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36 Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies

36 Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies

Pipe handling equipment

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

MH bridge crane

> Typical MH bridge crane system

Aker Solutions has a comprehensive range of vertical MH pipe handling equipment which can be delivered as complete systems or individual, tailor made machines. Typical fingerboard capacity: Up to 550 stands of drill pipe and 14 stands of drill collar. Key features The MH bridge crane (BRC) is a part of the pipe racking system. The pipe racking system forms an integrated pipe handling system for easier, safer, and faster handling of tubular on every type of rigs Designed to lift the stand between the fingerboards, mousehole and well center Mounted on or below runway beams in the derrick above fingerboard level Can be electronically synchronized with the lower guiding arm and both run in predefined paths, thus giving a very simple operators interface Can alternatively be controlled with an electrical or hydraulic control stand

Main data Gripper head Gripper head capacity, min. Gripper head capacity, max. Dimensions Length (approx.) Width (approx.) Height (approx.) Weight Weight (excluding runway beams) Weight, runway beams Depending on runway beam span Depending on bridge span 11,000 mm (433 in) Medium-sized 14.2 m.tons (15.7 shT) Depending on runway beam span Large-sized 30 m.tons (33.1 shT) Depending on runway beam span Medium-sized 2 7/8 in 9 3/4 in Large-sized 3 1/2 in 14 in

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

MH 2-arm system

The MH 2-arm system is a derrick mounted pipe handling system. Typical racking board capacity of the 2-arm system is up to 420 stands of drill pipes and 14 stands of drill collar. Available with and without robotic motion control (RMC). Intermediate racking arm The intermediate racking arm is installed between the set-backs at approximately 30 ft above the drillfloor. The arm is telescopic and slewable through approx. 180 degrees, and is mounted on a trolley that travels in or out in track beams. Designed to lift and guide drill pipe and drill collars between centre well and setbacks or vice versa. The rackerhead is mounted on an approximately 5.5 m (18 ft) long track beam for vertical guiding during lifting of the stands. The upper end of the track beam has a guide sheave for the standlift wireline. Upper racking arm The upper racking arm is installed in between the fingerboards. It is telescopic and slewable through 180 degrees and mounted on a trolley that travels in and out in track beams. Designed to handle and guide tubulars up to 9 1/2" o.d. between centre well to racking boards or vice versa.

> Upper racking arm

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

MH fingerboard

> MH fingerboard

The MH fingerboard is fully customizable and allows for the size of the board to be adapted to the available space. Based on the selected combination of rows for drill pipes, casing and drill collars tubulars virtually any setback capacity is attainable ­ given enough space. Key features The MH fingerboard is designed to safely lock stands in the derrick by a remotely operated system. collar stands are fixed in position by an Drill individual locking finger for each stand. This prevents the load from the full row of drill pipe acting on one single locking finger. Each locking finger is connected to a pneumatic cylinder by a link mechanism. All bushings are maintenance free and do not require lubrication. The operation of the pneumatic cylinder is through pneumatic valves mounted in the pneumatic power valve cabinet. cylinders are pneumatic operated and have The spring return to close position. The locking fingers are bolted assemblies with the actuating cylinder protected within the fingerboard structure. The polyamide hoses are also well protected, running inside the fingerboard structure. order to simplify the inspection and maintenance In access, the locking finger assemblies are made as separate units that are accessible from the top of the fingerboard. The complete locking finger assembly can be lifted out of fingerboard finger. remote control of the fingerboard is integrated The into the control system for the racking machines. Option: can alternatively be controlled with a remote electrical panel. Option: can alternatively be controlled with a remote pneumatic control panel. Option: row adapters. In order to use one row for two or more different OD-sizes, mechanical row adapters can be added for specific rows. Option: A special bottom-hole-assembly slot can be integrated in the fingerboard. This is typically mounted in a dedicated holder for quick access. Option: Noise reducing rubber flaps. These wiremesh reinforced rubber plates also dampen the stand movement in fingerboard.

