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Noah's Ark

A Printable Craft

Supplies: 2 9-inch Paper Plates Scissors, Glue Optional: Craft Sticks or Mini Craft Sticks Crayons or Paint

©Roxie Carroll -

Cut and glue to half of a 9-inch paper plate.


Fold and cut a second paper plate in two halves. Use one half for the bottom pocket of the ark. Cut the pattern and glue to the bottom pocket. Glue the pocket around the edges of the bottom of the paper plate leaving the center open, or even better, staple the pocket around the edges. Another option: Print the bottom on card stock, cut and staple for the pocket. Kid Colored: Have the child paint or color the bottom pocket half of the paper plate. (Use the black and white version of the top part of the ark. Cut, color and glue to the plate.)


Cut out the animals and glue to small or mini craft sticks and use with your ark. ©

Print, color, cut, and glue to a paper plate. Cut another paper plate into two halves. Discard one half and color or paint the other half for the bottom of the ark. Staple the painted half to the bottom of the paper plate to make a pocket.



Noah's Ark Craft

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