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The Newsletter of Theta Iota Omega Chapter, Suffolk-Nassau Counties, New York Chartered October 29, 1966 Summer/Fall 2009 "Enriching our Sisterhood Positively"


Basileus Message In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe." Michael Jackson Sorors, over the summer and fall months, we have introduced new programs of service, initiated new sisterly activities and implemented new fundraising events. We must continue to use our creative abilities to enrich our sisterhood and service in a positive manner. For as long as we have faith, hope and a desire to make our world a better place, WE CAN!

Sisterly, Soror Leah E. Watson

Sorors Delores Cooper Kershaw, Deirdre Finley, Wilma Holmes Tootle and Leah Watson attended the Leadership Seminar in Anchorage, Alaska. Pictured with chapter sorors are HoneyDo Gerald Tootle and Kristel Johnson from Zeta Nu Omega Chapter.

Sorority Leadership: Pictured left: Soror Leah Watson with Supreme Basileus Barbara A. McKinzie. Right: Soror Wilma Holmes Tootle with First Supreme Anti Basileus Carolyn House-Stewart

Extraordinary Service Programs ­ Soror Terri L. Timberlake, 1st Anti Basileus, Program Chair

Theta Iota Omega's award winning Boys to Men mentoring program, chaired by Sorors Gladys Andrews and Tammy Mays, in partnership with Sigma Beta Beta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Through their efforts, the young men are learning the importance of constructive fellowship and community service.

In June, the committee introduced a community service activity into the Boys 2 Men mentoring program. Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby (pictured above with Bill Cherry, Basileus Sigma Beta Beta) gave each participant a citation for their service at the Nassau County Extended Care Facility in Hempstead.

Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure Walk ­ New York City ­ September 12th. Sorors Leah Watson, Terry Collins-Reyes, Nicole Bell and Deborah Santiago join with other sorors for this Cluster 3 initiative.

Sorors pose with Cluster 3 Coordinator Soror Naima Smith Moore (center)

Tea Rose Mentoring Program Chairs Nicole Baptiste-Moore and Nicole Hamilton launched a fabulous and well attended program for our mentees, which included a self-image collage making activity. Pictured are Sorors Delores Kershaw, Ciara Green, Sandi Bynum, Kiona DeWitt, Marjorie Nemorin-Lyn, Christine Fagin, Nkenge Gilliam, Tamara Alfred

American Diabetes Walk Nassau Community College October 11th

Sorors on the Scene ­ Nkenge Gilliam, Marjorie Nemorin-Lyn, Denise McCalla, Belinda Hill, Terrecita Watkis, Ciara Green, Gia Harrison, Dolores H. Chriss, Terri Timberlake, Leah Watson and undergraduate sorors from Kappa Delta: Brittany, Krystyna and Sheree Campbell (Basileus)

Unity in service. Chapter sorors pose with members from Delta Sigma Theta and Phi Beta Sigma

A Sorority Wide Initiative: The Eradication of Poverty, October 17th. Sorors assembled at the Roosevelt Freeport Church of Christ and provided time, energy and donations of non-perishable food and clothing for the residents. Sorors were engaged and passionate about helping the local residents feel special and loved. Thanks to Soror Terri Timberlake for organizing such a wonderful afternoon of service. Sorors Nicole Hamilton, Arneta Simmons, Gladys Andrews, Kiona DeWitt, Terri Timberlake, Leah Watson, Gia Harrison, Wilma Holmes Tootle, Valarie Smith, Chandra Ortiz, Christine Fagin, Nkenge Gilliam, Terrecita Watkis and Marjorie Nemorin-Lyn were on hand to offer help where needed.

Soror Leah with former Regional Director, Soror Ruth C. Easley. Soror Ruth was Leah's Regional Director when she was initiated

Pictured above: Sorors Chandra, Christine and Gladys are waiting to give the residents cases of water. Sorors Wilma, Arneta and Nkenge greeted people as they entered the facility. Soror Gia assisted with the distribution of food and sorting clothes. reports that 173,045,325 citizens gathered at over 3,000 events in more than 120 countries, demanding that their governments eradicate extreme poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. "Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!", has been certified by Guinness World Records as the a new world record and remains the largest mobilization of human beings in recorded history.. Church members thanked chapter for our service and generosity.