Main data Dimensions Depth Width Tubular capacity On a 10x10m fingerboard for quad. stands optimized for one of the following tubular sizes (this calculation assumes only one type of tubular, the max. capacities cannot be combined). Infinite variations and combinations may be configured. Max length of 5 1/2" - 5 7/8" drill pipe Max length of 6 5/8" drill pipe Max length of drill collar Max length of casing 176,400 ft (53,800 m) 127,710 ft (38,900 m) 66,960 ft (20,400 m) 95,760 ft (29,200 m) 1,000 ­ 10,000 mm (39.4 ­ 394 in) 1,000 ­ 10,000 mm (39.4 ­ 394 in)

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

MH mousehole

The MH mousehole is highly automated and specially designed for offline standbuilding of drill pipes, casings and collars. Key features The MH mousehole is suspended from the drillfloor with a lower support towards the substructure. It is equipped with a watertight flange. It is hydraulically powered, supplied from the rig ringline and operated through a control system from the assistant drillers chair in driller's cabin The portfolio includes both standard and telescopic type with different lengths and max. tubular diameters depending on the context of application The centralizer automatically closes and centralizes the tubular of different diameters

Main models Type Standard In principles, a long pipe consisting of main pipe, a "rabbit" with shock absorber and removable centralizer. The rabbit hoists and lowers the tubular (within the main pipe) to any desired height needed in the standbuilding operation. The telescopic mousehole is in principles a long pipe consisting "outerbox", "innerbox" and a "rabbit". The main purpose of the telescoping innerbox is to reduce the mousehole length when retracted for not colliding with the rig structure when the derrick is skidding or during handling of BOP. Standard Standard, telescopic Standard, telescopic Standard, 32 ft Standard, 45/60 ft Telescopic, 45/60 ft



32 ft 45 ft 60 ft

Max. tubular diameter (Pipe dimensions, not tool joint)

9 3/4 in 13 5/8 in 20 in

> Telescopic MH mousehole

>> Standard MH mousehole

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

MH pipe deck pipe handler

The MH pipe deck pipe handler (PDPH) is located at pipe deck and its main purpose is to transport tubular from pipe deck to the MH tubular feeding machine. It is controlled by a radio remote control panel, either located in a dedicated chair in drillers control room, or operator standing outside of drillers control room. The PDPH have hydraulic oil supply from the rig ring-line system. Hydraulic hoses are drawn to the PDPH through the pedestal and electrical cables are connected in the interface junction box outside the pedestal. Jib cylinders and gears are operated through the control panel. When the PDPH is not in use, it shall be parked with the gripper yoke resting on the deck or in the jib rest located next to the derrick. This is to be used during sea voyage, bad weather or when the PDPH will not be in use for long periods. In addition, there is a parking position for the yoke, on the heavy tool landing platform.

Main data Length x width x height Total weight 30.9 x 6.4 x 15.2 (m) 47770 kg (wo/cabin) 52004 kg (w/cabin)

Technical data Lifting capacity grippers (SWL) Lifting capacity pad eye (SWL) Lifting capacity utility winch (SWL) Maximum load eccentricity Max. working radius Min. working radius 4,5 T. @ 25 m. 9,0 T. @ 25 m. 5,0 T. @ 25 m. ± 0,5 m 25 m. 2,6 m. +/- 180º 0,8 rpm Range 2 (30') ­ Range 3 (45') Tubular length (min.) Tubular diameter Rotation of gripper 3,5 m. 2 7/8 " - 20" +/- 180º

Design data Design pressure Design temp. (amb.) Operation temp. (amb.) Area classification Design category (class) Certifying agency (3rd party) standard 207 [3000] Bar [Psi] Project specific Project specific Safe area/Zone 2 I DNV/ABS

Slew angle Slew speed Tubular length

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

MH gantry crane

The prime function of the MH gantry crane is to move drilling tubulars from their storage area to the catwalk machine and vice versa. The crane is a self-contained unit with operator's cabin, hydraulic power unit, power distribution and control system, all located on the crane. Equipped with 2 riser forks for handling riser, pup joints and casing 2 magnet yokes for handling drill pipes and other tubulars

Technical data Lifting capacity (SWL) Gantry speed Trolley speed Hoisting speed Max lifting height Electrical power requirements Total weight 2 x 23 mT (2 x 25 tons) 0.4 m/sec (16.9 in./sec) 0.25 m/sec (9.84 in./sec) 0.25 m/sec (9.84 in./sec) 11.9 m (39.04 ft.) 3 x 480 VAC 60 Hz (3 x 100 kW) 116 mT (128 tons)

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

MH piperack crane

The MH piperack crane is designed for safe transportation of tubulars from the pipe deck to the catwalk machine, and vice versa. The crane is a cantilever type crane, controlled from a cabin or platform located on the crane trolley. Remote control from the drill floor is also available. MH piperack crane is delivered with twist gripper as handling device. The control system ensures that the yoke is always kept horizontal during a sequence. The twist gripper yoke is designed to pick up tubulars out of centre, but the load will always be kept horisontal. MH piperack crane with telescope is mainly used on rigs with small elevation differences. The telescope increases the hook up flexibility.

