par maa khadi thi divya balika roop dhari thi Divya balika yaha mili thi jab poudi poudi chad rahi thi I was walking up the steps with the name of the Mother on my lips. The holy Ganges was flowing and was purifying my mind. As I was walking with the thoughts of the mother the breeze was gently cooling my body. As I walked singing praises of the Mother the snowclad mountains were shining and lighting up my path. As I stopped by the steps I saw the form of the Mother as a divine child. Yes, it was on these steps that I saw the divine child.

4. Mata tere nain jab mere naino se mile Bhooley janmonki dhoodhali raahon se Ik sunheri yaad khili Yaad aaya jab mein kiran banker teri jyot mein tha Kyun dur bheja mujhe is andhiyare mein o maa Prakash ke sansar se lupt Mata tere nain jab mere naiono se mile Bhooley janmonki dhoodhali raahon se Ik sunheri geet suni Yaad aaya jab mein bhaw banker tere geet mein tha Kyun dur bheja mujhe is sannate mein o maa Tere suron ke lok se lupt Ter mamta se O maa antarjyot jage Yaad aaya kit u paas hi hai mere hriday gufa mein gupt


Mother, as my eyes met yours, from beyond the lives long forgotten, a golden memory came to my mind. I was a ray of your light. Why did you send me away into this darkness, away from the world of your light. I heard a song and remembered I was the feeling in your song. Why did you send me away into this silence away from the world of your music. By your love the inner light has been kindled. Now I realize that you are near me, within the recesses of my heart.

5. Divya Kanya hai kitni sunder Kaise bataoon mein sakhi Aadi kaal se divya kumara darshan deti Hai Sakhi Uski paawan charanon se patthar phool ban jate hai Mere hriday ke virane mein ban upvan khil aate hai Uske kamal nainon se surya Chandra hue roshan Mere hriday ke andhiyarein mein hazaron deep jal aate hai Uski sheetal vani se vishwa shant ban jata hai Mere jivan ke sannate mein prem geet bhar aate hai

singer:Sadhana Sargam

The divine maiden is so beautiful, how can I describe her? All along the ages she has been giving darshan. Even stones are turned to flowers by the touch of her holy feet and gardens blossom within the sadness of my heart. The sun and the moon derive light from her lotus feet and kindle a thousand lamps in my heart. The universe is bestowed peace through her soothing voice and songs of love fill the solitude of my life. 6. Maa teri aankhein hai paawan nirali Dil mein jhaank kar Maa tu ghawon ko marham lagati Aakhon se maa janam janam ki dukh aur dard hai mitati Mann ki har shanka ko jaanti mann nirmal shaant banati Aankhon se maa jeevan ke uljhan tu hi suljhati Hai mamta bhari hai karuna bhari Har dhadkan mein maa hai basi Aankhon se maa tu sadaa amrit hi ho barsati singer:Ajnish

Mother, your eyes are pure and loving. You look into my heart and salve the wounds. With your eyes you remove the pain of lifetimes. You know all the doubts in my heart and make my mind pure and peaceful. With your eyes you solve the problems of my life. Your eyes are filled with love and grace. You reside in every beat of my heart. From your eyes you always overflow with the Divine nectar of immortality.

7. Maa jab se chunari teri payee mere mann mein ab tu hi tu hai chayee Teri chunari ki ik ik taar layi khushiyon ki jhankaar Meri pyari mai Bhor tera hi sindur hai layi sham tere mehendi ki lali chayi Raat tere aankhon ki kajal layi meri maa jabse chunari teri payi

singer:Sadhana Sargam

Chunari dekhun to dekhti rehe jaaun dhoondun to teri hi chabi dhoondun Ter darshan ki aas jag aayi meri maa jabse chunari teri payi O Mother, since I received your grace in the form of your veil, My mind is filled with you alone. This has brought me immense happiness. The dawn brings your sindur and the dusk is red as your mehendi. The night brings the darkness of your Kajal. I cannot take my eyes off your veil, and I search for youe image alone. Since I received this veils of yours' I wish to see you.


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