Enjoying our Sorors Personally, Soror Terry Collins-Reyes, 2nd Anti Basileus, Membership Chair

Theta Iota Omega Card Party

What an evening of fun, games, dancing, sisterly relations and surprises!! Soror Terry's uncle brought to the party an unexpected guest...Soror Juanita Sims-Doty, South Eastern Regional Director (pictured seated). Soror Juanita, chapter sorors, along with other family and friends, had a fabulous evening of getting to know one another. Sorors on the Scene: Sorors Prissana Alston-Randall, Betty Ford, Wilma Tootle, Dawn Granville, Carol Van Buren, Betty Collins, Valerie R. Tingle, Arneta Simmons, Dolores H. Chriss, Velma Rhodes Ward, Tamara Alfred, Yves Richard, Judith Cappello, Kiona DeWitt, Gia Harrison, Tammy Mays, Christine Fagin, Christine Chaplin, Dana Moore, Sherrille Shabazz, Sandi Bynum Soror Juanita enjoying a game of cards (left) and sharing a sisterly moment with Soror Terry Collins-Reyes

Card Party Candids

Theta Iota Omega July 4th Family BBQ, at the home of Soror Terry and HoneyDo Rick Reyes. It was a lovely afternoon with our family and sorors. Sorors pictured on the Scene: Yves Richard, Sandi Bynum, Terry Reyes, Dana Moore, Leah Watson, Cynthia Gordon Baker, Nkenge Gilliam, Marjorie NemorinLyn, Valerie R. Tingle, Christine Chaplin, Judith Cappello, Gia Harrison, Denise McCalla, Debi Kimbrough-Lowe, Tanisha TingleSmith, Heather Palmore, LaWanda Williams, Kelly Stallings, Prissana AlstonRandall, Hazel Palmore, Susan Johnson, Terri Timberlake, Dianne EdgertonNorman, Kathy Williams-Coote

The Inaugural Pink and Green on the Sea Cruise to Bermuda ­ Chaired by Gwen Carroll and Nicole Hamilton, 50 cruisers set sail on August 1st to Bermuda.

Sorors Mary Portis with godsister Soror Valmena Blackman

The Watson family getting ready to sail!

Sunday Worship Service in the Ship's Chapel

Sorors Christine Fagin, Doris White, Mae Felder, Jeanette Watley-Wilson and Velma Rhodes-Ward

Sorors Nicole Baptiste-Moore, Dawn Granville, Nicole Hamilton, Prissana Alston Randall

Sorors, family and friends enjoyed a Bermuda tour of the island

Sorors Leah, Terry and Nicole struck a pose with our gorgeous Golden Sorors Mae Felder, Doris White and Arneta Simmons

We held a special event, called the Gathering to thank all cruisers for sailing and to recognize individual celebrations and achievements.

Soror Doris White and HoneyDo Sherman were recognized for their 50th wedding anniversary. Soror Patricia Hill Williams was recognized for arriving first to the bus pickup location!! Soror Mary Portis accepted a certificate for her church's 60th anniversary. Chris Lee was recognized as the male wearing the most pink the first dinner. Soror Terry and Rick look so happy and in love.

New friendships were formed. Pictured are Steven, Brittany and Aliyah

Chapter Fundraising Activities

A Pink and Green Summer Night's Dream ­ Chaired by Soror Laurie Hamilton, the evening was fun-filled for all attendees. Sorors were excited to get a photo op with Lisa Lisa (from Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam) who performed that night. (below/center)

An Autumn Kandlelight Affair­ Chaired by Sorors Dawn Granville, Elaine Moorer and Terry Collins-Reyes. The rain didn't stop our guests and chapter sorors from partying to the sounds of R &B. Guests enjoyed great soul food, played a few rounds of Soul Train Scramble board, and danced the evening away.

Sorors on the Scene - Above: Sorors Terry CollinsReyes, LaWanda Williams, Leah Watson and Dana Moore Left: Soror Gia Harrison with her Mom and Honey Do Rodney

Sorors Elaine Moorer and Nicole Hamilton lead the "Cupid Shuffle".

Right: Theta Iota Omega's Scramble Board. Soror Dana Moore unlocks the code and receives a prize for Event Chair, Soror Dawn Granville.

Soror Patricia Hill Williams enjoys a hearty laugh.

Sorors Erica Dingle, Dana and Naomi Hills sharing a sisterly moment.

Sorors on the Scene: Sorors Pat Jackson, Carol Bell and Chandra Ortiz (above), Deirdre Finley, Tricia Messeroux-Curwen, Leah Watson, Kaiya DornerHolley, Dana Moore (right)

Lord and Taylor Benefit Bash ­ Chaired by Sorors Cynthia Gordon Baker and Nicole Hamilton, Sorors sold tickets to family and friends for a special all day shopping event. Chapter Sorors were encouraged to invite an inactive soror, as part of the chapter's reclamation activities.

Shopping with my Sorors: Sorors Leah Watson with visiting Soror Karyn Sanders, Gia Harrison, Terry Collins-Reyes, Betty Collins, Terrecita Watkis and Cynthia Gordon Baker

Special thanks to the following Sorors who contributed photos for this newsletter: Gladys Andrews Nicole Bell Deirdre Finley Nkenge Gilliam Laurie Hamilton Nicole Hamilton Gia Harrison Dana Moore Marjorie Nemorin-Lyn Mary Portis Arneta Simmons Terri Timberlake Tanisha Tingle-Smith

Every Soror is a Pearl..........


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