Technical data Travelling speed Lifting speed Telescopic speed Travelling length Telescopic length Lifting capacity 30 m/min (98 ft/min) 20 m/min (65 ft/min) 20 m/min (65 ft/min) 41.3 m (135 ft/min) 4.6 m (15 ft/min) 6.0 mT x 11.4 m (+/- 0.5 m eccentric) (6.6 tons x 37.4 ft +/- 1.6 ft eccentric) 2.5 mT x 16.0 m (+/- 3m eccentric) (2.8 tons x 52 ft +/- 10 ft eccentric) (Distance from center jib) 3.5­14.6 m (11.5­48 ft) 2 7/8"­30" 2 7/8"­30" approx. 30 mT (incl. rail, gripper)(33 tons)

Tubular length Tubular diameter Twist gripper claws Installed weight

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

Horizontal to vertical arm

Fast and efficient horizontal to vertical (HTV) operations with the MH eagle light or MH standbuilding arm. Key features Fast, reliable and safe transfer of tubulars from a horizontal position at the feeding machine to a vertical position at either well centre or mouse hole Minimum requirements for maintenance Heavy-duty design and a high degree of safety and durability Two main models in the portfolio are the MH eagle light and the MH standbuilding arm. They provide flexibility and compactness respectively MH eagle light Flexible and with a large operational sector Designed for stabbing casing and tubing and for building stands while drilling MH standbuilding arm Compact yet versatile design Can traverse two mouse holes of the centre line

Main models MH eagle light Flexible HTV operations Compact, medium, large *or a customized length depending on customer input

MH standbuilding arm Optimised for off line stand building Performance Standbuilding arm SBA fixed size Compact Approximate reach* For all models Max tubular diameter Max lifting capacity (vertical position) Max lifting capacity (horizontal to vertical) Length of tubular stands

* From guide rails to centre of tubular in vertical position

One compact size

MH eagle light Medium 2,7-5,4 m (9,9-17,7 ft) Long 2,9-5,9 m (9,4-19,2 ft)

1m (3,3 ft)

2,6-5 m (8,5-16,2 ft)

20 in (26 in possible with extended yoke) 6,4 m.tons 3,2 m.tons 4,5 - 14.6 m (15 ­ 48 ft)

Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies Pipe handling equipment

Riser handling system

The riser handling system is a complete solution for vertical storage and handling of marine riser. The riser handling crane is designed for vertical handling of risers from the riser fingerboards to the riser chute machine where risers are conveyed to the drill floor. In addition, the crane can be designed to handle and rack the slip joint. The crane is powered from a rig main power unit with hydraulic working pressure of 210 bar (3000 psi). Hydraulic and electric power are supplied by a drag chain, allowing the crane to travel on rails port/stb. along the fingerboards.

Technical data

Lifting capacity Gantry speed Trolley speed Hoisting speed Lifting height, max. Total weight 40 mT (44 tons) 0.25 m/sec (9.84 in/sec) 0.25 m/sec (9.84 in/sec) 0.1 m/sec (3.9 in/sec) 3.5 m (11.5 ft) 74 mT (84 tons)

MH catwalk machine

The MH catwalk machine transfers tubulars between piperack crane and V-door/drill floor. It is designed for remote controlled mechanical handling of tubulars from 2 7/8" to max. 30" outside diameter. Riser and slip joints are handled by trolleys. The machine can be delivered with or without feeding arrangements, tailor-made to suit the actual rig.

Technical data Range Working rate Drillpipe Working pressure Hydraulic flow 40-60 joints/hour 210 bar (3 045 psi Depends on speed and operational requirements. Typical 150­300 l/min (40­80 gallon/min) Typical 1 500x4 000x15 000[mm] (5x13x49 ft) Varying 20­30 mT (22­33 tons) 2 7/8"­30"

Size incl. service platf. Weight

Option: Kit for riser handling.


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